Recently, due to the global shortage of chips, automakers have predicted that they will face the dilemma that they will not be able to deliver cars as scheduled. Even Taiwan automakers are also victims of the disaster. There are even manufacturers who directly announced that the waiting period will reach three months. However, this wave of “chips” It seems that the government should use the bargaining chips at hand to demand that European, American and Japanese car manufacturers give priority to the Taiwan market, which has a small production volume and a small market, otherwise how can it reach Xian’an?

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Original:[Market Comment]How can the chaos of automotive chips be resolved? Please the government to settle inside and then outside!
Written by: Cai Zhijian Chien

An epidemic originating in Wuhan, China, coupled with the trade war between the United States and China, brought Taiwan to the international stage. Not only did the epidemic prevention make people’s lives close to daily life, even semiconductor factories such as Taiwan’s power electronics have become the “sacred mountain of protection of the country”, especially When the world is rushing for chips, TSMC and others are even more responsible for the survival of the global technology industry. However, a short time ago, there was also a shortage of chips for automobiles in Europe and the United States. It is hoped that the government can coordinate semiconductor factories to increase production capacity. This has risen from the industry to the international For issues between countries, after all, Taiwan hopes to have more of the international arena. This time the “car chip for assistance” from the world seems to be a good opportunity.

If compared with the chips used in cars and mobile phones, the difference between the two is not only the size, but also the number. Moreover, cars usually do not have a high level of mobile phones. However, with the rise of ADAS autonomous driving technology, the chip level It has to be high-end, and because car dealers are gradually decentralizing, consumers “very like” the semi-autonomous driving system, even if they can’t use it, they don’t buy Level 2. The control of the semi-autonomous driving system belongs to the high-end chip. At present, nothing is more lacking than the ADAS Related chips, ACC automatic car following, lane deviation warning, lane maintenance, automatic braking, etc., each function needs one, a car of this size requires at least dozens or even hundreds of chips in total. After one, it simply cannot be offline from the production line. From my personal observation, in addition to the imbalance between supply and demand (the demand for semi-autonomous driving has increased), this wave of “car chip chaos” also means that fabs do not have to offend long-standing and tacit understanding of the “high profile” car manufacturers. For mobile phone 3C customers (to put it bluntly, it may be difficult for car manufacturers). The most important thing is that manufacturers like to bargain prices and reduce costs. It is understandable that car manufacturers are even more masters in this area. I was cut to a discount and then fractured. Of course I am a fab and I don’t want to do this.

Moreover, under the US-China trade war, the current capacity of Taiwan’s wafer fabs has been tightened to the limit, no matter how hard you try, it will not be able to squeeze out. Unless the production line is adjusted, it is really difficult, but the adjustment of the production line will affect existing customers How to explain, the fabs must weigh the interests of both sides of the balance. Therefore, in the case of too much porridge, the price of car chips that can be sold in the future will inevitably “rise up”, and in order to take into account the sales volume in the current epidemic situation, the OEMs must bite their teeth and endure the pain. If you swallow it, you can’t “clearly increase” (I believe that not many people dare to increase at this time, at most by increasing equipment); therefore, in order to appease consumers and avoid running orders, domestic car manufacturers have also sacrificed quite a lot. For attractive conditions, the main reason is that if the waiting time is too long, consumers may not be patient to wait, but in this era of chip shortage, everyone is still struggling.

Now that it has been upgraded from commercial activities to inter-state affairs, although it can help European, American and Japanese car manufacturers to help Taiwan’s international status, don’t forget, dear chiefs of finance and economics, there are still a group of ordinary people living on “domestic cars” in China. what! Perhaps it should be an agreement with the demanding country. When the fab can supply the relevant automotive chips to the car factory, the car factory is required to reserve the amount of “white paper and black” to the Taiwan car factory, so that it will not cause the factory to stop and shorten the delivery. Time, only in this way can local economic activities be activated, right?

In this era of modularization, electrification, and autonomous driving, cars without chips are equivalent to scrap iron, which can only be displayed as decorations. As long as the epidemic does not disappear or disappear, this is a risk that everyone must bear in the future. Will there be a shortage of automotive chips? definitely will! I am afraid that it will not be resolved within a year and a half!