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Recently, various news about “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” can be said to be one after another. Not to mention that the launch of the game on Steam on April 15 has caused a lot of heated discussion and nostalgia, and Daewoo announced that it will be sold. The ownership of the fairy sword series IP in mainland China has recently become a hot topic about two things about “The Legend of the Sword and the Fairy”.

The first thing is that Yao, the character in “Glory of Kings”, has launched Li Xiaoyao’s linkage skin. This should be regarded as the first time that “Glory of Kings” has been linked to the fairy sword series to launch skins, so related topics are still very popular. Zhao Linger’s skin will be launched.

Another major event is the large-scale project “The Legend of the Sword and the Origin of the Sword”, which was initiated by Yao Zhuangxian, Softstar Technology, and the production team of “The Origin of the Sword”, which will fill the dynasty history between “The Legend of the Sword and the Fairy” and “The Legend of the Sword and Fairy”.

In the trailer of “The Origin of the Sword”, we saw Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Linger, and Lin Yueru, the three most classic characters in “The Legend of the Sword and the Fairy”.

The skin link between the “Legend of the Sword and the Origin of the Sword” and the “Glory of the King” made many old players recall the wonderful time of playing “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

As far as the Chinese game industry is concerned, “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” made a major breakthrough in the field of domestic stand-alone games with its own efforts. The impact is not far-reaching, but this field has been trapped in “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” for many years. It is also an indisputable fact that the area drawn is within the circle.

So, how did “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” break through the era and become a classic? What are the inspirations?

Breakthrough in a specific era

Now due to the prosperity of the times and the passage of time, many people in the new generation of young players have difficulty understanding why the status of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” is so high, so that a lot of related issues have emerged in the past period of time. Derived mobile games, the recent plans for “Glory of the King” Li Xiaoyao skin and “Sword and Origin” also illustrate the lofty status of “Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

To put it simply, “Legend of Sword and Fairy” was born in the chaotic era of the domestic single-player game field, through a literary plot extreme performance, and then through the form of games, it satisfies the players’ imagination of the world of Chinese traditional cultural gods and monsters at that time. Although there is not much innovation in terms of gameplay and balance, it is the purest Chinese flavor in terms of its spiritual core. This is the biggest difference from the Japanese RPG at the time.

As for the breakthrough of “Legend of Sword and Fairy”, there are mainly the following points:

The first is the expression of love elements.

In the early 1990s, domestic single-player games hadn’t been long since they started. Before the release of “Legend of Sword and Fairy”, most of the games at the time either had little ink on love or copied some clichés in martial arts novels. For example, in some crude martial arts games on DOS of the same era, there are often routine plots in which the heroine is poisoned and the heroine treats his wounds with the promise of his body, and the harem plot where a hero is loved by many women also appears more frequently.

What is even more dissatisfactory is that in these plots, the male and female protagonists are like tool people, lacking in-depth dialogue and emotional interaction between the characters.

And “Legend of Sword and Fairy” seems to be the first time at that time that Zheng Erba Jing wanted to express the element of love to the extreme in the game.

For example, Li Xiaoyao’s bohemian, Lin Yueru’s Tsundere Miss personality, and Zhao Linger’s gentleness and cuteness are all impressive.

It is precisely because of these characters that the love story of the whole game is so full of charm, we can feel the growth of this character in love by playing Li Xiaoyao, that is, from the beginning of ignorance and ignorance to a sense of responsibility. Of a state.

And through a lot of dialogues and events in the game, the player plays Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling’er and Lin Yueru establish a strong emotional connection. For example, Li Xiaoyao met Zhao Ling’er in Xianling Island, for example, when Li Xiaoyao first entered Suzhou. Misunderstandings and martial arts contests with Lin Yueru, as well as Lin Yueru’s shyness after defeat, and Li Xiaoyao bravely rushed to the lock demon tower in order to save Zhao Linger, all of these, in the process, players can feel one after another with flesh and blood characters. , You can also experience the greatness of love.

The second is the success of the love triangle model.

Before the birth of “Legend of Sword and Fairyman”, there was actually no shortage of domestic stand-alone games that adopted the love triangle model. The success of “Legend of Fairy Sword and Fairyman” was not only the outstanding character, but also the clever process design.

At the beginning of the game, Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Linger met and became acquainted with each other by chance, and set a life-long decision. After Zhao Linger turned into a half-human and half-demon form and escaped, Li Xiaoyao ventured in the rivers and lakes accompanied by Lin Yueru. In fact, Lin Yueru was in the process of the game. The time to accompany Li Xiaoyao was longer than that of Zhao Linger, but when Zhao Linger was rescued by the Town Demon Tower, Lin Yueru died accidentally (in the second generation it was definitely resurrected), and Zhao Linger died at the end of the game.

Therefore, Li Xiaoyao has inseparable emotions with the two characters in the game. After experiencing all kinds of things together, he really doesn’t know which one he loves more in his heart.

And the most powerful thing is that because of the success of the love triangle model, there was a dispute between Linger Party and Yueru Party in the player community, and the two factions are still arguing.

The third is the design of a tragic ending.

The death of Zhao Ling’er in the final ending of “Legend of Sword and Fairy” has so far left many players unable to let go.

Domestic stand-alone games before “Legend of Sword and Fairy” often like to have happy endings. At that time, because electronic games were not born for a long time, domestic stand-alone games were in their infancy, and game makers were still in the exploratory stage. People dare to adopt the tragic ending of the dead protagonist. Perhaps everyone is afraid that such a design may offend the player and affect the sales of the game.

“Legend of Sword and Fairy” is designed for special reasons, that is, the main creator Yao Zhuangxian’s own personal experience. According to some clips of his interviews with the media in the past, we can know that he got acquainted with Daewoo in his early years when he was writing the game plot. A woman had been in love for two years, but broke up with her because she was busy with work, and she regretted it.

This experience influenced Yao Zhuangxian’s plot creation. He incorporated his first love-lost experience into the role of Zhao Linger in The Legend of Sword and Fairy, and boldly adopted the game design of the dead heroine. It was shocking because no one had dared to design this way before, but Yao Zhuangxian’s venture attempt finally succeeded. After the game’s release, the reputation and sales of the game were not affected, but continued to rise later.

This may be because the players in the past watched the happy ending and were somewhat tired of this routine. In addition, it may also be related to the emotional investment of the players in Zhao Linger. It can be said that many players have substituted themselves into Li Xiaoyao. After all, many players who played “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” were relatively young at that time. In reality, most of the players who played “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” were relatively young. There is no love experience, so she treats Zhao Linger as her own girlfriend, so the ending of her final death is unforgettable for many people.

The fourth is the use of poetry.

Many Chinese classical novels have corresponding character poems to describe the character’s appearance, often describing the character’s appearance, dress, and temperament, and “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” was the first to introduce originality in the domestic single-player game field. The method of role poem is the first in the industry, but in addition to portraying the character image like a classical novel, it is more of a summary of the character’s experience and behavior, making the players more deeply impressed by the character.

For example, the scene where the Jiujianxian taught Li Xiaoyao’s swordsmanship in the mountain temple is very classic. After that, the Jiujianxian walks away with his sword, and the poem that many players recited at the same time can be said to be unforgettable for many players in their lives: Yujiancheng When the wind comes, in the world of slaying the devil, there is wine and joy, and I will be stunned without wine, I drink all the rivers, and then drink the sun and the moon, I can’t get drunk from a thousand cups, but I am the sword fairy.

This is like the introduction poem of characters in classical novels, but in the game, it is Jiu Jianxian who introduces himself, which is different from the narration in the novel.

The poems of the four main characters displayed at the end of the game are a summary of their behavior and experience. For example, Li Xiaoyao is this:

A handsome and beautiful young man, Lingdao seeks medicine for a fairy bond. Thousands of miles are rugged and painstakingly, and the sword is a beauty.

Zhao Linger is this one:

Do not cave on Xianling Island, and lonely lotus in the pond accompanies the moon to sleep. Once the wind and rain fall to the surface, I hope you will feel sorry for each other.

These poems are not wise in terms of metric, but because they are catchy and natural without any traces of carving, they become classics, as is the poem by Jiu Jianxian.

Without these poems, the classicity of “Legend of Sword and Fairy” would be compromised.

The above breakthroughs were not easy in the past. I am afraid that older players now can remember how many random martial arts games appeared in those days. Under such a chaotic atmosphere, “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” “A game like this that wants to do something different seriously can appear. The difficulty is not imaginable by today’s developers and players, because there are countless classics that we can refer to today. For “The Legend of Xia”, it is almost necessary to start from scratch, because games are different from novels, and writing game plots and events is very different from writing novels.

The emergence of “Legend of Sword and Fairy” was essentially a victory of a literary plot. This is the story with the most traditional Chinese flavor. Only the Chinese can truly appreciate the connotation of the game.

However, “Legend of Sword and Fairy” failed to solve the problems of innovation and balance of the combat system due to the factors of the times, which was also helpless at the time.

The revelation of these breakthroughs in “Legend of Sword and Fairy” is that only brave innovation can truly attract players. This truth is still outdated.

After the success of “Legend of Sword and Fairy”, the number of well-made domestic stand-alone games gradually increased, so that there was a certain prosperity in the mid-to-late 1990s. There is still a big connection, because there is a benchmark. , The confidence of latecomers will be greater.

Can’t have it, can’t just

For the field of Chinese single-player games, “Legend of Sword and Fairy” is indispensable, but “Legend of Sword and Fairy” is not the only option. Only in this way can the industry develop more healthily.

The reason why we cannot do without is because in the bleakest days of domestic stand-alone games, it was the fairy sword series that started with “Legend of Sword and Fairy” that saved the industry and made domestic stand-alone games continue to survive.

Because at the beginning of this century, with the emergence and popularity of online games, coupled with the impact of piracy on stand-alone games, domestic stand-alone games cannot be produced a few times a year, and there has been a sharp decline in the number. It didn’t start to get better until 2013.

And in those years, the reason why domestic stand-alone games still had so much hope, the reason why the fairy sword series had the courage to launch a sequel and an adapted TV series, all of this was due to the foundation laid by the “Legend of Sword and Fairy” , This credit should be remembered forever.

Moreover, as far as the TV series adapted from domestic stand-alone games are concerned, there are not many successes. Back then, the TV series “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” starring Hu Ge became a classic, making “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” succeeded in breaking the circle. There is also a huge contribution to the expansion of the influence of the entire domestic single-player game.

So why can’t it only be “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”? This is because the development of an industry requires more diversified exploration.

“The Legend of Sword and Fairy” is indeed very successful and classic, but it is precisely because it is so successful that it has been difficult for subsequent fairy tale games to break away from the framework set by the work.

For example, the Xuanyuan Sword series was not originally based on love elements, but focused on humanistic care such as family and country feelings and kingly thoughts. It has a very specific era background; while the fairy sword series does not have a specific era background, and is more like an immortal. Xia romance idol drama.

However, the most famous “Scar of the Sky” in the Xuanyuan Sword series happened to absorb the three successful elements of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” and was remembered by countless players. For example, the protagonists of “Scar of the Sky” Chen Jingqiu and Yu Xiaoxue and Tuoba Yuer are in the love triangle mode. The two endings of the game are both tragic, and there are also poems.

These elements are not bad, but because they appear so frequently that there have been several years of domestic stand-alone games, almost all of the Xianxia works are of this kind of routine, which makes the players feel aesthetic fatigue and a bit tired.

In fact, the later classics in the fairy sword series happened to not stick to the rules but inherited the “Legend of Sword and Fairy” and also made some breakthroughs and gained the recognition of the players.

For example, “Sword of Sword 4” did not adopt the original love triangle model, but adopted the model of two men and two women. On the contrary, it is refreshing. The relationship between the four characters has been debated until today.

In addition to the fairy sword series, there are cases in which “Gu Jian Qi Tan 3” still gains a good reputation without relying on tragedy.

The negative case is “Legend of Sword and Sword 5”, which should be tragic and tragic, but because the characters are not well portrayed, the final tragic ending cannot be as shocking as “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”. In addition, the performance of the love element is also relatively general.

However, these problems in “Sword of Sword 5” may have been caused by some difficulties encountered by the project at that time, so it could only imitate the original generation highly. The “Prequel of Sword of Sword 5” created by the same team has improved a lot in word of mouth.

The same applies to the use of poems. The poems in “The Legend of Sword and Fairy Man” are successful, but later on, the poems in many stand-alone games of Xianxia seem to be a deliberate decoration. These works have made great progress in terms of metric. It seems to be a little outside of the game, so it is often difficult to be remembered by players. How many poems of domestic stand-alone games after “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” can make players repeatedly mention and chew like this?

In addition, “Legend of Sword and Fairy” failed to solve the problems of diversification and balance of battles. For example, the final battle of the game can basically be won with a few hidden Gus. The overall design is compared with the Japanese classic “Final Fantasy” in the same period. In terms of the design concept of the magic stone system of “6”, there is a huge gap.

But we can’t blame “Legend of Sword and Fairyman”. After all, when the domestic stand-alone game started not long ago, it was a bit superb to solve the problems of diversification and balance of battles. It was like thinking before you learned how to walk. Flying, this is not realistic.

So as mentioned earlier, the classic and success of “Legend of Sword and Fairy” lies in the breakthrough of its literary plot, which avoids some problems in gameplay.

But this problem cannot be circumvented forever. If the “Legend of Sword and Fairy” has the will, I am afraid I don’t want to see that latecomers have not made breakthroughs in the gameplay.

Fortunately, with the continuous revival of domestic single-player games in recent years, we can see that this field has not only got rid of the turn-based gameplay, but also has become more diverse in themes and gameplay breakthroughs, such as “Black Myth: Wukong” and “Lost Soul” and so on, and this is the real inheritance of the breakthrough spirit of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

Concluding remarks

Looking forward to the future of the Fairy Sword series, no matter how the series develops in the future, I personally think that one thing is the most important, that is to inherit the breakthrough spirit of the first generation of “The Legend of the Fairy Sword” and explore a broader world, only In this way, the fairy sword series can last forever. We look forward to the works that appear in the second half of this year, “Legend of Sword and Fairy 7” and even the future “Legend of Sword and Origin”, as well as those authorized mobile games of the sword in the future, there will be more New ideas.

After all, this is the only way to live up to the reputation of Immortal Sword.



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