Honor 20 Magic UI 3.0 beta with new UI dark mode and more

“The new Honor 20 Magic UI 3.0 beta update also includes animated animations, an adjusted camera UI, and faster graphics.”

Huawei sub-brand Honor has released new software updates for the Honor 20 high-end smartphone. The new Magic UI 3.0 update is in beta and can be downloaded in India and elsewhere in the world. This update includes some new features and a redesigned user interface. The company also addressed the lag issue in previous updates. In addition to the redesigned UI, the Honor 20 Magic UI 3.0 beta update also brings features such as dark mode, sensor-activated animation, and horizontal video capture mode. Honor will also release updates for other devices, such as the Honor 20 Pro and Honor View 20.

Honor 20 Magic UI 3.0 features

One of the main new features of the Honor 20 Magic UI 3.0 update is a redesigned user interface, which the company says is simpler and easier to use than previous iterations. Honor has increased the layout of the magazine, which can improve the user’s reading experience. Users will see a larger title area, more white space, a grid system, and highlighting of several UI elements. A new drop-down menu provides key features with one swipe, and more features with two swipes. Overall, the user interface has been improved to make it easier for users.

Next, dark mode. Magic UI 3.0 enters dark mode, which can further improve the user experience when using the device in the dark. Huawei says it has conducted several tests to ensure that dark mode can improve reading efficiency under various lighting conditions. Sensory activated animation effects are also provided to provide a better user experience. This basically means that the phone will provide haptic feedback and animations while performing certain tasks. When the user pulls down the menu, there will be an elastic effect.

Honor also added horizontal position in the camera UI when recording videos. This will allow users to record more stable videos. Finally, there is a new deterministic latency engine, which is the reason behind a smoother and faster UI. The technology will manage various tasks according to their priorities and allocate CPU, GPU, memory and other resources accordingly, thus ensuring smooth, smooth performance of all applications.

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