How is Tet different from before?

How is Tet different from before?

Due to the increasingly hurried life, this Tet has been very different from the old Tet from Tet shopping, Tet gifts, happy birthday … until Tet.

One of the most important things to prepare for the Tet holiday is cleaning the house. In the past, family members would clean up together, but now there is on-demand housekeeping.

Tet moving house

In the past, in the past, the whole family gathered around banh chung and talked about everything by the fire and waited for cooked cakes. This New Year many people choose to buy banh chung at shops and supermarkets.

Banh chung

In the past, people rushed to shopping for Tet, and now many people choose the “online shopping” solution, with delivery staff.

Tet shopping

In the old days, most families only distilled peach branches, apricot branches or kumquat pots. Nowadays, people have many other unique and unique options such as imported flowers, yellow pomelo, mango printed with letters …

Plum peach on New Year

The Tet New Year gift basket is quite simple with cardboard box jam, glutinous wine bottles and some familiar fruits. Today, expensive foreign wines, premium jam cakes, imported fruits … are used to wrap luxury Tet gift baskets.

Tet gift basket

In the past, the family burned paper fireworks, only this year they can only display fireworks through the television screen. People who go to watch live fireworks also just take photos and videos to upload to Facebook.

Burn the fireworks

In the past, everyone came home to celebrate Tet but now thanks to the development of technology, just a smartphone can send the New Year wishes to all relatives and friends far away.

Happy New Year

One of the differences between the old and new year Tet is that many families choose to travel to rest after a year of work.

Tet holiday

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