How Cough Remedies Work

How Cough Remedies Work

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a cough suppressant medicine, also called antitussive, is a medication used to treat irritating dry cough. These drugs act on the central or peripheral nervous system to suppress the cough reflex. As this reflex is necessary to expel the secretions that accumulate in the respiratory tract, the administration of these drugs is contraindicated in case of coughing up mucus. These are treated with expectorants to facilitate the expulsion of mucus.

The cough reflex

Cough is a physiological reflex which serves as a defense mechanism for the organism in case of infection or foreign body in the airways. That is why the use of antitussives is not recommended in cases of patients with coughing up mucus. The use of these drugs should be limited to cases of dry, long-lasting cough that are not a reflection of any underlying disease process.

Types of cough remedies for their mechanism of action

There are different types of cough remedies, depending on the level at which they operate. Some of them depress the bulbar center of the cough, others act on the afferent branch of the cough reflex and some modify some more factors or act on the efferent branch of the cough reflex.

Take the child to the pediatrician

In the management of cough in children, experts estimate that, in general, it is not suitable use drugs to try to suppress a cough. The best procedure is to take the child to the pediatrician to assess each case separately.

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