How can new media operators with a 30w annual job offer to become a major company?

How can new media operators with a 30w annual job offer to become a major company?

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With the accelerated development of 5G, operational talents in the new media industry will become more and more sought-after. Whether you are transitioning to operational talents or being promoted in operational positions, now is the best time.

For example, Bytedance’s spring recruitment plan this year, 7000+ positions cover multiple products and businesses, among whichOperationversus2 marketsPost as high as3669Therefore, there is a great demand for content operation, new media operation, and marketing talents.

Recruitment needs

In fact, by simply investigating the recruitment needs of big companies such as Byte, Meituan, and Alibaba, it is not difficult to find that big companies all grab new media operation talents with an annual salary of about 30w.

Especially thoseAn all-round new media operator who is proficient in short video operation, WeChat operation, and new media matrix, Salaries are rising, and employment opportunities are also greatly improving.

Recruitment needs of Internet giants

Recruitment needs of Internet giants

butCan you take it when so many opportunities are in front of you?

For this reason, we want to find such an invisible new media tutor for everyone to help students with zero foundation becomeNew media operation all-rounder proficient in new media + short video, To gain a competitive advantage in the field of new media.

36 Krypton Kai Krypton cooperates with Mantou Business School to recommend this skill improvement course to operating students with 0-3 years of work experience——“The Wealth Code in the New Media Era”,?Limited-time special offer? only 0.1 yuan,Click the link to experience!

0.1 yuan, master the wealth password in the new media era

Course Outline

Part-time annual income of 15w, promoted to management in half a year

“Fan growth slows down, has the traffic bonus disappeared?”

“The opening rate has become lower. Is there any future for continuing to do graphics and text?”

“It’s getting harder and harder to monetize, can I still survive as an official account?”

In recent years, many senior operators have had such doubts about graphic new media.

But in 2020, “bad reviews” article after article sells a pair of FIIL Bluetooth headsets for 399 yuan.24 hours after posting, the transaction volume reached 30W. A click-and-extend interactive graphic push for Apple’s new product release,5 minutes, max out the circle of friends.

Interactive graphics for Apple’s new product release

The dissemination of new media content has evolved from the simple form of text and pictures to the form of long pictures and texts, and then to today’s interactive graphic content that is very popular among brands such as People’s Daily, Apple, and NetEase. , The presentation of content has been innovating.

Trainees of Mantou Business School: Da Ge, a 95-year-old new media operation, part-time brandingLong-graphic and comic-style public account operationThe income is already 1.3w, pay attention to the monthly income of 1.3w! 15w a year.

It may be rare for students in first-tier cities to win a part-time project of 150,000 yuan per year, but for students in new first-tier or second-tier and third-tier cities,It is indeed a profit several times higher than their salary.

The new media operator Xiaoyu, because he usually makes vibrato, was temporarily assigned by the company to be the company’s account. Six months later, he grew from a small editor under the new media department to a small leader with the company’s short video team. This is completely Beyond his own expectation,This is an opportunity given to him by the development of the industry, and he also seized this opportunity.

in factNew media people have inherent advantages in making short videos. We have a keen insight into hot topics and are familiar with the planning of topic content…So short video is a very good promotion opportunity for us. If you want to become a more comprehensive new media person, welcome to learn“The Code of Wealth in the New Media Era”,?Limited-time special offer? only 0.1 yuan~

0.1 yuan, master the wealth password in the new media era

“The Wealth Code in the New Media Era”The lecturer tutor is the co-founder of Mantou Business School and the New Media Tutor School of the Education and Training Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. She was still a small Weibo operation 10 years ago. During the internship, she planned a Weibo event, and the response was so good that Jinshan’s server was destroyed.

Today, she is a co-founder and a new media mentor who has led 50,000 new media professionals.Many new media mentors on the market have been her students.

Mentor introduction

The curriculum system is oriented to practical employment. In addition to the school teachers, the main lecturer also has two practical project tutors from the Mantou Business School.

Mentor introduction

From industry trends, to career development prospects, to actual competitive skills. Here you can learn:Even if they get started later than others, they can quickly surpass their theoretical system and actual combat methods.

such as:

How to realize interactive typesetting in graphic typesetting?

How to add points to your text content through visual language?

How to improve content forwarding rate through typesetting?

In this course, the instructor will not only give you the routine, but also the logic behind it.Allows you to use routines freely and get better results.

Many students, with zero foundation and one class time, have mastered the shooting skills of short video bursts, and the very competitive interactive graphic layouts commonly used in large-scale work such as NetEase and People’s Daily in new media work.

New media is originally an emerging industry, and the threshold for employment is not high, and no majors are born. For those who want to transform the Internet or change careers, new media has become the first choice.This also means that competition for new media positions will become more intense.

Salaries of more comprehensive new media professionals are rising.We sincerely invite new media people who are interested in new media, want to change the course of their lives, and want to improve their competitiveness to learn.“The Wealth Code in the New Media Era”.

0.1 yuan, master the wealth password in the new media era


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