How did Apple manufacturing workers leak the design of the new iPhones? - Photo 1.

How did Apple manufacturing workers leak the design of the new iPhones?

The leakage of new designs or features is very normal for the high-tech industry, especially when new smartphones are coming soon. However, over the past few years, Apple has been working hard to prevent this leak and try to surprise fans when a new iPhone comes out.

After the incident of revealing the entire iPhone 5C just before the official event took place, Apple formed a private security team and named it the New Product Security Team (NPS), to closely monitor the production line. Exporters and Chinese partners, do not leak information to the outside.

One of the tasks of this security team is to ensure that production workers cannot copy design drawings, or steal components to be released outside. There are many ways for these workers to leak the design of a new iPhone yet to be released.

The leak of the iPhone 5C design was done by an employee of Jabil – belonging to Apple's supply chain. This guy fled the factory with a case of the iPhone 5C, away from security cameras and protection. The shell of the iPhone 5C after being released has been photographed and posted on the internet, revealing the biggest change of the iPhone is its plastic and colorful cover.

According to the NPS report, they even found a worker digging a tunnel inside the factory to be able to bring components that were being manufactured outside, but the plan could not succeed.

How did Apple manufacturing workers leak the design of the new iPhones? - Photo 2.

Not only are the leaks, Apple's manufacturing workers also steal iPhones to sell to the black market. NPS discovered two of Jabil's employees, who secretly stole 180 iPhone 6s by adjusting the inventory tracking system. Apple after discovering the incident secretly bought all these stolen devices.

Apple often has a habit of not relying on investigating agencies to find out about these leaks. Because if you do that, Apple will be forced to provide enough information to these agencies, meaning that it will disclose unreleased devices.

In addition, iPhone component thieves are usually only judged on the material value of stolen property, instead of the value of intellectual property. So if the law is to judge these people, it is not enough to deter.

And so far, despite Apple's efforts, the iPhone 11 design has still leaked. We all know that this new iPhone will have a rear-view camera cluster, a big change over the iPhone X and iPhone Xs. It seems that Apple's special security team has not yet been effective.

Reference: Theverge

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