how do Super Mario pipes work?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is welcoming the Super Mario update this week. From February 25, you will have access to the novelties of the crossover between the two universes and in particular to the teleportation pipes. Here is how they work.

Unveiled during the last Nintendo Direct, the next update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is probably one of the most anticipated of the game on the Nintendo Switch. Indeed, it is abouta crossover with the universe of Super Mario to celebrate 35 years of Super Mario Bros. If you’ve been planning on taking the opportunity to kickstart the game, be sure to check out our 10 tips for getting started in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Super Mario Update Teleport Pipe
The teleportation pipe from the Super Mario Animal Crossing New Horizons update – Credit: Nintendo

The free update will be rolled out on Thursday February 25. You will then have access to several Super Mario objects to decorate your island such as the super mushrooms, the blocks “? », The blocks of bricks, the pieces, etc. However, you will have to wait until March 1 to purchase Super Mario items with Nook Shopping.

Super Mario’s pipes to teleport from one place to another on your island

In addition to the decoration, you can transform your character into Mario, Luigi, Peach ou encore Wario with all new outfits. Nevertheless, the most interesting object presented during the Nintendo Direct is the green teleportation pipe straight out of Super Mario games. We haven’t had a lot of information on how it works in the Direct, but Nintendo of America’s Twitter account just gave more details.

Nintendo explained that you can place two teleportation pipes on your island, including in your home. This therefore allows you to teleport to a chosen location. Very practical for harvesting exotic fruits and reselling them to Méli and Mélo raccoons to quickly win bells. However, if you place more than two teleportation pipes on your island, the teleportation location will always be chosen at random, which is already much less practical.

Finally, the crossover between Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Super Mario promises to be greatly appreciated by players who are fans of both universes. Moreover, Nintendo also took advantage of the Direct to announce The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD which is scheduled for release on July 16, 2021. We still have no news on the compilation of Zelda games with Phantom Hourglass, but Many sources continue to confirm its release in 2021.

Source : ComicBook

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