How Gynecological Consultation Works

How Gynecological Consultation Works

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Visiting a gynecologist is indispensable for women due to the large number of diseases of Organs reproductive organs that can affect women. Next, learn about the step by step of a gynecological visit and its various control phases.

  • First gynecological consultation

  • Types of gynecological consultation

  • What the gynecologist does at the consultation

  • Vaginal exams

  • How Mammography Works

First gynecological consultation

The first visit to the gynecologist is recommended from the moment a woman’s sexual life begins. She must repeat this visit every year, for exams such as mammography, which must be done from 40 years, and Pap smear, which detects an HPV infection. Women with a history of breast cancer, for example, or risk of tumors, may have this visiting routine altered. During pregnancy, the frequency also increases, with specific tests.

Types of gynecological consultation

In general, there are two types of gynecological consultation: when the patient suffers from a problem and the specialist needs to make a diagnosis or when only control tests are performed. Reasons that take a woman to the gynecologist’s office, besides being routine, are abnormal bleeding, absence of menstruation, pelvic pain, infertility, breast problems and sexual disorders.

What the gynecologist does at the consultation

The gynecologist, after talking to the patient about the reason for the consultation, asks about family history, possible symptoms and information about his sexual activity. Then, he will carry out routine examinations and, if necessary, will prescribe more complex procedures.

Vaginal exams

Vaginal exams help diagnose different types of illnesses. They can be done with palpation of the abdomen, examination of the perineum to check for possible infectious diseases, pelvic examinations performed with the help of the speculum to better observe the cervix and determine causes of genital bleeding. During this exam, a Pap test is performed, which aims to discover the presence of cervical cancer. In the case of virgin women, examination with the speculum, as well as vaginal examination, should be avoided.

How Mammography Works

Mammography is an exam that aims to check the integrity of the breast and possible problems such as nodules or secretions and is essential in the identification of breast cancer. First, this examination consists of palpation and, later, breast scanning is performed on a machine similar to the tomography.

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