How do I know if I am being blocked by another person on Facebook?

How do I know if I am being blocked by another person on Facebook? - Picture 1.

The blocking also has some signs similar to when you are unfriended by someone. These are all information that you can manually verify:

That person is no longer on your friends list. This happens only if the person has unfriended or blocked your account. To check, just go to your personal page (if it's on a web browser, click on your account name in the upper left corner, and if you're accessing by phone, press the three dots). line up to open the menu, here continue to press the account name). Then select the Friends section.

You cannot tag that user in the post. You can tag a user in a post if you're friends with that person, but if you can't do that, the person has unfriended or blocked your account. To try it out, post a new article, then click on "Tag a friend" (Tag People). Type the name of the person you want to tag, if their name doesn't appear and you can't choose the desired account, that's a big sign.

You cannot invite that person to an event or a group. Similarly, if you create a new event (if it's on the web, select Events or Events, then click "Create event" or "Create Event"; if it's on a phone, touch the vertical ellipsis, select "Events" or "Events" then click "Create" or "Create") and find out that you can not invite that person, then make sure you have been unfriended or blocked.

His posts no longer appear in your newsfeed. Finally, the fact that your account is no longer on their friends list or blocked can be detected from their posts no longer appearing in your Facebook newsfeed.

Here are three more tips to help reinforce your thinking:

You cannot find that person's account in the search. Normally, you can search for any Facebook user by typing that person's name into the search bar located at the top of the page. But if their account no longer appears when you type their name in the search, that's a sign you have been blocked.

You cannot send messages to that person in Facebook Messenger. If you've been a friend before and then get blocked, when you try to send a message with Messenger, you'll get a notification that you can't text this person anymore.

You cannot view that person's profile. If you try to access the person's profile directly (via the link or by clicking on their name in the Facebook Messenger window), Facebook will display a page telling you that this content is currently unavailable.

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