How did Apple's legendary power couple - Steve Jobs and Jony Ive - come together? - Photo 1.

How did Apple's legendary power couple – Steve Jobs and Jony Ive – come together?

The relationship of Apple's visionary founder – Steve Jobs and Jony Ive's "witch" is not simply a colleague, nor has he stopped at a friend level. According to family members, and Walter Isaacson, who wrote the biography of Jobs, the two are intimates.

Jobs shared with Isaacson:

"If I have a soul mate at Apple, it's Jony. He and I design ideas for new products together, then ask each other," What do you think about this? " He envisioned that work from even the smallest detail.Jony understands that Apple is a company that specializes in products, he's not just a designer, and that's why Jony Ive been working directly with I have more control over Apple than anyone else, besides me. ”

For many years, Jobs and Ive made all these hits together, including the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. However, when Apple failed to announce on June 27 that Ive will leave this trillion company to develop his own "brainchild", which means for the first time in more than two decades. century, both Jobs and Ive will not be present at Apple.

It is unclear what this will mean for Apple's future, but for the time being, let's take a look at the relationship between this legendary couple, and find out what Jobs and Ive have become. How powerful is the technology village.

The early days of Jony Ive and the fateful encounter with Steve Jobs

Jony Ive was born and raised in Chingford town, located on the northeast edge of London. While studying at Newcastle Polytechnic, he discovered he had a connection with Apple: "Suddenly, I suddenly realized how this company will grow, or how it should be developed."

After graduating from university, Ive opened a design company in London named Tangerine (Guilin). The company then won the bid with Apple. In 1992, when Ive was 25 years old, he was invited by Apple to work on its design department.

Just four years later, Ive became Apple's chief designer. But he was not happy with his superiors, because then, Apple and the CEO only focused on maximizing profits without caring about perfecting the product design.

Ive told Isaacson about his early years at Apple: "All they want on the design team is to make the skin a bit nice, then the engineers will make it as cheap as possible. I almost quit my job."

In 1997, when Ive was preparing to leave, Steve Jobs returned to Apple. He quickly climbed to power and persuaded the board of directors to chase the CEO of the time, Gil Amelio. Jobs became a "temporary" CEO, and gradually became official.

Jobs met Ive when he was walking around Apple's design studio. Ive still remembers the first sentence Steve said when he entered the place he worked: "Oh my, it seems you guys are not working very well right?" – this statement is reproachful, but still a compliment to the design team, because Apple did not use them, nor did they provide them with the tools they needed.

Both quickly made friends. Ive and Jobs often went to lunch together, and Jobs often ended the day by visiting the design room to talk to Ive.

Jobs's wife – Laurene Powell also shared: "Jony has a special place in Steve's heart. He used to come to my house to play and our family became very close. Most people in Steve's life. can be replaced, but not Jony. "

General passion for comprehensive beauty

How did Apple's legendary power couple - Steve Jobs and Jony Ive - come together? - Photo 4.

Jobs and Ive have the same design philosophy: They believe that simplicity is the pinnacle of sophistication, and less is better. They also focus on generalization, they not only care about the appearance of a product, but they also need to understand the design process, so that they can eliminate the unnecessary, unnecessary things. .

A pretty interesting story about the perfectionism and passion for beauty of these two talented men. During a trip to France, they strolled through a hardware store and felt attracted by a sharp kitchen knife. However, upon closer inspection, both Jobs and Ive felt frustrated because they discovered … there was glue in the middle of the blade and the grip. "Both Steve and I are very interested in such things. We think very similarly in terms of products that are absolutely spotless. "

Jobs and Ive's first big success was the iMac – first introduced by Apple in May 1998. Ive wanted this computer to look modern, but also mischievous. Therefore, the iMac has a transparent plastic cover that can be seen inside. Jobs insisted that it should be neat from the inside out. And this is their achievement:

The duo also agreed that the iMac must have a grip, although it should not be compact and easy to carry. Ive shared: "I think, if there's this strap, it will create a connection between the owner and the device. It is more accessible, easier to use. It allows you to … touch, use it. If I were in the old Apple, I wouldn't have the opportunity to do this. And this is the best thing about Steve: I have not explained what it means, yet he understood what I meant and agreed immediately. "

Jobs and Ive continue to test computers with other materials. The PowerBook G3 is made of plastic, but the next version of G4 has a luxurious titanium design. Two years later, the Powerbook series picked up the first aluminum laptop.

For a while, both Jobs and Ive "died of death" with aluminum. Which is not only a pine aluminum, but anodized aluminum. This technology allows them to change the aluminum color at will. When Jobs was told that Apple could not find the amount of anodized aluminum they needed, he built a factory in China to produce the metal. Jobs then took Ive here to oversee the process for three months. They then used the metal to produce both iMac, iPod Nano and then iPhone.

successful serial success

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One morning, Jony Ive was on his way to work when he came up with an idea about the iPod: It must be completely white, with a stainless steel back. Ive wanted the iPod, and all the accessories included, from headphones, charger cords and even charging bulbs, had to be synchronized. And Steve also immediately approved this. And the huge success of the iPod has proved that their tastes are recognized worldwide.

This duo is also very meticulous, careful to the stage of packaging products. That's why ever, every time you open an Apple product box, you can see the subtlety. Because of this "luxury" that users are always attracted to the device of Apples, and they are always worthy of "expensive but sliced".

After the iPod won, Jobs and Ive created many other super products, including the iPhone, MacBook Air, iPad, and so on. However, they never slept in victory. always looking to improve his "spiritual child". Before the first iPad was released, Jobs had an idea for the iPad 2.

Jobs and Ive always put design first, but sometimes this idea was counterproductive. Typically, they used metal frames around the iPhone 4, and although engineers warned that this could affect the device's ability to catch the wave, the pair still insisted on changing, and so AntennaGate happens. Users are constantly petitioning about the loss of their new iPhone, and Steve Jobs has a famous saying that still prints in many people's minds: "That's because the user has the wrong way!"

However, no relationship is perfect

Working with Jobs – the celebrity is very hot-tempered, not simple. Sometimes Ive had to speak very gently to make sure his idea was not thrown away. "Because Steve gives a quick idea, I don't want to show him new ideas in front of people. He can say: "That's ridiculous, put it off." Ive said the idea was a very fragile thing, so he felt that lightness was essential in development.

And yet, many times Ive not satisfied with Jobs's suggestions or Jobs's "robbery" of Ive and the design team. "I pay close attention to the origin of the ideas, I even keep many notebooks of my ideas. So sometimes I was a little sad because he took my effort to me. But to admit that Apple will not be like this without Jobs. "

One of the last works that Jobs and Ive teamed up to be the new headquarters of Apple Park. The 4-storey building, nearly 300,000 square meters, accommodates more than 12,000 employees and is surrounded by more than 6,000 trees. This work also reflects many aspects of the relationship between Jobs and Ive. One of them is the obsession with glass: Apple Park has a lot of high glass panels that extend from the floor to the ceiling, and they are all curved glass to create a seamless and elegant look.

The legendary duo lost half

How did Apple's legendary power couple - Steve Jobs and Jony Ive - come together? - Photo 9.

After Jobs died in October 2011 due to pancreatic cancer, the pair was not intact. Ive continued to work at Apple, but his enthusiasm was much reduced. Despite being named "Design Manager" in 2015, Ive did not participate much in Apple activities. Internal sources said he only came to the company's headquarters every two weeks. He also began to shake off his responsibilities.

For the past 4 years, Ive spent a lot of time traveling and working with other designers in charity projects. He often missed the launch of new Apple products – something that a few years ago never happened.

How did Apple's legendary power couple - Steve Jobs and Jony Ive - come together? - Photo 10.

On June 27, Apple announced that Ive will leave the Apples to form a new company, LoveFrom. Ive said that the name LoveFrome was inspired by Jobs, who once said that his motivation to develop new devices was from love and concern, even if he might never meet. his customers.

Maybe Jony Ive and Steve Jobs are no longer working at Apple, but their influence on the company will remain forever.


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