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How does The Dark Descent redefine psychological horror?

Already 10 years after its debut, Amnesia: The Dark Descent still makes gamers passionate about psychological horror to “live in fear” when it comes to them.

2010 will probably be a memorable year for fans of the survival horror game when the name Amnesia: The Dark Descent suddenly stands out among the numerous titles of the same genre with a very unique expression. originality and creativity. The game, when released, received countless praise from both fans and reviewers and became one of the best selling horror games in history. Until now, it is considered as one of the best horror games ever released as well as what contributed to the redefinition of the genre of psychological horror.

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The horror game can be seen as bringing back the most emotional levels. You will go from being nervous, stressed to disgusting, then panicking or your heart pounding when you feel the danger approaching, then be relieved when it leaves.

Earlier this year, Frictional Games, the studio behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent as well as SOMA, unexpectedly announced that the post-production Amnesia: Rebirth will be released on October 20, causing the gaming industry to wake up with desire. the complete fan post-story part of Amnesia is now a reality. So why does this game have such an important appeal and influence on the game world?

Revive a wobbly genre

It can be said that the horror game genre has never stopped attracting players since it was born up to now. Beginning to make headlines in 1992 with Alone in the Dark, the horror game’s appeal gradually increased in the late 20th century with classics like Resident Evil (1996) and Silent Hill (1999) and so on. The boom continued to the early 2000s. The launch of the 6th generation of consoles (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube) made horror games more and more land when a series of quality products such as Fatal Frame, Siren, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem… were born one after another. However, things suddenly changed when Resident Evil 4 was introduced to the public.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent has redefined psychological horror game series?

Although classified as a horror game, Resident Evil 4 is almost focused on action adventure elements rather than psychological intimidation of gamers. It was the game’s unimaginable success that caused a series of horror games to follow, for example the Silent Hill series also had to transform in the direction of action and this made the psychological horror genre almost suffer. wiped out, at least until Amnesia: The Dark Descent is introduced.

Horror substance does not touch

Unlike its neighbors, The Dark Descent is more about solving puzzles and finding directions than picking up a gun and walking zombies like a god. In fact, the game has almost no combat mechanism at all and the only way to fight the monsters in the game is to use Sun Tan’s 36th strategy. It can be said that this is without precedent in the horror genre. Even the game that gave birth to the psychological horror genre, Silent Hill, also contains a unique combat gameplay, though it’s quite confusing. That is why fans consider the horror in The Dark Descent to represent the most original of the above genre.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent has redefined psychological horror game series?

Despite using a first-person perspective, The Dark Descent aims to create an environment that makes players feel insecure and helpless with things that are against them rather than focusing on cheap jumpscare. makes players startled. In addition, the game also introduces the Sanity mechanism to reflect the mentality and alertness of the main character Daniel is shown through the image of a brain. Specifically, if you stay in the dark or face the monsters for too long, the character’s psychology will start to deteriorate over time, leading to the visual and sound when playing becomes distorted and confusing and if not. be careful it will be gameover because the main character is now completely insane. The unique gameplay on the same dark and hostile context has made Amnesia: The Dark Descent one of the most terrifying experiences in the game world.

Invisible fear

There is a very good saying that often comes up in famous movies: “People are afraid of things they don’t understand.” And indeed, Frictional Games perfectly exploited this fear in Amnesia. Dark rooms and nooks like the night of 30 can only be lit by a flickering oil lamp, monsters of unknown shape and chilling sound, loneliness, disorientation, unknown place Safety and especially the feeling of always being followed by something makes players always in a state of stress because they do not know what they are facing. With the use of the first person perspective, the above feeling of fear is increased many times over. In fact, one of the most terrible scenes of the game happens very early when the player starts the game (or rather, the main character’s escape). Try watching the following clip about the scene above and you will understand why the game is so terribly scary.

Take inspiration from the past to create a new model

Although it has a very own horror, it is not difficult to recognize the game inspired a lot from the previous classics, especially Silent Hill, the game is considered the ancestor of the game genre. psychological horror. Both Amnesia and Silent Hill focus on exploiting the fears that reflect the character’s inner self as well as using sounds and images to create an extremely claustrophobic atmosphere to scare the player. Not only that, if you pay attention, the Sanity mechanism of the game is greatly influenced by the similar functionality of previous famous products such as Clock Tower, Eternal Darkness.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent has redefined psychological horror game series?

Since its launch until now, Amnesia: The Dark Descent has not only helped revive the horror genre but also became a model for countless later titles, among which are Outlast, Layer of. Fear and most especially Resident Evil 7. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that fans are looking forward to the Rebirth post-release which will be released next month. Certainly, under the shaping hands of the people who made the success of The Dark Descent in the past, Amnesia: Rebirth will be a name that cannot be ignored for fans of the psychological horror genre.

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