[Hot Discussion]Smart tram is in the lead!See how the national team creates a smarter traffic environment

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The impact of new technology on transportation is the most concrete. Through data and software, the world has become more distanceless. In this era of technological explosion, many things are changing with the continuous update of technology.

At the 2021 World Economic Forum held on the 19th and 20th, many top figures in the industry, government, and academia will share their professional knowledge and insights in various fields. Uncle specially excerpted the topic of “New Transport Situation-Paradigm Transfer” led by the Minister of Transport, Mr. Lin Jialong. For the moment when the sales of electric vehicles are exploding, let’s take a look at what the government and industry have done to Taiwan, which is a star of the supply chain. Which preparations.

“Smart mobility” national team is about to take shape

Transportation is “communication” and “communication”

With the development of 5G, using technologies such as blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence, through the iTS smart transportation system, the rationale and traffic connections between people can be brought closer. Now one mobile phone can integrate all ticket cards. One platform connects all networks, uses big data to view real-time traffic conditions, provides alternative route suggestions, and solves traffic congestion.

New technology drives the development of many industries, but traditional infrastructure and laws cannot keep up. This needs to be reconciled. This process needs to leapfrog integration, soft and hard integration, and the government needs new social governance concepts to provide good experiments A sandbox of fields and laws. Therefore, new technology can bring new opportunities for transportation services, not just infrastructure, including operation management, especially we can generate new business models. The true progress of society is actually driven by market forces. We can see that many counties and cities have begun to promote self-driving buses, and the Ministry of Transport has also assisted passenger transport with mobile payment and QR Code. It can also be seen that AIoT (Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things) in the 5G era allows big data in the cloud to give back. We can look at traffic from a new angle and direction. In the future, even driverless taxis are possible.

Of course, the plan requires budget. In the next 10 years, we will invest 210 million Taiwan dollars to shape the industrial ecosystem, including the track construction of forward-looking infrastructure, and the intelligent transportation system, which are all continuous development.

We hope that Taiwan’s experience can be exported. After all, Taiwan’s market is limited, but it can take advantage of the domestic market, especially electric buses for public transportation. It is justice. At this time, safety, equal rights, efficiency and innovation can produce Taiwanese standards or have them. Made in Taiwan, it became the so-called national team.

“17.1 billion investment to create a new smart mobile life”

We have seen many large companies start to create a platform economy, including the integration of MIH cross-industry. After everyone provides a platform, Taiwan small and medium-sized enterprises are good at parts, software, and structured platforms. The national team trains troops in Taiwan, and then establishes a brand of localization and intelligence in the world, especially electric buses, self-driving cars, drones, railways, and transportation services. The above 5 items are all very important.

The front-end infrastructure and annual budget under review this year probably framed 17.1 billion. The key items in it are all related to the content mentioned today. The so-called paradigm shift, new transportation situations, etc. As long as Smart mobility can be used, the various static smart buildings, smart factories and all smart energy sources in smart cities are relative. Security challenge. We can see the advent of the 5G era, which is about to realize our new life.

“MIH tram open platform, Hon Hai wants to be the leader!”

Mr. Wei Guozhang, Chief Technology Officer of Hon Hai Technology Group, brought the benefits of the MIH tram open platform for domestic electric vehicle manufacturing and R&D.

Up to now, more than 400 companies and brands have joined MIH. What Hon Hai wants to do is to provide an open platform to be the Android of the electric vehicle industry, so that software, hardware, and parts manufacturers can join and jointly create An electric vehicle ecosystem.

In the past, it was a product definition. The function of a mobile phone was to make calls. If you want to listen to music, watch movies, calculate and other functions, you have to use several physical products.

But the advent of the Apple mobile phone turned the above-mentioned hardware into software and integrated it into a smart phone.

In the past, it was almost impossible for electronic products to upgrade or expand their functions, but through software upgrades, the possibility of hardware is greatly increased. It can be said that software will define the world of the future.

The first feature of the MIH platform is modularization, flexibility, and customization; the second feature is lightweight and integrated, the third feature is a powerful EEA architecture, and the fourth feature is self-driving car technology. The alliance will provide software interfaces, hardware specifications and system architecture. The first step of MIH’s open platform, the first “EV Kit” will provide the vehicle-end platform of the alliance system developer Drive-by-wire. This platform will open car-side communication information (CAN communication protocol) so that developers can develop on autonomous driving, smart cockpits and power systems.

There are three major pain points in the traditional automobile industry: high development costs, long development periods, and insufficient resources. In the past, when developers were developing systems, if they wanted to integrate with the car-end system, they needed to spend resources and time to obtain in-car system information, and they could not change the in-car settings. MIH, an open platform for electric vehicle hardware, invites partners from all walks of life to join through open technical specifications to jointly build an ecosystem of electric vehicle software, hardware, and components.

In the future, MIH Alliance members can participate in alliance discussions and specification formulation after they have the first “EV Kit”. In addition to obtaining open vehicle-end vehicle information, continuous optimization can also make the platform more internationally competitive.

ADLINK, AutoCore, and Tier IV have joined the MIH open platform, and divide labor at different levels of autonomous driving. ADLINK provides hardware and communication modules; AutoCore provides computing platform design solutions; Tier IV is responsible for defining the functional requirements of the software application layer.

This open platform is a steering, braking and power line control platform. It has two main advantages: “openness”, which can integrate any self-driving system on the platform, and work with developers and partners to achieve smart transportation; “human-oriented design” , To achieve a mode that takes into account safety, comfort, and simulation of human operation.

The MIH Alliance announced the first “EV Kit” tool platform, which is expected to be officially released in January 2021. Global developer bookings will be opened in February, and delivery will begin at the end of April.

Under the leadership of Hon Hai Group, the MIH electric vehicle platform can bring domestic related industries a more flexible opportunity? Wait and see.

“How do oil truck depots transform and transfer?”

“As a traditional locomotive manufacturer, seeing the deteriorating sales volume, do you give it up? Or give it a go?” said Mr. Lin Dongmin, the chief executive of Hongjiateng Smart Electric Vehicle, who currently ranks second in sales of electric locomotives in China.

Hongjiateng has produced more than 730,000 locomotives in various models. Although this result cannot be compared with the large-scale car manufacturers in Guangyang and Sanyang, such achievements are quite impressive for other domestic car manufacturers.

Since the establishment of Hongjiateng Company in 1998, it has been engaged in the foundry and manufacturing of ATV all-terrain vehicles. The Americas and Europe are Hongjiateng’s largest customers and sales areas. Such as the day’s performance has allowed Hongjiateng to manufacture traditional fuel locomotives and ATVs. Never thought that there would be a day of transformation.

Although the performance of the export market is promising, sales in the domestic market are slowly decreasing. This also allows CEO Lin to see an opportunity for change after joining the Hongjiateng team.

For this reason, under the efforts of Chief Executive Lin, Hongjiateng became the first domestic locomotive factory to join the PBGN alliance, and also created another new future.

Up to now, the riding mileage of Hongjiateng smart tram owners has exceeded the 65 million kilometers mark.

As the country with the highest density of locomotives in the world, the importance of locomotives to ordinary people is beyond words.

A new experience economy is created through the collision of new technology and new energy! Indeed, the electric car experience is quite an interesting experience for many people.

Under the framework of Smart mobility, locomotives are no longer just mere mobile tools.

The addition of the “CROXERA” smart instrument makes the locomotive and car networking system more complete. Through mobile phones and the Internet, riders no longer need to purchase additional expensive navigation equipment. The smart phone is the processor, and the CROXERA instrument is the powerful navigation. system. But what does this have to do with 5G or MIH platforms?

With faster 5G networks and an open electric vehicle industry platform, the upgrade of software and hardware will be accelerated, and driving in the future will become safer. Imagine that when you pass an intersection with blind spots, the vehicle can remind the driver whether there is an oncoming vehicle, which can reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Since its publication in 2019, in addition to the Ai-1 and Ai-3 car series, the commercial tricycle Ai-2 Gather was announced at the end of last year.

This three-wheeled electric vehicle with a commercial starting point is expected to be officially launched this year, and there will be another good choice for domestic logistics or outbound business.

After the start of mass production in 2019, Hongjiateng’s sales volume has risen steadily. In the face of the transformation of the industry and the market, Hongjiateng is considered to have gone very early, and because of this, it has achieved the second best sales volume.

In order to achieve excellent results, Hongjiateng knows that it is impossible to go alone. Therefore, from smart devices, accurate map data to network provision, etc., it needs a strong partner to create it. So have you seen the impact of the 5G network and MIH platform planned by the national team?


Participating in this type of forum for the first time also opened my eyes to the uncle. In addition to transportation economic issues, there are many related discussions and speeches. Although the goal of the Ministry of Transportation to build smart mobility has not changed, electric vehicles and self-driving cars are the next development priorities. Uncle also believes that Taiwan’s strength can quickly catch up. But when everyone is investing in the industry to develop better and higher-level products, has anyone noticed that good road planning is also a necessary part?

I’m uncle, see you next time.

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