How did “Sword of Miracle” become the highest-paid domestic MMO in Korea?

How does “Sword of Miracle” cut down the “difficult” market in South Korea?

01. The top products in the South Korean market have become MMO games, and less than 20% of the top-selling Chinese manufacturers

The South Korean market is the third largest game market in Asia excluding China and Japan. It has a high payment rate and a large number of users. It is one of the first choices for many Chinese manufacturers to go overseas. But like the Japanese market, the Korean market also has a tendency to “exclude foreigners.” Looking at the best-selling list in South Korea, the top products have always been the products of local Korean manufacturers. The two major Korean manufacturers, NCSOFT and NEXON, have almost monopolized the entire list, and the TOP50 Chinese manufacturers accounted for less than 20%.

At the same time, the Korean market prefers MMORPG games, with head games MMO games accounting for about 60%. NCSOFT’s MMO mobile game “Paradise M” is adapted from the end game of the same name, and once it was launched, it has long occupied the top spot on the best-selling list. As more and more overseas manufacturers enter the Korean market, more other types of games have gradually emerged in South Korea’s top game list, such as SLG, two-dimensional cards, casual match-3 and so on.

“Sword of Miracle” is an MMO game released in South Korea by 4399. It performed well in the South Korean market and repeatedly entered the top ten best sellers. In the list of manufacturers going overseas in 2020, 4399 ranked 16th with “Sword of Miracle”. The success of “Sword of Miracle” revitalized 4399’s game release in the entire Korean market.

02. Brand advertising effects. Advertisements are released, and celebrity endorsements become a common marketing strategy in the Korean market

According to data from the overseas version of DataEye-ADX, the main channels of “Sword of Miracle” are Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Audience, Messenger, Admob, etc.

(1) Beautiful models and national MC endorsement games, reaching a wider range of potential players

South Korea’s entertainment industry is developed, and cooperating with South Korean stars and inviting them to endorse game advertisements has become a common marketing strategy for manufacturers to go overseas in South Korea. On the one hand, because celebrities have a wide audience in South Korea and have great influence, they can effectively help manufacturers open the market and reach a wider range of potential players. On the other hand, because South Korea’s entertainment industry chain is mature, Korean celebrities are compared with domestic celebrities. Endorsement, more cost-effective.

In the choice of celebrities, South Korea is a country with relatively radical Internet public opinion. The tendency of celebrity public opinion will even affect the products they endorse. Therefore, try to choose some decent celebrities who are well-known, highly popular with the people, and have few negative news. According to the overseas version of DataEye-ADX, “Sword of Miracle” selected beautiful model Angelina danilova, national mc Jiang Hodong, well-known actor Su Ji-seop, and famous singer Park Young-tuk as the game spokespersons.

(Advertising for “Sword of Miracle” in Korea)

(2) Spoofing funny stalks and plot ads, attracting users to download and try

According to the data of DataEye-ADX overseas edition, in addition to looking for celebrity endorsements, spoof advertisements with interesting hot stalks and twists and turns of plot are also the main components of the information flow advertising of “Miracle Sword” in the Korean market.

The gameplay of “Sword of Miracle” is the most classic Korean MMO gameplay. Its target group is male users. In the setting of the advertising plot, the plots such as the companionship of beautiful women and the fight against the tyrants are highlighted.

In addition, there are many funny variety shows in South Korea, and users have a high degree of acceptance of spoof shows. Therefore, advertising forms such as spoof variety shows, news interviews, and funny emojis cater to the habits of local players and are easy to attract attention.

03. Attach importance to the KOL effect, and create a “sense of general momentum” with large-scale offline and online sales

The cultures of the Korean market and the Japanese market are similar, and the clustering effect and herd mentality are obvious. Therefore, when the game is promoted in the Korean market, it must be vigorously distributed in various channels to market the atmosphere of a “phenomenal explosion” game. After attracting a certain level of players, more players will follow the trend and download the game to try.

(1) The leading role of KOL is prominent, and Youtube and live streaming websites achieve drainage

The role of KOL cannot be ignored when promoting in the Korean market. On the one hand, the Korean culture has led to serious blind obedience, and the leading role of KOL is extremely prominent; on the other hand, the soft and broad cooperation with KOL can also alleviate users’ concerns to a certain extent. The resistance of game advertising.

South Korea’s live broadcast industry is also extremely developed. Youtube, Twitch, afreecatv, etc. are all live broadcast websites with a lot of traffic in South Korea. Cooperation with local live broadcasters is one of the important publicity methods for going overseas.

Among them, Youtube is the preferred brand marketing platform for overseas Korean brands. On the one hand, there are many game bloggers with large fans on Youtube, who cooperate with them to promote direct access to core game users; on the other hand, Youtube’s intelligent recommendation search mechanism can Combining the game’s hard broadcasting and the anchor soft broadcasting, the two-pronged approach attracts players to download.

(2) The number of offline outdoor advertising shops is publicized, and the brand is launched

South Korea has a dense population, large traffic in outdoor areas such as subways and shopping malls, and TV advertising has a wide influence. A variety of online and offline channels spread the volume of publicity, invisibly established the brand image, continuously expanded the brand’s marketing power, and reached more users.

04. Carefully localized operations, “Miracle Sword” successfully entered the Korean market

(1) Product promotion cooperation, building brand identity and reducing South Korea’s “exclusive” mood

Whether at home or abroad, the “combination of quality and effectiveness” approach to publicity has become a general trend. The “simple and crude, one size fits all” method of buying volume is no longer suitable for the current game industry, which is gradually globalized and internationalized, with fast update iterations, and fierce head competition; players are becoming more and more picky after several rounds of volume washing. It is increasingly difficult for ordinary purchases to attract players to download games; coupled with the fact that the Korean market has always been “exclusive” severely, it is full of distrust of foreign manufacturers. Cooperating with local celebrities and KOLs can effectively build a brand image in the Korean market and alleviate Koreans’ “exclusive” mood.

(2) Localization adjustment to cater to the preferences of the Korean market

In order to cater to the aesthetics and habits of Korean players, “Sword of Miracle” has made some adjustments to the game. For example, select LOGO icons and game styles that are more in line with the aesthetic habits of Korean players, and use local people for language translation. In the process of gaming going overseas, localization is always a topic that cannot be avoided. Especially when the target market of the game is severely closed markets such as Japan and South Korea, localization is crucial.

(The picture shows a similar MMO game LOGO, “Miracle Sword” ranked fourth)

The advertisement of “Sword of Miracle” for the South Korean market was once complained by South Korean users, “It’s not speaking Korean”, “It can be seen that it was taken by a Chinese at a glance,” etc. Therefore, not only the language in the game should be localized, but the ads placed outside the game should also be localized.

Source: DataEye


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