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House of Representatives Donald Trump impeachment process

Sen. Lindsey Graham addressed the press in Washington, DC., May 21, 2019. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

Senator Lindsey Graham, President of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a top ally of President Trump, said that the decision to allow House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to head the impeachment investigation was " a significant disruption to precedent ".

One day after Democrats announced new procedures, Mr. Graham said the new process was "fundamentally different from the way we have done it in the past," emphasizing the House Intelligence Committee. is part of the process – something that has never been done and the president's adviser is not allowed to join this committee. Mr. Graham also emphasized this to date "is still a closed and lacking process", and affirmed that the Democrats are "trying to create something new that I think is substandard and dangerous." to the president. "

The resolution of the House of Representatives requires the Intelligence Committee and the other five members of the House of Representatives to continue investigating Trump's president and administration. The resolution also instructed Adam Schiff to hold open hearings and provide enough time for Republican Congressman Devin Nunes – a senior member of the Intelligence Committee, to question the witnesses. The resolution also gives Mr. Nunes the right to summon witnesses and documents related to the investigation with the consent of Mr. Adam Schiff, and if Mr. Schiff refuses to request witness testimony or After all, the entire committee – controlled by the Democratic Party – will vote on this request.

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