HOT: Experts confirm that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are secretly dating, making fans burst into happiness?

HOT: Experts confirm that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are secretly dating, making fans burst into happiness?

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Currently, social networks are gossiping about the news that Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin is dating. Is this real?

In the recent program of POP FM 91.7, an expert interviewed about Korean showbiz was interviewed. During the conversation, the expert unexpectedly revealed that the British couple is secretly dating.

Specifically, in this conversation, the expert wholeheartedly praised the actor of Ha Noi in the UK and said that he is a person with a personality, although his appearance is a bit cold, but still very sincere. When the MC asked about the photos of HyunBin and Seo Ye Jin when they were taken in the US, the expert frankly shared, “There will be a lot of celebrities who choose to publicize their love stories, but this couple has look at things with a more mature, mature attitude, like: We don’t want to make personal fuss about the media ”

“Maybe it’s because the couple is waiting for the right opportunity, when the relationship has stabilized, it must be publicized to their fans. That is what I think they will solve like that “- the expert shares more.

The expert also revealed that the two’s relationship is also very good as well as the good coordination in Landing Where UK has made things gradually clear up.

So why don’t they make their love story public? According to this expert, in a sensitive time when there are many couples taking turns, for example the Song – Song couple of the movie Descendants of the Sun, the unfinished movie was hastily announced, But the end was not as they expected, making fans feel disillusioned with these fairytale love stories.

The love story of HyunBin – Son Ye Jin is definitely not a trick to promote any product. When the couple’s photos taken in the United States were widely shared, they may have intended to go public but ultimately chose to keep things secret.

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