How different are Graffiti, Mural and Street Art?  6 minutes to read

How different are Graffiti, Mural and Street Art? 6 minutes to read

The drawings are made to express what the artist thinks, but the way it is presented to the public is important and that is what makes them different.

Many even artists often confuse the phrases “Graffiti”, “Mural” and “Street Art”. That is understandable because the world in which we live is more or less confusing. Language is fickle, and art is objective.

However, to understand these art forms, you need to know the difference between Graffiti, Mural and Street Art.

Most people use these phrases alternately to judge a particular art form, for example when they say that this street art is better than an ugly graffiti or if it is not a painting. Legal graffiti, it is a painting on the wall, also known as the Mural. Here is a brief explanation of these art forms.

For a more in-depth and detailed look, let’s study each one.

What is graffiti?

Graffiti is often created to express people’s challenging attitudes through characters / images, and so on. It is done without permission. Some people use Graffiti to claim an area, awaken others, vent their anger on enemies or people. When a name is written in single lines with bubble-style characters, there is usually a monochrome color and other colors for the background, or characters with different artistic details share the same mix. Color, called Graffiti.

It is usually drawn with aerosol sprays, however brushes, paint rollers, fire extinguishers, etc. can also be used to create Graffiti works. The artists who create this art form operate under their own stage name. Moreover, elaborate and highly metaphorical Graffiti works are often combined with many images.

What is Mural?

Painting of the Last Meal by Leonardo da Vinci restored in the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan.

Mural appeared since there was human existence. It’s an art form drawn on walls, glass, and so on. Diego RiveraMexican muralist, best known for plaster murals that appear on the walls at Rockefeller Center.

Murals’The School of Athens ‘(1511) by Raphael

Mural works harmoniously combine the architectural elements of the space into the painting. Not all Mural paintings are painted on the wall, some of them are painted on the canvas first and then hung on the wall.

This technique became popular in the 19th century and many wall-mounted works were created during the Renaissance. This art form is performed with permission, whose artists are recognized and paid adequate remuneration. Often artists sign their real names on works and these forms change over time.

What is Street Art?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Street Art started with Graffiti. Several aspects of Street Art are inherited from Graffiti and we can feel the same spirit in this art form.

Street Art is created in public venues outside of traditional art areas. It may also be referred to as “independent public art”, “post-graffiti” (post-graffiti), and “neo-graffiti” (new graffiti).

Banksy, Girl with Balloon

This art form became popular in 1999 when Bansky draw the first picture on your signature coloring plate. Moreover, street art includes a variety of works and methods and it is a developed art form. Although during the experimental phase, street art has become popular and artists continue to experiment with new techniques. Sometimes it uses spray paint cans and sometimes it is wall painting. As you understand what these art forms are, let’s explore the differences between them.

Difference between Graffiti, Mural and Street Art

The difference between Graffiti, Mural and Street Art is that the Graffiti artist doesn’t care if people understand his work or not even if they place the work in public. Graffiti is only created to communicate with other Graffiti artists. Meanwhile, with Street Art, artists create a statement wanting people to see and be attracted to their work.

Graffiti and Street Art are both contemporary art movements, but their techniques, functions and goals are different.

Graffiti is difficult to read, but Mural and Street Art are not. In the Mural and Street Art art forms, many art modes are used. Besides, both of these art forms are perfected during the day. Street Art is abstract and artists sign the drawing.

Graffiti sometimes has a negative connotation while Mural is the exact opposite. Murals are painted directly onto the wall and glass like Graffiti but the process is different. This is the characteristic of these two forms.

The above are the main differences between these art forms. The drawings are made to show what the artist thinks, but the way it is presented to the public is important and also what makes them different.

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