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“The Falconeer” (The Falconeer) is the first exclusive game of Microsoft’s next-generation console Xbox Series X/S. It is produced by individual developer Tomas Sala and published by Wired Productions. As an open-world air combat game, “Air Combat Falcon” provides a very visually stunning experience, attracting the attention of many players.

Not long ago, Sara accepted an interview with the British game industry media MCV and talked about the process of developing “Air Combat Falcon” and some experience gained through this project.

From brewing to taking off

Before embarking on the development of Air Combat Falcon, Sara left the Little Chicken Game Company, a studio he co-founded with friends and served as creative director. “I am no longer a co-founder of the studio because I am exhausted and don’t want to continue like that.” Sara recalled.

“Another reason is that I want to work from home, because I had my first child during the development of “Air Combat Falcon”. By now, I am the father of three children! When I started thinking about “Air Combat Hunting” “Eagle”, my significant other was pregnant, and since the birth of my eldest son, I hope to stay at home and work to find a new way of life.”

“At some point, I knew that Air Combat Falcon had a chance to land on Series X.” Sara said, “I don’t know a lot of things, but we hope to work hard to complete the development of that console before it is released. Enter the starting game lineup for Series X.”

Sara also pointed out that the postponement of “Cyberpunk 2077” has allowed “Air Combat Falcon” to attract more players’ attention.

“It’s strange, the game we made has gotten more exposure… “Air Combat Falcon” is essentially an inconspicuous independent game with a bit of creativity, developed by one person, but Many players compare it to high-cost masterpieces. It’s a surreal feeling that I can’t describe in other ways.”

Unique visual style

“Air Combat Falcon” has amazing visual effects, but this is not because of how realistic the game graphics are, but because Sara’s minimal art style. “I’m not a big fan of Disney, but I’ve loved watching Fantasia since I was a kid. The sky in that animated movie is hand-painted and the dinosaurs are also very simple. I think I’ve always liked this Class style.”

During the development of Air Combat Falcon, Sara did not use pre-made texture maps, allowing the game to change its appearance in real time. “I decided to tinker with this game only with gradients and geometric figures. I really enjoyed it because the modeling process is very fast and I don’t need to perform many steps.” Sara said, “With modern anti-aliasing energy, you can Sharp edges that look great, such as clear lines and jagged rocks are beautiful, especially when they are simplified.”

“I am not a genius in mathematics, so I can only try and error repeatedly to find different solutions to game graphics problems.”

This iterative design method runs through the entire development process of Air Combat Falcon. Sara did not determine what “Air Combat Falcon” should look like from the beginning, but gradually explored, discovered and improved it during the development process.

“This is an iterative process.” Sarah explained, “George Martin once said that writers in the world can be divided into two types-architects and gardeners. Architects like to plan everything in advance. Write them in a spreadsheet, such as Tolkien. Gardeners will sow seeds, water them, and see what happens. If game developers have similar classifications, then I obviously belong to the latter type .”

Towards a new life

In any case, the process of developing Air Combat Falcon is very valuable to Sara, allowing him to look at game design in some new ways.

“In this project, I learned how to analyze my own thinking process, such as’What do I want to achieve?'” Sara said, “My partner is a ceramic artist and understands some things that I don’t know. She Tell me that I am creating works of art, and these works always reflect the ideas of the creator.”

“This is a game about escape. I want to leave my work environment and embrace a new life. I am flying to my fantasy world, and the opposite is a bottomless ocean… I found that this is what I want Players will also like the core visual theme to be expressed, because everyone understands the feeling: you want to escape, but there is always something to bring you back to reality.”

As an independent developer, Sara admitted that he was under tremendous pressure in order to finish “Air Combat Falcon” before the release of Microsoft’s next-generation console. “I have a few more white hairs!” Sara said, “Deep down, I want to keep going and not let my ideas be limited, but I am also a realist, knowing that it can be sold on the console Launching the game at the same time is a valuable opportunity not to be missed.”

“I have to finish the project before the deadline, so when writing part of the dialogue, I was really eager to get results. The quality is not very good… I need to launch the game on time. This is my responsibility. No one can rely on it. Living in the northwest wind, I have to support my family.”

“Of course, I can continue to develop content for the game and tell more stories after the game is released. In a sense, this reduces the pressure on me.”

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