Houhai Village, which has become an Internet celebrity, is like another "rolled up" Dali

Houhai Village, which has become an Internet celebrity, is like another “rolled up” Dali

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A good wave, far beyond the world

If you follow the current definition of “lying flat”, the ninth day of the month was already a “lying flat youth” in the standard sense seven years ago.

In the early 20s of the ninth day of the year, I had no desire for city life. After graduating from university in 2014, I went to work as a volunteer in a surfing inn in Houhai Village, Sanya. I included food and accommodation, no salary, but I was able to learn surfing for free. Except for eating and sleeping and the fixed 4 hours of work every day, he spends the rest of the time soaking in the sea, and when he catches up with the waves, he will go surfing with a wave board.

At that time, Houhai Village attracted such a group of young people. Most of them rushed to surf and wandered in the small fishing village when there was no wave to rush. No one was in a hurry to work to make money, and their material needs were reduced. Very low, a pair of Thai new horse brand slippers of more than ten dollars can be worn in the first half of the year, “As long as there is surfing.”

The ninth day of the ninth day is not without expectations for urban life. From the first time I came to Houhai Village in 2014 to the complete settlement in Houhai in 2017, except for one return to deal with graduation matters, in 3 years, I left Houhai Village twice after the ninth day. ——

When I left for the first time, I had already served as a bar counter in the Surf Inn for half a year. Because the Surf Inn was in the off-season, “not seeing a guest for a week” and there was no wave of waves, the overly plain life would still make things worse. A young man who has just graduated feels “tired”. At the end of 2014, on the ninth day of the year, he returned to Zhejiang and entered an Internet company. After seeing the false nine-to-five (actually working overtime every day), the ninth day of the month felt that it was really not what he should do, and half a year later, he returned to Houhai.

At the end of 2015, I left again on the ninth day of the ninth day and stayed home for a year. In 2017 Spring Festival, after eating New Year’s Eve dinner, on the ninth day of the month, I told my mother that I couldn’t stay anymore, “Anyway, I am going to abandon it now. This is not what I want. I want to return to Hainan.” So, the Houhai Village in Sanya once again We welcomed this old friend and spent 4 years together.

On the ninth day of the month, he felt that after returning to Houhai Village for the last time, he had no other ideas about life. “At the time in Houhai Village, if you came to live for a while, you would be a bit unbearable when you return to the city.” The slow-paced island life makes people comfortable.“You can say that the young people here are not doing business, but this island itself is like that.”

The 9th day of surfing

Like gravitational pulls back on the ninth day of the ninth infinite number of times, in addition to surfing, it is also the most wonderful place in the island fishing village——Even if you don’t want to work hard, but just want to surf and drink in a daze, this place won’t make you feel guilty.In this way, this small fishing village seems to be more tolerant than big cities. At least in terms of survival, its expectations and requirements for young people are not so harsh.

Houhai Village is located in Sanya, Hainan, an hour’s drive from the city. It is across the sea from Wuzhizhou Island, a famous tourist attraction. It was originally just a small village that can accommodate tourists by the passenger terminal to Wuzhizhou Island, with less than a population. Three thousand, mostly fishing for a living, daily life is fishing, drying the net, drinking tea, chatting, and in the evening blowing the sea breeze to the pier to see the scenery, leisurely and cozy.

However, a large part of the reason why Houhai Village went out of the circle in the later period was attributed to the semicircular bay hidden in the corner of Haitang Bay on the north side of the village. Because of its ingenious arc, the waves pushed to the shore in all directions and at multiple angles throughout the year. Created conditions for surfing. Of course, before surfing culture flourished in China, it was difficult to find such advantages. Most of the boats floating on the sea were the fishing boats of local villagers.

Fishing boats in the Deep Bay

With the surfing culture going eastward, ten years ago, the first wave of ronin came to Houhai Village-the sport of surfing is to chase the waves and find good spots-the soft sandy beaches of Deep Bay (also known as Queens Bay) It is a good wave spot for them, and it is a unique practice field for surfing beginners. As a result, it has become a place where lang people often visit. In addition, the fishing village’s inherently relaxed life tune, everything is too in line with the requirements of the lang people for life.

Singer Zhang Zhenyue once said after he became addicted to surfingThis sport is extravagant in its lifestyle. “A good wave far exceeds the satisfaction brought by the worldly material. It is its magic. Therefore, most surfers don’t like to work. They prefer to go hungry and pursue spiritual prosperity.”Most of the ronin are like this. They don’t have much greed for material things. Even if they had it in the city, when they arrived in Houhai, this desire gradually dissipated.

Of course, that was before, especially before the epidemic.

After the epidemic began, the outbound travel that could not be made in the short term “stucked” a large number of travelers who wanted to go out in the country. Thanks to the prevention and control of the epidemic, Hainan became an earlier batch of open tourist destinations. Rush to Hainan.

Travel bloggers first arrived in Houhai, followed by the media and a large number of tourists. In 2020, the iQiyi variety show “Summer Surf Shop” was launched, and the popularity of Houhai soared.

A while ago on the ninth day of the ninth day of the violent crowd that poured into Houhai village, he learned a new term called “neijuan”. He dismissed it, “from the beginning we chose to lie flat.”

Ninth day

Internet celebrity, and crazy surfing theme photography

On the ninth day of the ninth day of the month, there are too many people to lie down, and it is inevitable that the ninth day of the day who is lying there drinking and watching the clouds and sun will feel “uncomfortable.”

There is no need to catch up to when I first came to Houhai on the ninth day of the ninth day 7 years ago. “At that time, apart from the common old people in a few villages in the sea, maybe ten people could not do it. You can’t see people in the sea. “Even if the timeline is extended to 2017, there was no professional surfing instructor in Houhai Village at that time, and most of them were friends who came to play with them.

And now, the young people walking up and down on the beach rubbing their shoulders are about to squeeze the last trace of laziness in this small fishing village in Hainan.

Surfing is niche enough, exciting enough, and expressing individuality enough. Therefore, young people chasing the lifestyle of Internet celebrity bloggers and celebrities have packed up their luggage and rushed out of the big town and town to the beach to pick up wave boards and prepare to go to the sea. Rather than mastering surfing skills and eventually catching the waves independently, these people are more concerned about whether there are any wonderful moments on the trip that can be posted on social media.

Most of them will also carry a surfboard, under the command of a coach wearing a black tights, lie down on the beach and then stand up quickly with both hands-learning the basic skills and postures of standing board, surfing. When the soft waves pat the beach, they will be pushed into the water along with the board, and then follow the coach’s command to lie down and stand on the wave board.

This is a critical moment. Whether the camera on the front of the corrugated board can take satisfactory photos and videos is all about it, so the movements should be as smooth as possible and the posture should be as graceful as possible.

Tourists learn surfing postures with the coach on the beach

Maybe it’s a good thing. At some level, at least surfing culture can be spread on the mass level, but it’s already a professional surfing coach’sIn the ninth day of the ninth day, more people will ask themselves the question “Is there anything wrong with my standing up, coach?” rather than “Have you taken a picture of me, coach?”

The rabbit, who is a social media background, understands the psychology of these people very well. It is the same as the original intention of the people he met on the ski slopes to check in and take pictures on the ski slopes. “Everyone has no known beliefs, and more of them are to pursue some. The so-called maverick will make you feel different in your circle of friends or social media.”

On May 1st of this year, Rabbit came to Houhai Village from Beijing to volunteer at the same surfing inn on the ninth day. When a once niche sport is relatively popular, everyone will try their best to try these things, “Think of it as a hobby or talk about it. To put it bluntly, talk about it.Nowadays, young people need a conversation to establish their position in his circle. You have nothing to talk about, and others are unwilling to talk to you. “

There will be a market if there is demand.In the past two years, a large area of ​​surfing clubs and coaches have rapidly grown in Haicun. According to observations on the ninth day, the number of surfing clubs in Houhaicun has soared to about 50. “More than 90% of them were opened after the epidemic last year. Previously, no locals drove them. They were drove by non-local ronin who stayed here. Now about 45% are driven by local fishermen, and 45% are from mainlanders who asked about business opportunities after the epidemic. There are still a hundred. 10 out of 10 is from the earliest to the present.” But a more specific number is now uncertain on the ninth day, because“Now I will come out with a club within two days.”

What’s crazy is that most of the coaches in these clubs have not surpassed the waves. Some former fishermen, Southeast Asian diving instructors, and young people in the village who originally planned to go out to work, get started after watching the teaching of professional coaches for a period of time.

The most exaggerated thing I remember on the 9th day of the ninth day was a man who came to Houhai from another place. He sold fruit in the village for a week and then taught surfing. There was also a 60-year-old landlord uncle who also started going to the sea last year.

Most of them focus on teaching surfing postures and taking photos for tourists. They have also launched a push board package of less than two hundred yuan, which contains 40 photos and 5 videos, which are taken by a dedicated person. This is much more attractive than volunteer shooting in professional clubs. Moreover, a regular professional instructor costs 500-800 yuan for a surfing lesson.

A wild trainer on the beach

The appearance of these people gave rise to a new professional term in the local area-pusher, a term specially coined by professional coaches to distinguish them from these people.

“Because surfing requires the action of pushing a board at the beginning, but they push you into the sea and let you stand up, and then you don’t care, you let him turn a turn to show you, take a board to show you.” Wu Chengze, The owner of Genle Surfing Inn, where he was on the ninth day of the ninth day, is also a pioneer in chasing the waves in Houhai Village. He is very despised of the “bad money” in these industries, and Wu Chengze called the surfing photography works they produced ” Station board theme photography”.

Bars, restaurants, surfing clubs that are constantly spreading out, as well as tricycles pushed by villagers on the beach to sell fruit and drinks… The commercialization process of Houhai Village has been advancing rapidly within two years, and businessmen have also played their own ideas-take Dancing on the beach with fireworks, the music is so loud, it has even become a sign of the popularity of Houhai.

Tourists came in droves. The clean and delicate beach in front of the door was littered with rubbish everywhere, and cigarette butts were buried under the sand. Wu Chengze was a little shocked by the upheaval changes in Houhai.“Business is inevitable, but I naively think that people will still make it commercial from the perspective of surfing culture. As a result, I was wrong. I didn’t expect them to be so simple, crude and vulgar. I was too naive.”

Locals soliciting business on the beach

Another “make money” Dali

In 2014, a guy from Chengdu, Wu Chengze, opened the Genle Surf Inn in Houhai to entertain surfers. At that time, there were only three or five surf clubs in Houhai Village. Ninety percent of the labor force in the inn is outsiders, and most of them are young people who come to do volunteer work, just like the ninth day when they first came here.

But on the ninth day of the ninth day, the current volunteers are not small, including high-profile students from Harvard, Internet celebrity bloggers, and of course, “wage earners” from big cities that temporarily escape from the world, such as rabbits.

Rabbit has been doing commercials in Beijing for almost ten years. A few days before he came to Houhai, he worked overtime until three or four in the morning. He was woken up by the customer’s phone early in the morning. Change again. “The advertising industry can’t keep working. If you do it, you will be exhausted.” He felt that he needed to stop, look back at the past, and think about the future. Packed the luggage, the rabbit went straight to Houhai Village, ready to stay for a month.

Bunny surfing in Houhai

Apart from the charm of surfing, Houhai Village also supports young people’s utopian fantasy. They live a leisurely and slow-paced life, exchange simple work for their means of living, without complicated workplace relationships and heavy mental work, and seem to be able to become the master of time.

Except for tourists who follow the trend to check in, there are still a large number of young people who come here with their own life questions to find answers. They need a moment of leisure for themselves to complete an in-depth inner dialogue.

Although this place is completely different from the scene described by the friends who introduced the rabbits, it is “too popular”, but the leisurely and sloppy native temperament of the island fishing village still has a certain attraction to the social animals who work all day at “996”. In the words of a young man who is chasing the waves in the sea, “Houhai Village is a place where you can leave the city and simply feel the power of people and nature without having to completely give up the modern convenience of life.”

In the days in Houhai, apart from helping the inn to do some chores of carrying luggage and cleaning, the rabbit runs, surfs, dazes, and watches the sea along the beach every day. But for the rabbit who has been “rolling in” in the first-tier cities for a long time, it still allows him to get a little relaxed.

People on vacation at Ile Surf Inn

But the changes in Houhai Village have been full of a strong sex and the city atmosphere for Marley, who returned to Houhai this year. “Everyone is making money, spending, and using money to satisfy their various desires.”

Ma Li can’t stay in the city. His family is in Deyang, Sichuan, which was also the hardest hit area during the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. At the time of the 5.12 earthquake, Ma Li was attending classes in a three-story teaching building, and his classroom On the third floor, when the building was shaken, the top was gone. The sky was as dark as the end of the world. There was no way to contact the parents, and there was no transportation to go home. All of this was too terrifying for a middle school student. After that, Marley had a fear of high-rise buildings in the city. The place where he lived must not be high, and he had to look up to see the blue sky.

Ma Li first stayed in Dali for nearly ten years and opened an inn by himself. Later, because of environmental problems, Ma Li had to close the inn and go home. Still can’t adapt to the noise of the city, even if he does a job as a librarian, it feels too noisy.

Marley went to Houhai in 2016 and will come every year for a month thereafter. This time he saw Gen Le recruiting the store manager and he came back again, but it was not that way anymore. “The current commercialization of Houhai is growing savagely, which is very similar to Dali before.” Ma Li felt that this was not a good momentum. He shouldn’t stay in this place for long.


In the ninth day of the ninth day, he still tried his best to maintain his own pace of life. Although the number of guests who came to learn surfing had doubled, he only had two classes in the morning and one evening every day, each for 2 hours, and the rest of the time was his own. Surf and stay with friends.

He saw another voice coming out on the Internet, “I was scolding Houhai, saying that Houhai was beautified by Internet celebrities. It is a dirty and messy village with water everywhere. I actually want to tell them, Houhai itself is like this. It is a small fishing village. The environmental sanitation was even worse in the past two years, but the beach in the past two years was much cleaner than it is now.”

Before the Internet became popular, people surfing in Houhai

On the ninth day of the ninth day, he remembered the first time he came to Houhai. The fishermen’s self-built houses were of different colors, and there were pools of red betel water between the streets. He even thought it was the blood stains left by the villagers killing chickens and geese on the street.

The waves are fierce and can always wash away those unprovoked annoyances in human minds, “When you are finished surfing, especially after you are swept in the waves, you know that you are not farting in front of nature.”

In the days when the original life without worries except to find waves is gradually disappearing, the ninth day of the month also found a change in myself. “I chatted with my friends two days ago and said that I now seem to be greedy for money. You made 10,000 this month, and you want 20,000 next month. You always want more.” When you used to take 3,000 yuan a month, you didn’t think about it at all. “You just want to go surfing after get off work. “The impetuousness in the city seems to have gathered in Houhai Village as more and more tourists land on the island. On the ninth day of the ninth day, these people who flocked to Houhai from all directions are no different from him, “They all want to be more comfortable.”

Rabbit has left Houhai and returned to Beijing, where he thought about his plan for the next ten years-plan No. 1 first to chase a girl who has been fond of for many years, get married, and then play together.

Now, his life vision on the ninth day of the year has also become active. He is going to the next “Houhai” after making money here, because “every club seems to be making money now, and no one is exporting culture.”

(At the request of the interviewee, Rabbit and Marley are pseudonyms)


This article is from the WeChat public account “Houlang Institute” (ID: youth36kr), author: Xia Hua, Weiweizi, 36氪 published with authorization.


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