How did Chongqing become the "Magic Fog City" in the history of counterattacks in the first city of Internet celebrities?

How did Chongqing become the “Magic Fog City” in the history of counterattacks in the first city of Internet celebrities?

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In order to eat the net red hot pot, I waited for more than 100 tables; in order to photograph Hongyadong, walked three or four kilometers; in order to take the two river cruise ship, lined up for nearly three hours…

In the Internet celebrity city Chongqing, these situations are normal.

Chongqing’s internet celebrity check-in point

Although the tourism concept of working as a worker in the new era has long been “going out is to change to a hotel to lie flat”, you may still be unable to resist it when you arrive in Chongqing. As long as you go out and you are not careful, the number of WeChat steps will soar to the top, occupy the cover, and the number of steps will be 2w+ at every turn.

Even so, the enthusiasm of young people to travel to Chongqing remains unabated. If you have been to Chongqing, you must have experienced the feeling of queuing up with tourists from all over the country at hot pot restaurants, Hongya Cave, and cruise terminal.

What’s the matter, Ledou is foggy? (Chongqing dialect translation: Is this the city of fog?)

What is the magic of Chongqing, a mountain city, and why can it become a dark horse in the Internet celebrity world in one fell swoop?

Internet celebrity Chongqing, counterattack the old tourist city

Ten years ago, to plan a trip, everyone would either go to seaside cities like Xiamen and Sanya, or take traditional landscape routes like Guilin and Yunnan. Few people would list Chongqing as their first choice. but now,Searching for “Chongqing” in Xiaohongshu, there are more than 1.49 million notes, far exceeding Xiamen with 1.15 million notes and Yunnan with 600,000 notes.

During the May Day holiday alone, Chongqing’s A-level tourist attractions received 10.198 million tourists, accounting for almost one-third of Chongqing’s permanent population.

Number of Tourists in Chongqing Scenic Spots

When did Chongqing become an Internet celebrity city? Did it start with Shi Fengjun’s TF Boys, or did it start with Gai’s singing of Le Shi Wudu? Or did it start with the concept of “Cyberpunk Capital” becoming a buzzword?

There is no definite answer to this question. But one thing is beyond doubt-Qunar, Mafengwo and Ctrip, these travel apps did not make Chongqing fire, but Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and WeChat public accounts have brought Chongqing to the altar.

Chongqing turns over to become an internet celebrity on short video platform

There is no other reason, is there a city more suitable for taking photos and videos than Chongqing? Overpasses with 20 ramps, trains passing through buildings, and roads on the roof, any element, is a scarce resource in the country. Isn’t this better than shooting high-rise buildings and small fresh cafes?

Catching up with the unprecedented short video era, everyone has become a visual animal, coupled with the amplification effect of social networks, these favorable factors have successfully promoted Chongqing to become a tourist destination for young people.

However, this alone is not the entire reason for Chongqing’s bloodbath on the Internet.Although invisible and intangible, in order to promote the development of the city, the big hands of the government are secretly working hard behind the scenes.

How did the impression of Chongqing become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people?

There are many beautiful cities. Hengdian and Xiangshan have ready-made film and television cities, and Xiamen and Sanya have beautiful sea views. But why does Chongqing attract so many movies to shoot? If you observe carefully, you will find that Chongqing is using the marketing strategy of operating a company to promote itself.

Philip Kotler said in “National Marketing”,A country can operate attentively like a company, and the image of many countries exported abroad is behind a series of continuous marketing strategies and actions.For example, when it comes to Germany, its fixed character label for external exports is “rigorous”. It is also because of this national label, “Made in Germany” is very trusted, and it has a very huge overseas market after World War II. It is also a defeat. The country’s economic recovery continued to breathe.

Kotler’s theory

In Kotler’s theory,To market a country, government departments should make good use of marketing tools, target customer groups, use positive and effective marketing methods, and provide services that satisfy the public.Looking at it this way, the screen scanning and attracting customers on the Xiaohongshu and short video platforms match the first two, and Chongqing has not fallen behind with the last two moves.

Kotler’s theory

Why can Chongqing overtake Chengdu in 2020 and become the country’s first in total number of tourists? Why does Chongqing dialect’s ability overtake Northeast dialect and become the most popular dialect on major video platforms?

To give a simple example,If you look up 100 Chongqing travel guides on the Internet, 100% of them will mention the Eling Second Factory, and the keywords are all “literary and artistic” and “must go to check in.”The predecessor of the Eling Second Factory was the “Central Bank Banknote Printing Factory”, and this cultural and creative park full of steel structures and tall factories became popular at first, in large part because the film “Passing by Your World” was filmed here. . Without the blessing of this movie, Eling No. 2 Factory is actually not much different from cultural and creative parks in other tourist cities.

“Children of the Rivers and Lakes”, “Youth as a Young Man”, “Assassinated Novelist”, and “Sturdy as a Rock”… In recent years, more and more movies have chosen to shoot live scenes in Chongqing. Hengdian and Xiangshan are full of strength, and they are building the imperial palace and building the streets of the Republic of China. Only then can they attract the crew to settle in, and everything in Chongqing is readily available. Even in the plot setting of these movies, the story is overhead, the audience can react sensitively in the first time-“Le is the fog of the city”.

In addition to the characteristics of this city which is very attractive to directors from all walks of life, Chongqing itself has also taken the initiative to extend an olive branch to attract guests from all directions. In recent years, in order to promote the city, the Chongqing Municipal Government has also made great efforts in the literary circle.

In 2019, the Chongqing Municipal Government launched“Bring the script to Chongqing, and leave the rest to me”To put it simply, the crew that went to Chongqing for shooting, as long as they send out a letter requesting assistance in shooting, and after the relevant management department of Chongqing approves and agrees, there will be a special department to coordinate all related work for the crew during the shooting process, and , All co-production services are free.

This kind of service attitude has been so caring-“You can lie down, and I will do the rest.

The Chongqing government not only doesn’t want money, but it is so considerate to “reverse money.” After the film is released, according to the quality, the maximum amount of support for each film after the theater is 2 million yuan. Although this is not a big money for a movie that has invested tens of millions of dollars at every turn, the sincerity shown by Chongqing is indeed enough.

The big scenes in these hot movies have accurately reached hundreds of millions of people, and they have made enough advertisements for Chongqing. However, these “Chongqing-flavored” film and television works are only the first step.

In the previous generation of “tourism internet celebrity land competition”, each city will feature a memorable slogan, such as Xiangxi Phoenix’s “For you, I have waited for a thousand years”, Shandong’s “Hospitable Shandong welcomes you”, Xinjiang’s “Xinjiang is a good place”, Yichun’s “a city called Spring”… In addition to slogan, the tourist scenery commercials put on by big TV stations are also a big move for city marketing.

List of characteristic Slogan in some cities

However, at a time when TV sets are gradually being abandoned and the impact of texts is also weakening, putting marketing budget and energy on film and short video platforms is obviously the right choice for this era.

The approach in Chongqing is to first use movies and TV shows to make your mind full of hot pot and Jiefangbei, so that when tourists think of traveling, the word Chongqing will first appear in their minds.When you come, Chongqing will be delicious and fun again, plus check-in at the same filming location, and one-stop service.

After you have eaten Xiaopeng Fatty Chicken and Sister Pei’s Old Hot Pot, you will find out when you visit the city.Chongqing is consciously meeting the needs of tourists to take pictures and punch cards.

Liziba Chuanlou Light Rail is a must-see spot? Then set up an observation deck below, allowing you to take pictures from the best angle to check in. Like to take photos of Hongya Cave on the Qiansimen Bridge? The direct traffic control at night during the long vacation closed all the Qiansimen Bridge and the 2.48 billion bridges, all for you to take pictures. Like to cruise the river in Chongqing? Then extend the city landscape lights to 11 o’clock at night, so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery more nights.

It’s not that other cities don’t have check-in points, but it’s still relatively rare to have such a 360-degree responsiveness in Chongqing. After all, the city is brightly lit and neon flickering until 11 o’clock at night. In such a cyberpunk place, people who endure light pollution all the year round, in order to build an Internet celebrity Chongqing, the citizens who have made such a big sacrifice have to be admired.

There is also a more personal experience. When a friend went on a two-river cruise, he was exhausted and called the mayor’s hotline because he had been queuing for nearly three hours on a hot day. After that, he received at least ten calls including a return visit from the mayor’s hotline, verification by the local tourism bureau, enquiries from the person in charge of the scenic spot, and an apology from the relevant company. He also received a ferry ticket for the scenic spot compensation.

The point mentioned in “National Marketing” to “provide satisfactory services to the public”, Chongqing is really “vigorously implementing.” Compared with the Xuexiang where the guest is a slaughter, and Qingdao, which is a hot search for a prawn for 38 yuan, Chongqing has to be said to be very conscientious.

What’s the picture of Chongqing, striving to become an Internet celebrity

So hard to become an Internet celebrity city, what does Chongqing map? ——Use tourism to lead the economy.

In 2019 alone, Chongqing earned 573.4 billion yuan from the tourism industry; in 2020, Chongqing has been promoted to the second most developed city in China’s tourism industry and the first in the country in total number of tourists.

In the summer of 2018, Chongqing became popular on Douyin, and the tourism market took off. In 2019, Chongqing received a total of 557 million domestic and foreign tourists; in 2020, Chongqing has been promoted to the second most developed city in China’s tourism industry, and the total number of tourists is the first in the country.So many tourists flock to Chongqing, and all they bring is money.

2020 China Tourism Cities Ranking

In addition to attracting tourists, the two internet celebrities of being delicious and fun are magnified to the extreme, and there is another deep meaning for Chongqing——Attract young blood to work and settle in Chongqing.As a former heavy industrial city, with the continuous increase of the tertiary industry’s share of GDP, young people are more inclined to the tertiary industry whether it is work or consumption. This is also the key to Chongqing’s structural transformation.

For this generation of young people, whether the house price is high or not and whether the job is good is one aspect. Whether a city is delicious enough and fun enough is also an important factor affecting settlement. From 2017 to 2020, the proportion of talent inflows in Chongqing has shown an overall upward trend, with 1.3%, 2.0%, 1.8%, and 1.3% respectively.At such a fierce and critical moment of the “grabbing war” in various cities, Chongqing’s targeted attack on young talents has to be said to be in place.

Top ten sources of talents flowing into Chongqing

In addition, we can also see an interesting conclusion,The number one source of talents in Chongqing is Chengdu, and it accounts for the highest proportion. Similarly, the first source of talents in Chengdu is also Chongqing.

The government’s efforts to achieve today’s popularity are one aspect, and the citizen’s sense of ownership has also promoted Chongqing’s progress. It is estimated that the people of Sichuan and Chongqing are more hospitable than the people of Shandong. On the streets of Chongqing, where map software is known to crash, there will always be local people passing by telling you that if you take a car from Eling No. 2 Factory and walk here on the Shancheng Trail, even the traffic police will suddenly remind tourists: You are going to eat there. An online celebrity shop? Remember to make an appointment by phone.

Warm and hospitable Chongqing citizens

The Chongqing government with accurate decision-making and the warm and hospitable Chongqing citizens have jointly created this dark horse Internet celebrity city.Have you contributed your own air ticket or train ticket to the rise of Chongqing?


This article is from the WeChat public account “Houlang Institute” (ID: youth36kr), the authors: Wan Yang, Zhao Feiyu, 36 krypton is authorized to release.


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