“Hortensia Saga” Review

Evaluation ★★★ ☆☆ (56 points) All 12 episodes

Synopsis A 700-year-old powerhouse on the Yepetas Peninsula-the Kingdom of Hortensia.Quote-Wikipedia


  1. Don’t miss the last 5 minutes

    1. betrayal
    2. Solid
    3. princess
    4. hero
    5. truth
    6. Anti-flag
    7. Last 5 minutes
  2. General comment: Strange story composition

    1. Personal impression: 90’s

Don’t miss the last 5 minutes

The original is a social game of the same name.
Directed by Yasuhito Nishikata, produced by Liden Films


Image source: Hortensia Saga Episode 1
© Hortensia Saga Production Committee

From the first episode, it is said that it is the original “social game”
The more characters are transmitted, the more characters will appear.
Betrayed by the country that should have been allied, it became a state of war in the country,
The king is killed and the heroine who is a princess is in a big pinch as the turmoil spreads.

A large number of knights appear one after another in such a tense situation,
There are also characters with similar character designs, such as brothers with different hair colors.
With a voice by “luxury voice actors” peculiar to social games rather than appearance
It’s easier to make an impression if you remember it.
The country is confused, but the viewer is also confused.

However, the story itself is easy to understand. Betrayal kills the king,
A young prince who is a puppet is crowned king.
War with neighboring nations, legendary monsters that appeared,
The princess who escaped in the midst of betrayal and deceit also lied about her gender.
The heroine and the heroine decide to become stronger while being young.

Because the main heroine is “Yui Horie”
On the contrary, I feel nostalgic.
The so-called royal fantasy story
It’s very easy to understand, but it’s undeniably sober.

It’s not an anime, but somewhere like the “Tales series”
Makes you feel the atmosphere.
The good old RPG-like story is full of nostalgic atmosphere.


Image source: Hortensia Saga Episode 1
© Hortensia Saga Production Committee

The story of this work is easy to understand.
In a word, the hints that are so visible that it can be said to be solid are scattered.
The prince who took the throne after the death of the king had no eye highlights,
There is a suspicious person beside it,
The hero’s sister has fallen on a cliff in a carriage accident in the past, but no corpse has been found

Looking at it, “Oh, this suspicious person is a mastermind.”
“Ah, my sister who should have died later will definitely come out.”
There are only hints that are easy to understand so that you can easily imagine the later development.

Such an easy-to-understand hint while mixing past recollections
It looks easier to understand, because it is easy to understand
It even makes you feel a strange sense of security.
Even so far, I feel that it is hard to find a solid and easy-to-understand work.
It’s sticky.

However, because it is solid, the story is plain,
The protagonists also have no clear purpose.
I want to be strong, I want to be a good lord, but
Defeat the mastermind who has lost his father right now!Like
It’s not a story, so it’s an impression that the story doesn’t go on easily.

Even though I know that there is a conspiracy that is happening in the country
There is no way to resist the hero who is a young lord and the princess who hid her identity.
While increasing the number of reliable friends, sometimes betrayed,
It is gradually swallowed by the whirlpool of conspiracy.

Even when his father was killed, he has grown up four years later and is still out of power.
The position of the lord is weak, and the power as a knight cannot be said to be strong.
I want more power and more power to carry out my will
The protagonist strongly wishes and pushes the royal road while his teeth are crunchy.

Although the character comes out in one episode,
About half are dead at the time of one episode, and other characters
Because each person is dug down around the middle stage
Although it is a royal road and a plain story,
Because the character is drawn carefully, it is easy to remain on the seal.

Many characters act with their own ambitions and beliefs,
While the hero stares at such a figure, the conspiracy gradually becomes clear.


Image source: Hortensia Saga Episode 3
© Hortensia Saga Production Committee

The hero who should have been with him for four years becomes the true character of the princess
Although it seems a little strange that I have not noticed it,
In the middle of the game, the story of the princess is also interesting.

How long should I keep hiding my identity?
In a situation where a younger brother is a puppet prince,
The situation continues in which he cannot reveal or utilize his position as a “princess.”

As I say many times, this work is sober and plain.
It’s just not exciting.But thanks to the easy hints
When will the princess reveal her true identity, and in what situations will her true identity be revealed to the hero?
You can predict the future of the story, but how can you show it?
The more I see the expectation, the more I will solicit.

By drawing the story of each episode firmly and stacking it
It raises the sense of immersion and expectation in the story.
It’s a very polite but solid work.


Image source: Hortensia Saga Episode 7
© Hortensia Saga Production Committee

The main character is a young but lord.
Even if the church of the country is doing something suspicious, it cannot move easily.
If you move with emotions, it will be a battle involving the people.
Although he is young, he feels the responsibility of the lord.

However, he still decides to stick to his own justice.
I stopped once, but I can’t stay.
In order for me to fulfill my responsibilities as a lord
He stands up to fulfill his duty as a knight.

The flow of the story up to this determination is alive and well.
A young man named “Alfred Ober” over 7 episodes
The story that becomes the main character of the story is drawn.


Image source: Hortensia Saga Episode 8
© Hortensia Saga Production Committee

The princess also knows the truth.
A monster infested the country because of what his father, the King, asked for.
Many have died, and I am now in the position of myself and my younger brother.
He has been protected and has lived at the expense of many lives.

However, there are still many people who are trying to protect her.
The hero, the former vassals, the soldiers.
Trying to protect her as a princess.

It is because she received such thoughts that she also stands up.
As a princess of a country. With the determination of the hero
She also makes a decision.

Not a boy with a false name, but a princess of a country
As “Mariel les Hortensia”
She tries to fulfill her responsibilities, though she is protected.

Firmly and honestly.Accumulation of neat stories
I will live more and more at the end of the game.
This work contains a lot of fun of “royal road” though it is sober.
Episodes 7 and 8, the last two episodes of the story
The existence of the heroine and the heroine is conspicuously established.

I experienced a tragedy, but I accepted it and took a step forward.
That’s why she doesn’t make the same mistakes as her father
Trying to move into the future.


Image source: Hortensia Saga Episode 12
© Hortensia Saga Production Committee

Many things gather with her because the princess stood up.
The people I met in the story from the beginning to the middle
Sometimes they become friends and sometimes they become enemies.
They fight to stick to their ideas and justice.

The mastermind “Pope” also hinted at the king with a purpose,
I’m using the forbidden power. In the case of this kind of work
Often for about purposes such as “world domination”
It is an action from the “vengeance” of the Pope, who is the mastermind.

Although there are many characters and many camps,
In one course, each position and change, their behavioral philosophy
It’s drawn carefully, and it shines more in the final stages.

The hints and mysteries from the first episode are properly collected at the end of the game,
The accumulation of stories that steadily advanced on the royal road
It seems that it is being utilized at the end of the game.

It’s the first time I’ve been watching because I’ve been watching so far
The fun of this work is transmitted.
You can feel the goodness of the story composition in “1 Cool”.

The back of the father that the hero aimed at, reunited with such a father,
Breaking up with friends in the battle leads to the growth of the hero.
They are no longer the heroes or princesses protected by anyone, but the ones who wield their swords themselves.

Because of these two people, it is possible to cooperate and defeat strong enemies.
A very royal story makes you feel comfortable
He pushed forward.

Last 5 minutes

Image source: Hortensia Saga Episode 12
© Hortensia Saga Production Committee

This work is a royal road until the last 5 minutes of 12 episodes.
It is a development that makes you think that everything has been solved by defeating the mastermind.
However, it has not been resolved.From the last 5 minutes
It is the beginning of “Hortensia Saga”.

“Human wolf” who is two people appears
The heroine and the heroine who can’t do anything in front of their overwhelming power.
If this work is a royal road, it’s over by defeating him.
However, this work is not a royal road.

As a knight he spent his life protecting the princess.
He kept his promise with her. In return, he is fatally injured.
there is nothing to do.

It was supposed to be. At the very end, the princess commits a contraindication.
She follows the same path that her father took.
Using the power she shouldn’t touch, she brings the hero back to life.

This work is pushed down from the royal road in the last 5 minutes development,
The curtain of the story is closed.


General comment: Strange story composition

Image source: Hortensia Saga Episode 1
© Hortensia Saga Production Committee

It’s a horrifying end.
From episode 1 to episode 11, no, to the last 5 minutes of episode 12
Reminiscent of 90’s fantasy light novels and RPGs
It’s a royal and straightforward story, in both good and bad ways.
It was a work that made me feel a mysterious sense of security with only predictable developments.

However, he betrays such a predictable development and a sense of security in the last 5 minutes.
For what you love, knowing your father’s mistakes
Although unaware, he falls into the darkness like his father.

Because there was a sense of security and the royal road up to the last 5 minutes of episode 12
The gap with the last development is tremendous,
Speaking of Othello, it was all white until the end, but with the last move
It’s a work that makes you feel like it’s all dyed black.

For those who have cut this work in the early stages, those who have not seen it
I don’t know why. Only for those who really saw this work until the end
It is a mechanism that you can not taste the true fun of this work,
I use the story structure of 1 cool very well.

Probably there is no second term, and the continuation is like a game.
I never keep throwing. The story begins anew from here.
The story changes from the royal road to the supremacy, and I can’t help wondering what will happen.

Personal impression: 90’s

Image source: Hortensia Saga Episode 12
© Hortensia Saga Production Committee

If this work was really born in the 90’s, it wouldn’t be 2 cool
I think it would have been an anime over 4 cools
It was a work with a nostalgic atmosphere and fun.

To put it badly, it’s a solid and mundane story,
On the contrary, when it is made solid so far, nostalgic fun oozes out,
The development that such a solid royal road story turns over in the last 5 minutes
It makes me want to shout “I was done”.

Although there are many characters peculiar to social games,
Each character is well handled and not messed up.
In the case of the original animation of the social network game, just stuff it and leave it thrown
There are many works that end, but it is the exact opposite of such works.
It was a carefully made work.

If possible, I would like to see this continuation in anime.

Hortensia Saga 1 (MF Comics Alive Series)

Hortensia Saga 1 (MF Comics Alive Series)
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