House design trends from 2000s to 2020s

House design trends from 2000s to 2020s

Go back in time and recall some of the hottest trends of twenty years ago, from small things like mason jar decorations to boho-chic styles, and then look to the future and see. What can we expect when the new decade begins.

Trends from the 2000s

These decorative trends were common in the golden years of Britney Spears’ music career, the birth of the first iPod and once coveted Blu-ray disc. Although only dating back to the 200s, some of these decorative trends feel as though they were centuries ago. It can be said that the obsession with white kitchens and collection of dust-filled jars originates here.

• Bedroom: Shabby chic (classic and luxurious)

Before the “Joanna Gaines era” and the phrase “modern farm”, shabby chic (roughly translated as a classy classic. With features like rustic and a bit of time-tinged), shabby chic also carries a A bit of country, a little vintage, and really the typical 2000s style. Back then, we were all crazy about this style in our bedrooms, from the cushions to the lace. to the white bedside tables.

• Living room: is considered as “entertainment” station

While Blu-ray and DVD players were still very popular, we all put everything in one oversized entertainment center to house all our exciting new tech gadgets. We need a big place, a true entertainment area to show off all the “home theater”, from oversized speakers to bring the best surround sound to the new flat screen TV. Who would forget the grand entertainment center of Joey and Chandler, which takes up most of the room?

• Kitchen: White kitchen cabinets

“Oversized entertainment stations” may be a thing of the past, but pure white kitchens still exist and flourish many years later. We can thank the 2000s for the disappearance of dark, dark wooden cabinets. White is the most popular kitchen cabinet color today, and it has become a staple not only for cabinets but also for wall cladding, countertops and even floors.

• Bathroom: Tuscany style

While some of the trends of the 2000s were mild and sophisticated, Tuscany-style bathrooms are an exception. When homeowners began to expand the area of ​​the bathroom, we found bathrooms with ornate features and colors such as terracotta and terracotta combined with dark wood.

• Dining room: Unynchronous dining chair

There are a lot of dining room trends that we saw in the 2000s, but one of our favorites is the transition from formal, classic dining rooms to fun, cool spaces. than. Furniture stores started selling the chairs as a single item, allowing us to mix and match colors and styles to create a fun, welcoming feel in the dining room.

• Baby Room: Bird Theme

Although Portlandia’s catchphrase “Put a Bird on It” didn’t become an official meme until the early 2010s, the bird trend was inherently popular in the late 2000s. From bed linen. birds to bird-shaped lights, to feather-inspired wall paintings, this theme was very popular in the 2000s.

• Trend of painting: Paint dark red and brown

Although neutral and white colors were used quite a lot in the 2000s, especially in the kitchen, we also saw an increase in deep reds and browns indoors. Pantone even named “True Red” as the color of 2002.

• Architecture: McMansions

Before the housing market collapsed in 2008, McMansions was a signal of wealth and class. Although these monumental structures first appeared in the 1990s, they also influence and even define the architecture of the 2000s. These houses include large rooms, unnecessary architectural features. like columns, and a large garage can park 2-3 cars.

• Decorative accessories: Mason jars everywhere

It’s hard to deny the versatility of a Mason jar. Small wine, flowers, candle holders, and more, all in a small, unbreakable glass jar. If you’re like us, you probably already have hundreds of Mason jars scattered around the house.

The decor style of 2010

Between the rise of the iPhone and rising awareness of climate change, this decade moves towards cross-cutting minimalism and home decor is no exception. It can be noticed that what was once ornate and flashy has become extremely simple.

• Bedroom: Farm-style wardrobe door

The closet doors look a lot like the ones from 2000. Many homeowners have decided to leave the double doors completely and instead are the shed-style sliding doors. This not only saves valuable bedroom space, but also brings a modern and streamlined look.

• Living room: Poufs galore (fabric-covered stool, soft cushion, picture drum)

Need an ottoman chair (low chair, no armrest or backrest) for what once you have a pouf chair? From the yard to the living room of the house, a pouf chair was everywhere. The pouf chair not only provides a support for your feet after a long day of work, but also acts as a seat too.

• Kitchen: Open shelves

During this decade, we began to see many homeowners stop using the traditional cupboard and switch to open kitchen shelves. Although this type of cabinet requires the owner to be extremely clean and arranged scientifically, but at the same time it also makes a small kitchen look more spacious and airy.

• Bathroom: Brick with cubes

One thing we can be sure of, is that subway tiles will never go out of style, but many homeowners have begun experimenting with hexagonal and diamond-shaped bricks to give bathrooms a visual interest and create a unique, personality space.

• Dining room: Modern farm style

In the 2010s we all loved modern farm houses, and this is thanks to Joanna Gaine. A change from the shabby chic, this look combines the farm style with modern simplicity. From the rustic wooden tables to the Windsor dining chairs, the 2010s dining room has a modern farm style.

• Kids Room: The Return of the Canopy Bed

Home décor is a repeating cycle. If you had a canopy bed around 1990, then chances are that a kid you know owned a bedroom with a similar one in 2010. Over this decade, we see many rooms for children with fortress-like canopy beds to give them privacy, especially when siblings share a bedroom.

• Trend of painting: Millennium red and emerald green

Pink and green are two very different colors, but both are “hot” alike in the 2010s. On the one hand, we replace the pure white with light pink and pink. On the other hand, we put on the house a little more moody in dark emerald green in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

• Architecture: Open space

More and more homeowners started to actually adopt the open floor concept in the 2010s. Whether on a farm in the mid-century or a craftsman in the 1920s, the open floor plan was (and still is). is a coveted architectural feature.

• Accessories: Hardware in copper and gold

From the bathroom to the kitchen to the front door, every silver object has been replaced with a gold and brass finish this decade. A mix of modern and classic, this style is still very popular.

2020 and beyond

The trends that will catch our attention over the next decade may surprise us. Nowadays, there are a few early signs that tell us where the home décor trend is headed. Here are some of our predictions about home decor trends over the next ten years.

• Bedroom: Smart furniture

We have started to embrace smart furniture in the kitchen and living room, but it’s time to apply it to the bedroom as well. From a bedside cabinet with built-in USB ports and automatic lighting to a bed that can track your sleep, expect to see even smarter works in the bedroom next year.

• Living room: boho and eclectic

We have started to move away from minimalism and embrace maximumism, and there is no sign of this trend slowing down yet. The next decade will be filled with bright colors, textures, and boho-inspired home décor.

• Kitchen: Bright and colorful

While we don’t think the white kitchen will completely go away, expect to see more homeowners experimenting with bright and bold colored kitchen cabinets and appliances. It’s time to use bold colors in the kitchen like striking red or pale pink.

• Bathroom: The sink is made of cement and natural materials

Relatively high tariffs on certain materials have led many homeowners to switch to cheaper bathroom products, such as cement. Natural stones such as limestone are also being considered for being environmentally friendly and marked a departure from traditional subway bricks.

• Dining room: Formal dining room

Although the design of connecting rooms is still quite hot, but we hope more people will reuse the segment design. Whether it’s a real self-contained dining room or simply a space that feels secluded and purposeful from the rest of the house, we anticipate homeowners to spend more time in the room. eat and receive dinner again.

• Room for children: Patterns and patterns

From fake feathers to leopard prints, children’s rooms will be bolder than ever. As the rest of the house continues to adopt neutral colors, the children’s room is where homeowners will experiment with a vibrant, interesting aesthetic.

• Paint trend: Beige is back, dark is a new neutral

If you think beige paint is too old, think again. This versatile tone is back and many home décor places are using beige again. We also know that dull, dull colors won’t go away anytime soon – in fact, we expect them to replace neutral in most rooms indoors.

• Architecture: Environmentally friendly

The climate change imperative has led architects and designers to focus on creating homes that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. From solar panels to low-energy lighting to cellulose insulation, we expect the next decade to see even more earth-friendly buildings.

• Accessories: Made from rattan

This is yet another proof of style rotation in home décor, flat furniture that was popular in the 70s and is really making a comeback. From rattan bookcases to rattan wicker chairs, you can expect to see more and more materials that last.

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