Horoscope of the Week 8/10-8/16 | VOGUE Blog
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Horoscope of the Week 8/10-8/16 | VOGUE Blog


Major stars around this week

★Moon runs Aries → Taurus → Gemini → Cancer

15th Uranus retrograde (until January 14, 2021)

★Moon void time lasting 10 hours or more is from 20:15 on 14th to 8:35 on 15th


This week is the week from the Aquarius full moon last week 4th to the Leo new moon 19th next week. Taurus Uranus starts retrograde.

This week I would like to pay attention to the stars around Mars Aries. Aries Mars entered Aries at the end of June. After that, I will stay for a long time until January next year. I wrote about that in a past article. I will quote it, so please take a look again.

Mars shines most when in Aries. This time we will go backwards and proceed in such an Aries, so the hot energy of Mars will be powerful for good and bad until next January. There seems to be a question about how to express pure and hot energy “good or bad” in your own way.

For example, such a question is likely to come from Mars. “Is it possible to act immediately?” “Is it possible to move alone?” “Is it okay without any outlook?” “Is it possible to win?” “Is it possible to purify (simple) my way of life?” “Can I get hot?” “Start from scratch” Is it possible?…I think there is more. In some cases, you may overdo it, and in other cases, you may end up with imperfect combustion. Of course, there are times when you can move more powerfully than ever. In any case, I think it’s a good time to learn empirically through trial and error how to use the energy of Aries Mars.

A few stars have been created around last week around this “good or bad, powerful” Aries Mars.

One has already been announced. 90 degrees of Aries Mars x Jupiter Jupiter. Last week, I read and read the image of how star leverage works (the principle of leverage), and wrote as follows. It seems that this week will have some effects.

If you decide and move by yourself, the impact will be great. And it seems that it is up to each person how to experience such development.

The second is the star formation that will form in earnest. Aries Mars x Capricorn Saturn & Capricorn Pluto 90 degrees. This star orbit will continue for a long time due to the slowdown and retrograde start of Mars Aries from September. It’s about until the beginning of October.

I have mentioned several times about the 0 degree of Capricorn Saturn and Capricorn Pluto which make 90 degrees with Aries Mars. Here is the article I wrote recently. “End with a big meaning (end)” “Traditional things so far will change qualitatively and structurally. The things we have done up until now will change into completely different things.” I was reading, “I am becoming a new person,” “New normal (a new ordinary person who became a new one).”

It is an image that the current flow and momentum hit the reality and try to proceed while hitting. Or it may be a feeling of learning through reality how to use the energy of Aries Mars, which is powerful for good and bad. At that time, something may end up in a large sense, or the common sense of the past may become a completely new one. Or you may think, through a realistic development, “This is no good”, “This should be the end”, and “The common sense of the past should be completely new”. Through such experiences, we will be trained, learn important things, and become stronger.

In addition, this Aries Mars x Capricorn Saturn & Capricorn Pluto is loosely added with 90 degrees of Capricorn Jupiter, and 90 degrees of Aries Mars x Capricorn Saturn & Capricorn Pluto & Jupiter Jupiter is made. You can also see This is until mid-August.

For Capricorn Saturn & Capricorn Pluto & Jupiter Jupiter, which make 90 degrees with Aries Mars, I think of “a paradigm shift with old and new competition, or backlash”. It may be good to read this old and new battles as realistic battles. From now on, we may experience a paradigm shift involving old and new competition (real competition), or backlash, privately and privately. At that time, you may overheat and overdo it, or you may feel depressed, motivated, or brake from the beginning and remain incompletely burning. On the other hand, I think there is a possibility that you will be able to move and be tougher than usual.

The third is 120 degrees of Aries Mars and the Leo Sun. By the way, next week we will have 120 degrees of Mars Aries and Mercury Leo. These are being made up to 19th next week around Leo new moon.

A lot of things happen when you are alive, and you face many “my reality”. I’m depressed or dented, I don’t get what I want, sometimes it’s annoying but I can’t escape, there are so many different lives. Still, I think that “I am living here now” is nothing more than a “blessing” or a “joy”. I’m sometimes depressed, but I’m still doing my best to live…it’s just wonderful. No matter how you live now, let’s live my life proud and happy. I think that is “living as you are”. In the true sense.

Let’s have a good time and enjoy this week.


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