How Livestream Game CubeTV on the computer

How Livestream Game CubeTV on the computer

CubeTV software is the Livestream Game tool that helps you easily share your gaming screen directly with sharp image quality, stable transmission, but the manipulation of starting Livestream on is relatively complicated. newcomers, the following article will guide you how to perform the simple, most effective.

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To Livestream or stream your computer screen to others, users can use familiar tools such as Twitch, Facebook, … However, if you want to find a professional tool to stream games and own a large community of gamers, CubeTV is an option that cannot be ignored.

How to livestream game cubetv on computer

Manipulation Livestream Game CubeTV on computer

In this article, Taimienphi will share with you the steps to have a simple and quality Livestream Game CubeTV on your computer.

Instructions on how to Livestream Game CubeTV on the computer

Whether livestreaming games on CubeTV by computer or phone, you are still required to install the application on your device and create a CubeTV account. First of all, you need to immediately download the latest CubeTV version in the link shared below.

– Download CubeTV for computer: Download CubeTV
– Download CubeTV for Android: Download CubeTV for Android
– Download CubeTV for iPhone: Download CubeTV for iPhone
Next, you perform the following steps in turn to perform Livestream.

Manipulation Livestream Game on CubeTV computer

Step 1: Open the CubeTV software is already installed on the computer. A QR code will appear as shown below.

How to livestream game cubetv on computer 2

Step 2: Next up, you Open the CubeTV app on the phone. Click on the item Me (Me) is located on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. In the new window click Start streaming .

How to livestream game cubetv on computer 3

Step 3: Use your phone to scan the QR code on the computer screen now Step 1 . Then you choose Log in .

How to livestream game cubetv on computer 4

Step 4: In the interface CubeTV calculator, you select the item Tag to choose the game I plan to Livestream. Click pen icon on the toolbar at the top of the screen to edit the Title.

In this example, Taimienphi chooses the game Livestream Candy Crush and set the title as Test Live .

How to livestream game cubetv on computer 5

Step 5: You open the game on your computer, then switch to your desktop CubeTV , click folder icon and arrow in the left corner of the screen, select Game Capture .

In the Capture game window, select the game name in and click the button Confirm. Finally click the button Start live to execute Livestream.

How to livestream game cubetv on computer 6
Recently, there are 5 steps to make Livestream Game CubeTV on computer fastest and most convenient. Hopefully, after consulting the article, you can easily make the livestream program with your favorite game as desired. Facebook is a social network that many Livestream gamers today, if you do not know how to live stream on Facebook, please refer to how Live Stream Facebook here.


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