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How is the weather too hot or too cold affecting the smartphone battery? What to do to avoid?

Not only are the negative effects on the human body, but extreme weather, too hot or too cold affects the duration and durability of batteries in technological devices, from smartphones to computers. table. If you are not in the 24-hour air-conditioned room, you will probably notice that your smartphone battery is slightly faster than normal.

Most phones are designed to work in ideal conditions. For example, the iPhone was designed by Apple to operate in conditions from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. However, if the weather could be more than 40 degrees in our country in recent days, or overseas, the days Winter below 0 degrees, battery life and battery performance are also affected.

The phones themselves have heat generating components, from processor chips, monitors and even batteries that generate heat during use. Therefore, if the outside temperature rises, the heat dissipation does not occur as expected. The smartphone itself has no radiator fan like a computer, but only passive heat sink heat sinks for cooling the whole system, and with a device with components that are crammed into a volume cover. very low, and in that case, hot weather over 40 degrees will also affect the battery, along with the negative impact on the hardware of the device.

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Apple also recommends that "using an iOS device in very hot or cold weather will permanently reduce the battery life." It is true that the temperature can make components inside smartphone batteries become degraded, because Lithium Ion battery technology is being used for high temperature sensitive smartphones. At the same time, copper contacts or semiconductor materials inside smartphones are not ideal materials. The current flowing through them causes them to heat up and reduce their ability to conduct electricity, causing the device to consume more energy to operate, consuming more wasted electricity.

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Therefore, Apple has a feature to combat the effects of hot weather on their devices. If it realizes that the weather is too hot, the device will automatically lower the power supplied to the cellular modem, lower the screen brightness, and in many cases stop even charging the device. Similarly on Android devices, there are applications that allow doing the same thing like CPU Cooler.

There are several ways for you to minimize the consequences for smartphones in hot weather conditions. First, avoid using smarpthone directly in sunlight, remove the case so that the phone radiates more efficiently. Please reduce the time to use the device, turn off applications that run in the background so that the battery of the device does not have to try to load the processes running in the background. If it feels too hot, turn on the airplane mode for a short time to cool down the machine when the WiFi modem and cellular are not active.

It's hot weather, so what about when the outside temperature drops below 0 degrees C? The brothers who went to Sapa or South Korea must have had their phone turned off even though they still had 15% of the battery. It is the consequence of weather impacting on the battery, making the battery charging process become less efficient, so the battery capacity after each charge is not as good as in ideal conditions.

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In this case, the management is much easier. The easiest is to use tiles, when the heat dissipation of the phone will be less effective, the device becomes warmer and avoids unwanted source depletion. Another way is to keep the device close to the body to keep the phone warm for the battery and the device to operate at the most reasonable temperature.

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Both extreme weather patterns that are too hot in the summer or too cold in winter make smartphone batteries less operable, or worse, reduce life expectancy, and current technology has almost no way to improve this situation.


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