How do you verify that you are playing the next-gen version of a game and not its PS4 version?

When playing the PS5, it’s not always clear whether the game is installed in the backward compatible PS4 version or in the next-gen version. Here is how to make sure to always launch a game in its PS5 version.

The PS5 doesn’t have many exclusives yet, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoy your old PS4 games thanks to backward compatibility. Indeed, Sony’s next-gen console is backwards compatible with almost all PS4 games. Nevertheless, more and more PS4 games are receiving a free upgrade to the PS5 with better graphics, higher framerates, support for 4K, etc. This is for example the case with Destiny 2, Control and the recently updated Nioh games.

The PlayStation 5 home menu
The PlayStation 5 home menu – Credit: Sony

Despite its excellent performance, the PS5 which has already sold over 4.5 million copies has a small flaw when it comes to the launch of the games. It is sometimes possible to carelessly launch the PS4 version of a game instead of its next-gen version, although the console should now display a warning message to warn you.

The steps to follow to launch a game in PS5 version if it is already installed

Before launching a game, you need to check what is shown under the game icon in the main menu. If there is marked “PS4”, it means that you have not yet downloaded the PS5 version of the game in question (if it is obviously available). You may also see the term “PS4” followed by a down arrow. This means that you have not yet installed the PS4 version of the game, but it is available for download. If the PS5 version of the game is already downloaded, you won’t see a PS4 registration under its icon.

Besides, you can quite install both PS4 version and PS5 version of the same game. To switch from the PS4 version to the PS5 version of a game, both of which are already installed on your PlayStation, all you have to do is press the “Options” button on the controller when you are on the screen. ‘game icon. Then click on “Game version” and you can then choose to run the PS5 version.

Steps to download the PS5 version of a game

Also, if you insert a PS4 game disc into your PS5, Sony recently rolled out an update so that the next-gen version of the game is automatically installed. However, here are the steps to follow if the process is not automatic on your console:

  • Go to your game library and click on the game in question;
  • Then click on the menu with the three horizontal dots;
  • You then have access to the downloadable versions of the game;
  • Click on the PS5 version (eg “PS5 | Complete | Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”);
  • The PS5 version of the game downloads and installs.

Source : Kotaku

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