How did the legendary'Purple Postcard' come from Lim Young-woong... there was a reason for luxury sensibility.

How did the legendary’Purple Postcard’ come from Lim Young-woong… there was a reason for luxury sensibility.

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Lim Young-woong YouTube capture

Youngwoong Lim revealed the process of preparing the’Purple Postcard’ for the final of TV Chosun’Mr. Trot’.

On the 1st, a video was posted on Lim Young-woong’s new YouTube channel’Lim Young-woong Shorts’ under the title of’Lim Young-woong’s Purple Postcard Competition Day Before #Shorts’.


At the same time, he vowed, “I will sing with two minds: a postcard that I miss because I want to see it, and a postcard that I can’t send even if I miss it.” In addition, in the video, Yeongwoong Lim, wearing a training suit, showed off his natural and warm visuals, attracting more attention.

Meanwhile, Lim Young-woong is active in various fields after becoming Jin in TV Chosun’s’Trot Contest’ Mr. Trot’. Recently, it attracted attention by opening a new YouTube channel that uploads short videos of about 30 seconds.

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