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How do I find someone’s Snapchat password?

Every year the number of smartphone users increases. At the same time, more and more people are using social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. The frequentation of the Snapchat social network by a majority of young people thus motivates many users to spy on this platform. Its popularity thus pushes many people to search for how to find someone’s Snapchat password.

In the following article, we explain how monitor a Snapchat account in various ways.

DISCLAIMER : this article is published as supplied to us. This article is for educational and preventive purposes, it in no way incites to break the laws.
As a reminder, in France, spyware can only be legally used in 2 cases: to monitor the phones of your minor children or to monitor the phones of your employees on the condition that the phones are provided by the company and that you notify them. that they are being watched.

Why is Snapchat so popular?

Every day, over 250 million active users use the Snapchat networking app across the world. This figure makes it one of the most popular online messengers among the public. The reasons for its success are as follows:

  • Snapchat allows its users to chat using visual elements such as bitmojis, stories, augmented reality filters, snaps or instant photos and videos, and emoticons.
  • Conversations disappear after the recipient views them. This increases the confidentiality of exchanges between users.
  • If someone takes a screenshot of a text, the sender is immediately notified. This feature allows him to see if his messages are saved.
  • Snapchat is a trending platform. Indeed, young people use this social platform to take photos and share their routines.

The popularity of Snapchat among the vast majority of the public somehow explains the presence of malicious people on the platform. They seek to commit online crimes such as cyberbullying, blackmail or child pornography. These are therefore some of the reasons that make parents wonder how to hack their children’s Snapchat account without them noticing.

Methods to hack a Snapchat account

There are several ways to find someone’s Snap password. Here are the most popular methods to hack Snapchat account.

  • Phishing
  • A password manager integrated into the browser
  • Method for recovering an account password
  • Using a keylogger

1 – Phishing

Also referred to as Phishing, phishing is a method that requires certain technical knowledge for its implementation. Usually used by online fraud hackers, it allows personal data to be stolen from a person. Via fake sites, spam emails, emails infected with a virus, hackers can also impersonate an individual.

Phishing: A Sophisticated Way to Access a Sophisticated Account

2 – Password manager

The user to be monitored can use a password manager integrated into the browser. Accessing the password manager built into the browser can help you view some of its passwords like Snapchat’s. However, this method requires that you know the person’s login credentials. In addition, password managers are increasingly secure. The most modern have, for example, two-factor authentication.

3 – Password recovery

Another method is to reset your password. However, on the one hand, for this, you will need to have his email address and access to his email. On the other hand, the person will receive a notification warning them of the operation.

4 – Keylogger

Using a keylogger or keylogger is the most effective method of finding someone’s Snap password. This is a feature that records all keystrokes activated on the person’s keyboard. The monitoring application mSpy includes a keylogger feature among its options. MSpy’s keylogger also warns you when using certain predefined keywords.

There is no app on the market to monitor teen cellphones for free. For this kind of functionality, it will cost you a little bit of money.

How mSpy Snapchat monitoring works

The mSpy spy app allows you to remotely track and control the other person’s Snapchat activity. Installed invisibly on the target phone, mSpy allows you to view all media content such as photos, videos or images. This can be done even when the user has deleted these files. This data will always be visible in your personal control panel.

MSpy spy app

Even if the snaps are deleted from the platform after 10 seconds, mSpy still allows you to view them. In addition, mSpy’s Snapchat monitoring is capable of collecting data such as date and time of the exchange on Snapchat. You will finally be able to access the duration of the video sequences as well as the backup of all types of documents on Snapchat.

Finally, mSpy’s keylogger feature strengthens Snapchat surveillance. You can, for example, set alerts on keywords based on Snapchat usage.


Several methods are cited when it comes to hacking a Snapchat account. However, often they are too technical, too intrusive or too risky. A keylogger and monitoring app are the best methods to find someone’s Snap password. These techniques are automatic and invisible.

Article produced in partnership with mSpy

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