Hot water explosion in a hotel in Russia, 5 people were killed

Hot water explosion in a hotel in Russia, 5 people were killed

Rescue officials in Russia say five people have been killed and six injured due to the explosion of hot water pipes in the hotel of victims.

AP said the accident occurred at a small hotel in the basement of an apartment building in the city of Perm near the Ural Mountains, Russia on January 20. All the victims, including a child, were in the basement when the pipe exploded. Three of them had to be taken to the emergency hospital because they had many burns on them.

The building had an accident. Photo: Russian Emergency Situations Department

Local officials interviewed for the press said the pipeline explosion left more than 20 other buildings and structures, including hospitals, schools and a kindergarten, without hot water or heating gas between. the weather is cold. Russian authorities are currently investigating the incident.

Lawmaker Oleg Melnichenko said that with the incident, the Russian Parliament could consider a ban on opening hotels or motels in the basement of apartments. “The inns should not be opened in basements where all the pipes are installed there,” Mr Melnichenko said.

Last year, the Russian National Assembly also banned the opening of inns or hotels in apartment buildings.

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