How can wife and children can lie comfortably in cars without worrying about fatigue?

How can wife and children can lie comfortably in cars without worrying about fatigue?

Are your children crying and crying? Your wife is moist, aching, sleeping for hours on the bus? It sounds great, but in fact many families have cars that are tired, tired, humid on long trips.

Common suffering on long journeys

Almost when shopping for cars, everyone wants to have the most comfortable experience on every journey, especially on long trips. With cars, family members will no longer be afraid of sunlight, rain, no longer “entangled” in dust pollution. More specifically, the whole family can go on trips as far as the countryside, travel …

However, it seems hard to call anything perfect and complete. A lot of car users have complained to me, it is not a problem to go near, but when going far, their family members often feel tired. Because the space is a bit cramped, only one seat is possible. Being bored or tired, then just take a nap, sometimes dreaming, waking up, unable to sleep deeply. Not to mention sitting long, sleeping in the wrong posture, will make the neck twisted, dull, aching body.

Sitting for long periods of time, sleeping in the wrong position can easily cause soreness and achesSitting for long periods of time, sleeping in the wrong position can easily cause soreness and aches

A few of my friends confided that they bought cars and wanted their parents and wives to be most comfortable. But when traveling long distances, especially taking the whole family to travel far away, seeing the elderly parents who have to sit for a long time, the pain comes back, looks and feels extremely sad. Each time going out is no different from “torturing” grandparents. When they arrived, they were very tired and no longer excited. The parents did, and his wife and children were no better. Wife sat next to the talent chair, she thought she was going to sleep deeply but she kept changing herself. Sometimes tilt your head to the left, sometimes to the right. When waking up, crying neck. Some friends were even more “miserable” when their wife was car sick, walking okay, but going away was vomiting and tired.

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In families, children are more energetic. But even they also “ebb” of energy after each long journey. Because in the car, they do not have fun space, just sitting in one boring place. Ho Chi Minh is a “hug to hug” the phone or tablet to play games, watch movies. But then you also need to find a place to sleep.

Sitting and sleeping makes children tired and tiredSitting and sleeping makes children tired and tired

But kids, it’s hard to force them to sleep. But sleeping is difficult to straighten. Sometimes there is not enough room for sleeping. Seeing his children struggling, sleeping, no one was hurt. As for my friends, too, sometimes business trips away, to just want to take advantage of taking a rest in the car to drive a car, but too “bored” of the talent seat. But if you don’t rest on the couch, where can you lean back now?

Air cushion – “Small creation, great experience”

Perhaps the manufacturer was too “excellent” in grasping the psychology and solving the difficulties of automobile users in general, when the car air cushion was born. And must admit that, this product has an extremely creative design, when helping to optimize the space, opening an extremely ideal resting place right in the car that thought was “too cramped”. and “full seat”. The car air mattress is designed in combination with the back seat, forming a spacious cushion bed. To be able to support the entire mat securely, the mattress comes with a cushion bottom. This footrest combined with the rear seats will become a strong “support” for the entire cushion.

Car air mattresses are designed to combine with the back seat, forming a spacious cushion bed

Car air mattresses are designed to combine with the back seat, forming a spacious cushion bed

With car air mattresses, your family members will have a wonderful place to rest and recline. Inflatable cushion design, with airy material, along the vertical grooves are evenly arranged on the cushion surface, will help support the spine, giving a very smooth and comfortable feel. The lying can lie flat back, no longer cramped “miserable”.

Lie down can lie flat and restLie down can lie flat and rest

Besides resting back, an air mattress is also an ideal place to contribute to the deepest and most delicious sleep. No more sleepy, tired sleep, awake sleep, but now only deep, delicious sleep. Not only that, the car air mattress also provides a spacious space for the whole family to have fun and talk together. Children no longer have to sit around confined, instead, they can freely and freely display toys on the cushion, play with siblings, mothers or grandparents.

Bring comfortable play space for childrenBring comfortable play space for children

I have recommended this great product to a few friends who are having problems on long trips. And get a lot of positive feedback from them. A friend said that his most recent trip was no longer tired, tired, but full of joy. Because in the car, his children can play comfortably and roll out to sleep. His wife can also lean back, not sleeping and pretending to sleep.

Another friend shared that his mother is now better. Want to take her out to play no longer hesitate anymore. In the past, I was worried that my grandmother would go away with pain. She can lie and play while telling stories to her grandchild. I myself have experienced the car air cushion test. And I feel it is great. Because it can solve a big problem that seems to be difficult for car users in general. Not only helps in the family, but also drivers who often run away, can also use car air mattress as a temporary resting place.

Some basic information about car air cushion products

A car air cushion consists of: 1 cushion, 1 foot cushion, 1 hand-held electric pump, 2 lying pillows, 1 carrying bag, 1 patch set.

A set of automotive air cushion productsA set of automotive air cushion products

Cushion and footrest are made from high quality (no waterproof) parachute fabric with a thickness of 1.8mm. The joints are very accurate stamping, ensuring durability. The footrest is designed to fit into the space between the back seat and the front seat, combined with the back seat, to support the top pad. Air mattresses are calculated and designed in accordance with “standard” distance and average height of 4-seater and 7-seater car seats, so suitable for most of these cars. Make sure when fitting snugly and forming a uniform block. Besides cushions and foot pads, the product also comes with two air pillows.

The total size of car air cushion after pumping is 135 * 85 * 45 cm (D * R * C). The cushion is capable of bearing up to 500kg, equivalent to the weight of 6 adults. About hand-held electric pump (included in the product kit) this electric pump is designed using 12V – 75W power source, the head plug type, just plug directly into the car pipe to be used. 2-way pump with 2 inflatable nozzles and exhaust, with 3 separate pump heads corresponding to the pump hole in the buffer, cushion legs and pillow.

2-way portable electric pump2-way portable electric pump

To pump the spacer and cushions, select the second pump (medium size), plug it into the inflatable hole (Inflate) and turn the switch. For pillows, you choose the third pump mouth (smallest size). Similarly, to slightly reduce the air cushion, you choose the largest pump mouth, plug into the air outlet (Deflate) on the electric pump. The inflating or deflating air takes place very quickly, in less than 4 minutes.

Compare air mattress and velvet air cushion

Auto air mattresses have two main types: air mattress with umbrella and velvet air cushion.

Air mattress with umbrella keeps the surface of parachute cloth, so it brings a cool feeling. Although fabric characteristics difficult to get dirty and very easy to clean, hygienic and clean. Because all the surfaces of the mattress are umbrellas, not waterproof, so in addition to being used as a cushion in cars, you can take advantage of them as lying cushions, indoor seats, garden or picnic. In particular, you can also use cloth air mattress to make swimming float.

Air cushion although the advantage lies coolAir cushion although the advantage lies cool

Air mattress with velvet fabric is still manufactured from parachute fabric (similar to air mattress with umbrella fabric). However, the surface of the mattress is covered with fine velvet. This velvet layer creates a soft, warm for the lying. But it is easy to get dirty, waterproof and slightly difficult to clean.

Air cushion velvet fabric is smooth and warmAir cushion velvet fabric is smooth and warm

Air cushion fabric umbrella is designed separately. Therefore, if not used in the car, you can flexibly use the cushion surface as a resting place or the foot of the cushion as a seat. Velvet air cushion is more limited, foot pad is designed attached to the surface of the mattress.

In terms of price, the padding is higher than the umbrella fabric though it is slightly higher than the velvet mattress. Specifically, on the market today, though the air mattress fabric costs 1.2 million, while the velvet air mattress costs only 1 million. Compared to the utility and flexibility, convenience in use, air cushion fabric has many advantages over velvet air cushion. Depending on your preferences as well as your needs, you can make the best choice for you.

Be careful not to buy the wrong quality air mattress in the market

With high convenience, air cushions are increasingly popular. On the market today, besides the genuine and quality air cushion products, there are quite a lot of unidentified cushion products on sale. These items are often sold at very cheap prices, only half the price of genuine products. To find out more about this low-cost item, I did several interviews with auto parts shop owners with air cushion business.

There are many cheap cars of unknown origin in the marketThere are many cheap cars of unknown origin in the market

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According to Mr. Nguyen M. Hung (Car Accessories Store Owner – Ho Chi Minh City): “At present, there are two main price groups in the air cushion market, the first group is from 8 hundred to 1 million. , 1 million 2 … This is mostly a genuine product. And the second group is about 4, 5 hundred thousand. Most of this group is cushions “fake”, fake, type 2 “.

Air mattresses are cheap and mostly Air mattresses are cheap and mostly “fake” and fake

Mr. Phan H. Anh (Owner of an online car accessories store – Ho Chi Minh City) also shared the same opinion: “Try asking you, air mattresses are made from durable fabric, there is one cushion, one foot, both. two pillows, especially a portable electric pump. How much is stuff. Hand-held electric pumps for assembly also need electronic components. So how can the price only 4 hundred, 5 hundred thousand. Only fake goods, fake products have that price. Most of the cheap air mattresses are sold on Facebook pages, virtual accounts, no addresses, clear brands. ”

Be wary of low-priced air cushion products sold on pages with no specific information

Be wary of low-priced air cushion products sold on pages with no specific information

When asked in more detail about poor quality air cushion, Mr. H. added: “When importing goods, I used to look at a cheap type of cushion 2. A parachute fabric is very thin, the seam is broken. many errors. I think the buyer can only buy 2, 3 times will be torn, punctured, discredited. And electric pumps are too cheap to know if they are durable or not. So I didn’t enter that type. “

Mr. Nguyen V. Trong (Driver – Ho Chi Minh City) – a victim of cheap car air mattress, shared: “Due to the nature of work, I often sleep on the talent chair, so I feel very humid. or plan to buy it to sleep smoothly. Initially saw a price difference, also suspicious, but asked closely, the seller is sure of sure. I bought it at the price of 495 thousand a set. Goods delivered to the house, opened, oh well. The mattress is very thin, as thin as a child swimming float. I was able to use it twice, leaking a hole near the edge. I patched it up, used it next time and got leaked again. So boring I quit. ”

Cheap air mattresses are very thin, many errors, easy to tearCheap air mattresses are very thin, many errors, easy to tear

As can be seen, the low-priced air cushion products on the market are very “suspicious” in quality. Because it is hard to have such a big price difference. These cheap products are often sold ranging from 400-500,000, advertised with pictures and introductions “no different” than genuine products priced from 1 million to 1.2 million. This discrepancy is well worth the question.

Experience identifying quality automotive air mattresses and fake mattresses


Quality car air cushions are usually made from velvet material or seasoned umbrellas. The bottom of the mattress is made of PVC, so when smelling it will smell a faint rubber smell, in the process of using this smell will disappear quickly. Both types are not too rough or too soft, sitting up feels soft and has good elasticity. If the velvet fabric is cushion, the fabric is smooth, smooth, smooth and not ruffled. And although the fabric is characterized by waterproof.

The material of a good cushion is usually thick, hard to tearThe material of a good cushion is usually thick, hard to tear

Buffer witty attention will see the very thin surface cushion, looking uncertain. Besides, the velvet surface of the cushion is made of slightly rough velvet fabric, touching is not as smooth and smooth as real velvet. In the process of using this velvet will be very quickly ruffled.

Design, color

Standard car cushions are often meticulously designed and refined. The most striking is the seamless and solid edge, not pieced together, not deviated. Compact pump valve fits overall for high aesthetics. Good car air mattresses are often very diverse in color and pattern. High quality cushions are colored, not smudged, bright colors but not too blinding, nor faded. If the cushion is patterned, the image is sharp and error free.

Standard air mattress has a meticulous design and sophistication in each strokeStandard air mattress has a meticulous design and sophistication in each stroke

Cheap and shoddy mattresses are often uneven in color. Even if you spot some tiny points, be careful. The color of the fake cushion is often colored, the pattern is not sharp and not fresh, in some cases it is dull, the print pattern is skewed, the pattern is missing at the edge or the pattern is unknown, …

The level of meticulous edge stamping

It sounds simple but the crease edge is also an important factor to help you identify fake and fake goods. A poor quality cushion may have an inconsistent flanging end to end or be misaligned rather than straight. In addition, you need to pay close attention to the edges of the stamping line to be sure, because if you have to buy a cushion with an unstable edge, it will be very quickly exposed, punctured during use and you can hardly patch this gap.


Genuine car air mattress is designed with “standard” size suitable for 4-seater and 7-seater cars, fitted snugly, combined with the back seat to form a firm air bed. But with poor quality mattresses, some types are not standard sizes, have the wrong parameters, leading to the fact that when fitted, they do not fit into the backseat of cars. This point is also expressed in the thickness of the buffer, if the thickness is not standard, it is likely that the buffer will have reduced elasticity. Although not too common, buyers should also pay attention to avoid buying unsatisfactory mattresses.

Size is importantSize is important

Supplied accessories (hand pump, patch kit)

Air mattresses often come with an accessory kit that includes an automatic pump and two patches to use when the mattress deflates. Buyers should carefully check whether car accessories are full of these accessories. The sources also showed that the pump of unknown products is currently red while genuine goods are black.

The pump set of good product is black and has clear originThe pump set of good product is black and has clear origin


Price is a feature that shoppers can easily identify the fake. Car cushions are a high-class accessory so the price is not cheap, usually not less than 700 thousand VND / product. Therefore, if you encounter the offer to buy car air cushion below this price, do not rush to cheap but “trap”. However, there are still extremely sophisticated counterfeit stores by raising prices to prevent shoppers. It will be “horrible” when you buy a quality product “witty” with “acrid”. In this case, you need to pay close attention to the characteristics of materials, designs, colors, and accessories.

Where to buy quality air mattress?

In addition to many addresses of poor quality air mattresses, there are now many addresses specializing in supplying genuine automotive air mattresses in Vietnam. The products of these addresses are of good quality, thick materials, standard sizes, complete accessories, in addition to a clear warranty policy. Some addresses you can refer to are: or …

Hopefully the above share will help you know more about a useful car accessory, as well as choose to buy yourself a quality car air cushion for the whole family to lie comfortably on every journey. .


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