Host file collection tips: create, fix, and fix host file errors

Host file collection tips: create, fix, and fix host file errors

Summary of host file tips: creating, fixing and fixing host file errors when creating a new host file or editing a host file on your computer will be an overview and most detailed view of common host file errors and how to fix them. quick recovery.

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Due to its important nature, it is the place to store the server’s IP information as well as the domain name you are accessing, so users can edit the host file to block web access, website redirection, support to Facebook. easily blocked.

Edit the host file

However, when editing the host file, we often encounter errors, so the article summarizing all the host file tips related to this host file by ElectrodealPro will help you easily perform or handle. all problem.

Host file collection tips: create, fix, and fix host file errors

1. Edit the Host file

Fix the host file in the same way that users can open doors between users and network services in case Facebook is blocked or blocked from skype ads and porn web.

fix the host file on the computer

For each way to fix the host file on Windows XP to Windows 10 in general, the way to import and edit the host file may be a little different, sometimes because the host file cannot be saved on Windows because the user has not changed. install and edit host file permissions. Given these difficulties, it’s best for users to follow a proper host file repair process.

2. The file Host is locked in yellow

The problem where the host file is locked in yellow prevents you from accessing Facebook or websites on Google Chrome, Coc Coc or Firefox.

Repair host files on windows

However, the problem is not really worrying because users just need to understand the cause, then solve it by taking back ownership to edit the host file and ElectrodealPro will guide how to handle the locked host file error. yellow makes the user unable to access the article of the same name Fix, process the host file with the yellow key.

3. Fix the hosts file on win 8

File hosts to Facebook and edit hosts file on Windows 8 generally does not have much difference compared to versions of Windows 7, 10 or XP. With the host file list against being blocked when entering Facebook, ElectrodealPro believes that if you are using Win 8 or Win 8.1, you can learn to open the host file and edit the host file on Win 8 easily.

instruct the host file

To read and edit the hosts file on Win 8, readers can refer to ElectrodealPro’s instructions.

4. Create a new host file

If you accidentally delete the hosts file on Windows 7,8, 8.1 or Win 10, you do not need to worry too much about blocking Facebook, or blocking information websites on Google Chrome, Coc Coc or Firefox. By default, the hosts file on Windows always has a mechanism for users to create new hosts file to fix the missing host file.

how to edit the hosts file

However, when creating a new host file is not simply entering the usual characters, to create a new host file, you need to copy and paste the hosts files provided by ElectrodealPro to be able to successfully create the hosts file.

5. Fix the issue where the host file cannot be saved

The process of editing the hosts file on Windows XP, 7, 8, or Win 10 is not always smooth, so many people encounter errors because they cannot save the hosts file during editing the hosts file just because because the user does not set permissions and modifies the hosts file in the first step.

In this tutorial, ElectrodealPro will guide you how to fix the error that cannot save the host file on Windows 7,8 10.

How to properly edit the host file and fix the host file error if you get the error is that any Windows user who works on the web or accesses social networks with server addresses overseas should research.

The above instructions of ElectrodealPro provided quite details on how to edit the host file, how to fix it error could not save host file Or look up the latest hosting file on Facebook December. Readers who have learned how to use the hosts file can easily use the hosts file to access Facebook when blocked. In addition, for experienced users, they can use in combination to add host files to the latest Facebook December with software such as Hotspot Shield or Ultrasuft or Coc Coc to break through online control barriers, easy access to Facebook.
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