Hot clips of Iran fired missiles at US air bases

Hot clips of Iran fired missiles at US air bases

(News 24h)
                        Ain al-Asad Air Base is located in western Iraq, where many US soldiers have been attacked by Iran with missiles.

On January 8, Iranian media published a video allegedly recording a missile attack on Ain Assad Air Base (northwestern Iraq) where many US troops were stationed.

The video is said to document the Iranian attack on Ain Assad base

Until now, information on the type of Iranian weapons used to attack the Ain Assad base has not been consistent.

Reuters reported that Iran used rockets, while the French news agency identified it as a land-to-ground missile, while the New York Times quoted Iranian media and US officials as saying it was a ballistic missile. religion.

On the same day, US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter: “Everything is fine! Rockets from Iran attack two military bases in Iraq. We are assessing damage including lives. Until now This is fine. And for now, the US is the country with the strongest and most well-equipped armed force in the world. I will have a speech tomorrow morning (US time) “

No official sources have announced the damage since Iran’s attack on Ain Assad.

However, journalist Jim Sciutto (CNN) wrote on a personal page that an Iraqi security source revealed that there had been casualties in the Iranian missile attack on Ain al-Asad air base in the morning. 8/1.

According to a video shared by BBC journalist Nafiseh Kohnavard on Twitter, the soldiers at Ain Alssad air base were chaotic and horrified after the Iran attack. There have been casualties after the attack, but the exact number has not been announced.

Meanwhile, Express (UK) quoted local sources as saying that about 30 US soldiers were killed by Iran’s “rocket rain”.

A few hours earlier, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) confirmed that their aerospace forces had used rockets to raid the US Ain al-Asad air base in Iraq to avenge Generalimimani .

The IRGC warned there would be more attacks, and called on Americans to withdraw their troops in Iraq to avoid further losses.

Iran’s state broadcaster called the campaign to attack Ain Assad air base called “Martyr Soleiman”, the word “Martyr” refers to a martyr (martyr), who died for the cause.



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