Sforum - The latest 9x Honor 9X technology information page in China, will be released sooner than expected?

Honor 9X certified in China, will debut sooner than expected?

Every year Honor launches a low-priced product with an "X" suffix, this year it will be the Honor 9X and the device will probably be released sooner than expected.

Recently, a new Honor / Mid-range Honor 9X smartphone appeared and was certified by the 3C certification site in the Chinese market, revealing it will be released soon. Time near.

Specifically, the Honor 9X is certified by 3C with standard 10W battery charger, which can be 5V / 2A. This is not really fast charging technology, but it does not give too slow charging speed.

Last year, the Honor 8X debuted in the low-end segment and also achieved success in certain markets, including Vietnam. The Honor 8X has a decent configuration to play the hottest games at the time, including a 6.5-inch screen, camrea 20MP + 2MP, 6GB RAM and mid-range Kirin 710 chip, with a 3750mAh battery.

Sforum - The latest technology information page certified by AndroidPIT-honor-8x-colors-w782 Honor 9X in China, will be released sooner than expected?

This year, we can expect a similar or stronger hardware model than the Honor 8X, but the price won't change too much from the predecessor generation.

The Honor 9X is expected to debut soon this summer.

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Article source: GSMArena

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