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                        US troops are not allowed to leave the base in Iraq, until a withdrawal plan is developed.

On January 6, Iraqi army spokesman Abdul Karim Khalaf stated that US troops currently stationed in the Middle East country in the coming days will be restricted and only allowed to participate in training and adviser to the Iraqi army.

The Iraqi army also said that US troops were not allowed to leave the base until a withdrawal plan was developed. US forces will also not be allowed to conduct flights in Iraqi airspace.

Neither the Government nor the Iraqi National Assembly released the timetable for the plan to withdraw foreign troops from the country, and whether the withdrawal would apply to all or only a part of the foreign forces currently stationed. troops in Iraq join the international coalition against IS.

Nong: Iraq 'detained' Linh My until the retreat
American soldiers in Iraq.

Observers said that the actions showed the toughness of the Baghdad government to US actions in this Middle Eastern country, especially after the death of General Qasem Soleimani – Commander of the Quds Force. of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the killing of Generalimimimim of the US military in Baghdad, describing it as a flagrant violation of Iraq’s sovereignty.

Earlier, on January 5, the Iraqi National Assembly held an extraordinary session to pass a resolution requiring foreign troops to withdraw from the Middle Eastern nation.

Specifically, Iraqi parliamentarians approved a bill demanding the end of the deal with the US. The agreement allows Washington to send forces to help fight against Islamic State self-proclaimed more than four years ago.

Responding to the move, President Donald Trump announced that the United States would not withdraw troops from Iraq if Baghdad did not pay for the Balad Military Base that US forces had long been stationed in the country.

“The United States has an extremely expensive air base in Iraq. It cost billions of dollars to build long before my term. We will not leave until Iraq pays for those bases.” Mr. Trump confirmed.

President Trump also threatened to impose “a large-scale punishment Iraq has never seen before”, even tougher than the sanctions against Iran, if Baghdad forced US forces to withdraw troops and no bar. Payment for Balad base.

In a related development, on January 6, the US-led Coalition Against Terrorism sent a letter to the Iraqi Defense Ministry and said it would prepare immediately to “ensure the removal of troops from Iraq”. proceed safely and effectively “.

But shortly afterwards, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters at the Pentagon that the letter did not reflect the current view. He confirmed that no decision has been made yet on withdrawing from Iraq.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, explained that the letter had been sent in the wrong way. “The letter was a draft, sent it wrongly, has not been signed, it should not have been signed yet. The words in the letter are false, that is not what is happening, “Milley said.

If the US-led anti-terrorist Union withdraws from Iraq, it will be a victory for Iran. It also asserted that the US had no methodical plan when it decided to assassinate General Qasem Soleimani.

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