How does the operating system of computers in North Korea look like?
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How does the operating system of computers in North Korea look like?

When former Google employee Will Scott had the opportunity to visit Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, he also bought a copy of North Korea's "Red Star 3" operating system before returning to the United States.
North Korea used to use Windows, but later it created Red Star 3, with a design that looks very much like Apple's macOS operating system. Currently, Red Star 4 has been used, but currently, most people in North Korea are still in the third version.

In this operating system, in addition to integrating a lot of beautiful scenes in the territory, they also removed Korea from the available time zones … Let's see with you some pictures of this operating system. .

The first is the Boot screen in Red Start 3:


When installing Red Start 3, you will see the Time Zone selection, which is quite similar to MACOS (Korea and Seoul are not selected). : D


Here is the login screen:


After entering the RedStar 3, you will find it quite similar to the interface of MACOS, before, this HDH interface is quite similar to Windows XP, but since president Kim Jong Un used the iMac device. at the desk, he wanted to direct Red Star to look more like MACOS interface.


Next we will go into the interface of word processing software,


And surfing the web will look like this, I look quite like FireFox


Even Quicktime has:


For file or email management applications, I find it like another Finder or another Mail : D




Even with the interface of the background image change, it is quite similar


Source: BusinessInsider


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