How long does Facebook block posting photos?  How to open and avoid locking

How long does Facebook block posting photos? How to open and avoid locking

On a beautiful day and you have been blocked by Facebook from posting photos and posting on your account? You are struggling not to know what to do? Along refer to the following article of ElectrodealPro.

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There are many reasons that lead to Facebook blocking and blocking users from posting photos and posting. So what are these reasons? How to open and avoid locking, blocking photos, posting on Facebook?

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Instructions to unlock Facebook when locked out of photos

How long does Facebook block posting photos? How to open and avoid locking.

1. Cause Facebook post photo lock

There are many reasons why Facebook blocks and blocks users from posting and posting photos, possibly due to:

– User posts too many photos and posts in a specific period of time.
– Post photos, inappropriate content, violate Facebook’s terms.
There are also a number of other subjective reasons related to the system.

In the case if Facebook blocks, blocks photos and posts temporarily, the maximum block time is 21 days. However, you can request that you can continue to post photos again after about 3 – 7 days.

If unfortunately permanently blocked because of violating the privacy policy of Facebook, your account will be “lost” forever.

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2. What to do if you are locked out of photos, can’t post photos on Facebook?

As ElectrodealPro mentioned above, the error of locking photos, not being able to post photos on Facebook can be caused by a number of subjective factors, possibly due to system errors.

In this case, you can apply some of the below fixes to continue posting photos on Facebook:

Method 1: Update to the latest browser and Adobe Flash versions

If you are using an old version of the browser or Adobe Flash, that could also be the cause of the error that prevented you from posting photos to Facebook. In this case, try updating to the latest browser and Adobe Flash versions and check if the error persists.

Or another way is to try using a different browser and post photos and post on Facebook.

Method 2: Check the image size and format

Another reason why Facebook blocked photo posting and failed to upload photos, possibly because the photo file you uploaded is larger than the allowed Facebook size or the format is not suitable. If you do not know, Facebook only allows posting photos not exceeding 15 MB and supports formats including: JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and PNG.

Try to reduce the size and format the image, then reload it to see if the error persists.

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Method 3: Check photo album

The Facebook photo album feature allows users to store and categorize photos, tag them, position them, and add captions to each image. However, it should be noted, each album is only up to 1,000 photos. If it exceeds this number, Facebook will block and prevent you from uploading images.

The solution to fix the error in this case is to delete the existing photos or if you don’t want to delete the photos, you can create a new photo album and upload the images.

Method 4: The photo violates the terms of Facebook

Finally, if you upload one or more images that violate Facebook’s content, terms. Facebook will remove the offending photo and restore the permission to post it shortly. And if you continue to upload these images, lightly, your account will be locked out of photo posting for a period of time, heavily, you may be permanently locked out of your account.

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3. Tips to avoid Facebook blocking photo posting

To avoid being blocked by Facebook from posting photos, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

– Do not post too many posts or photos in a short period of time to avoid Facebook thinking you are “spam”.
– Do not post photos containing unhealthy content, which violates Facebook’s terms.
Main account verification by phone number.

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The above article ElectrodealPro just answered for you questions how long Facebook posts photos? How to unlock Facebook and avoid being locked. Also, readers can refer to some articles already on ElectrodealPro to learn more about how to lock Facebook with Face ID.


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