Honor 10 Lite Review: smartphone 5 million for people with design importance and selfie - VnReview

Honor 10 Lite Review: smartphone 5 million for people with design importance and selfie – VnReview

Continuing to "bomb" the popular smartphone segment in Vietnam, Honor, Huawei's subsidiary brand (China), has just officially launched the Honor 10 Lite smartphone. The product has a water drop screen, a variable color back, selfie camera 24MP and a selling price of VND 5.29 million.

Looking through the configuration and specs can see the Honor 10 Lite as a shortened version of the Honor 8X released not too long ago. The two machines use the Kirin 710 chip, the dual camera on the back and the dorsal design with light streak effect. Of course, with a price difference of 700 thousand dong, the Honor 10 Lite has lower RAM, camera resolution, screen size or battery capacity than the Honor 8X "senior". The only selfie front camera of the device is higher resolution.

Honor 10 Lite (left) next to "Honor 8X" (right)

Configuration parameters of the Honor 10 Lite and Honor 8X

So Honor 10 Lite is attractive enough to make users have to choose, let's find out in the detailed review of VnReview.vn right here. The Honor 10 Lite in this review was taken from Hoang Ha Mobile's system at a price of VND 4.79 million, VND 500,000 cheaper than its published price.

The design is noticeable with the fancy back

Appearance is the first spotlight on the Honor 10 Lite. This model continues to use glossy backs with light streaking effects, combined with blue almost become a "specialty" on Huawei and Honor smartphone models. This color, though not too new, is still the point to help this model become more prominent. If you prefer the difference, users can choose the silver-blue version with gradient transition effect.

The two color versions are blue and silver blue of the Honor 10 Lite, in addition to the black version

On the front, Honor decided to switch from "rabbit ears" to "water droplets" with relatively thin borders. Of course, the chin is still the thickest place, and this is also a factor to distinguish between common and high-end machines besides microUSB port instead of Type-C. "Water drops" are the trend of Chinese phones. Anyway, without the 3D face scanner camera, there's almost no reason for phone companies to use the controversial "rabbit ears" design of the Apple house.

The water drop screen with the relatively thin border of the Honor 10 Lite but the chin is still thick

Despite the eye-catching appearance, when holding 10 Lite in your hand, you will immediately feel the poorness because the body only uses plastic material for both the frame and the cover. In terms of ruggedness and rigidity, 10 Lite cannot be equal to the 8X "elder" with metal frame, glass back. The gauze removal part is somewhat in the grip feeling on the model, which is not a point to cause the back is strongly curved at the edges. The junction between the frame, the back face and the screen is tight. The screen does not rise too much compared to the frame and the plastic material also makes the machine less slippery.

The Honor 10 Lite's teardrop-shaped screen is better than the Honor 8X's rabbit ears

The machine uses all plastic materials for the frame and shell

The charging and data port is still only the old generation microUSB, not the new and more convenient Type-C

It supports 2 SIM and SIM 2 tray will be used with microSD card slot

Good quality "water drop" screen, loudspeaker external sound

At 6.21 inches Full-HD + resolution, 19.5: 9 aspect ratio, IPS LCD panel, the Honor 10 Lite screen offers a decent experience. This screen has high brightness, can be used outdoors. The color in the direction is a bit bright, flattering, contrasting, wide viewing angle, less discolored, less brightness when viewed at a narrow angle. Another plus is that the border is quite thin so the display space is airy. The design of water droplets even though the contents are also less likely to cause eye problems like "rabbit ears". However, this screen still suffers from the common disadvantages of mid-range smartphones from Huawei and Honor which are green, not in.

The screen of the Honor 10 Lite for good quality is only still green, not in

If you don't like "water droplets" because it slows down photos while watching movies or surfing the web, you can turn it off in the display settings. Of course, at this time the upper border will be significantly thicker.

The Honor 10 Lite has a speakerphone on the bottom edge with a high volume, less prickly or distorted sound when maximizing volume. This speaker can be used with listening to light music, watching romantic movies or listening to current news. Higher requirements like playing games, watching action movies, listening to music EDM … will need good headphones. But note that the device does not have a built-in headset that you will need to purchase.

Performance meets basic tasks

As mentioned, the Honor 10 Lite has the same parameters as the Honor 8X: the mid-range processor developed by Huawei is Kirin 710. This is the processor that Huawei upgraded to Kirin 659. Previous system: 12nm process more energy-efficient, with more high-performance Cortext A73 and GPU processing cores.

Kirin 710 chip, 3GB RAM, 64GB internal memory support microSD memory card used with SIM 2 tray.

On benchmarking software, the Kirin 710 outperforms Kirin 659 and is on par with the Helio P60 and Snapdragon 660, only slightly below Qualcomm's processor for graphics processing capabilities.

Score Antutu evaluates overall performance

Score GeekBench measures CPU and single-core processor performance

Manhattan scores in GFXBench application measure graphics processing performance (GPU) at true resolution (onscreen) and Full-HD (offscreen) resolution

In actual use, Kirin 710 and 3GB of RAM on the Honor 10 Lite handle relatively smoothly common tasks. Using gestures instead of 3 navigation keys is also smooth. Speed ​​of face detection, fingerprint lock opening are both nimble. However, the amount of 3GB RAM will start to fall short when you open multiple apps and websites at the same time. Then, the reload condition will happen quite often.

Kirin 710 handled quite well the games on the current Android platform. Try with a heavy graphics game that is not locked frame rate is Dead Trigger 2, it reaches a maximum frame rate of 60 fps with good stability: 95% at the highest graphic setting. However, with Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade, the Honor 10 Lite is only 43 FPS with 49% stability, lower than the Honor 8X. Below is the detailed gaming performance of the Honor 10 Lite when measured with GameBench.

Measuring with the GameBench application, the Honor 10 Lite reaches a maximum frame rate of 60 fps and 95% stability when playing Dead Trigger 2 at the highest graphics level.

In Warhammer 40,000: FreeBlade, it only gets 43fps frame rate and 49% stability when playing at the highest graphics level.

With 2 familiar online games, PUGB Mobile and Lien Quan Mobile, the Honor 10 Lite offers a decent experience with a 30 fps frame, 94% and 88% stability. Unfortunately, the Kirin 710 chip has not been supported by the Coalition to unlock 60fps. Note for PUBG Mobile, you should only play at the graphic level. Balance, if trying to push up the level of HD graphics, Honor 10 Lite will be very jerky, lag, hard to play.

PUGB Mobile can play smoothly at 30fps, with 94% stability with graphics settings

Mobile Coalition reached a decent level of 30fps with 88% stability, unfortunately the Kirin 710 chip has not yet turned 60fps

Software does not have many new points

The Honor 10 Lite has a pre-installed version of EMUI 9.0.1 based on Android 9. Basically, the Honor 10 Lite EMUI 9 has a look and features that are not much different from the Honor 8X or Huawei Nova 3i EMUI 8. VnReview recently evaluated.

Honor 10 Lite comes preinstalled with EMUI 9.0.1 based on Android 9

The biggest advantage of EMUI is probably the powerful search bar, smooth operation, quick access by swiping down on the home screen. From here, you can quickly search for applications installed on your device, contacts or convenient settings.

Party Mode, which allows you to combine multiple Honor 10 Lite into a portable speaker system with various audio channels that appeared on the Honor 8X, Nova 3i is also available. However, the Game Suit app store to optimize the gaming experience and block notifications to disturb the playing process is no longer on the Honor 10 Lite.

The most noteworthy point is the Hi Vision feature in the camera, besides scanning QR codes and identifying objects to find places to sell, can now directly translate (unfortunately not Vietnamese) and discovering objects to find information easily.

Battery life is comfortable enough for the whole day

Honor 10 Lite has 3,400 mAh battery, does not support fast charging. The 5V / 2A charger comes with it taking about 2 1/2 hours to fully charge, the first 30 minutes charging about 30% of the battery and 1 hour charging 55%. The lack of fast charging and USB Type C charging port is a pity on this product when many of the same price range machines support.

The 3,400 mAh battery is enough to help the Honor 10 Lite run all day but it lacks a fast charger

With the same model of Nova 3i battery (3340 mAh), the Honor 10 Lite is practically the same for the same time. The machine achieved results at quite a level in the standard tests of VnReview, it is best with two activities to watch movies and surf the web. Compared to the Honor 8X (3750 mAh), the Honor 10 Lite's battery test results don't lose too much. This result shows that battery is a factor that users can rest assured in the Honor 10 Lite.

Time to watch HD movies copied to the computer continuously through software MX Player at screen brightness and volume of 70%, from when the battery is full until 10%

Time to surf the web continuously via Wi-Fi network at screen brightness and volume of 70%, also from when the battery is full until 10% remaining

The game play time is simulated continuously from the moment the battery is full until 10%.

The main camera is of good quality, impressive selfie camera

The Honor 10 Lite features a dual camera on the back including the 13MP f / 1.8 main camera and the 2MP f / 2.4 secondary camera to capture the image depth that supports the capture of the font feature. The highlight of the ability to take photos in this product is the front camera 24MP f / 2.0 aperture, 1.8 ảnhm pixel, featuring Match 4 pixels to make 1 to improve low-light shooting and artificial intelligence support (AI) to identify shooting scenes.

Camera with many rich modes, good quality is still the strength of Honor and Huawei

The Honor 10 Lite's image quality is close to the Honor 8X. The image shows true color, bright band and smooth contrast, good detail. AI images improve slightly on the freshness as well as balance the dark areas in the image, but the detail decreases as the resolution is reduced to 8MP, not the 13MP image as the other modes. .

AI features can turn on and off before and after shooting. Turning off AI mode is quite convenient, just touch once on the camera interface so you can actively change as you like.

Some photos were taken in the bright conditions of the Honor 10 Lite. Above is an automatic snapshot of the AI, and the bottom of the AI ​​is turned on.

When shooting in low light, 10 Lite for lower quality 8X. The color no longer holds the correct amount, the detail is reduced, often back. AI mode also does not save the detail problem in addition to improving the brightness and color slightly.

Some photos taken in low light conditions of the Honor 10 Lite. Above is an automatic snapshot of the AI, and the bottom of the AI ​​is turned on.

It has a Night mode with how it works similar to Google's night mode on Pixel phones. In this mode, Honor 10 Lite will stitch multiple photos at different exposures to create the final bright, detailed, brighter colors and a wider range of light. However, the limitation of Night mode is the slow processing speed, usually takes 3 to 5 seconds, so it is easy to shake hands and blur if there is a moving object in the image.

Some photos taken in extremely low light conditions of the Honor 10 Lite. The first image is a snapshot that automatically turns off the AI, the second image turns on the AI ​​and photo 3 uses the Night mode.

Thanks to the dual camera, the Honor 10 Lite can capture fonts quite well. Photos are faithful colors, many details and subject edges are erased relatively naturally and smoothly. However, photos with subjects that are too close to the background, or the background is a bit complicated, the machine does not separate well. This mode is also not suitable for low-light shooting because the image significantly reduces quality.

Although only a 24MP front camera is available, the Honor 10 Lite can still capture selfie to remove the font. Even, the mode of removing fonts is the default mode of the front camera. Selfie photos impress with high detail, wide light band, colors also follow natural orientation like the rear camera. Like the rear camera, when you turn on AI, the selfie image will be brighter, the face will be made brighter and unexpectedly, the resolution will remain the same at 24MP, will not remain down and still retain the details. ,high solution. However, the beauty mode is slightly sketchy. There is only one pull bar to beautify the face, without deep customization of eyes, nose, mouth, chin … like many smartphones.

It is noteworthy that the front camera will always turn on the HDR feature to help selfie images significantly improve the light band, especially when shooting backlight, light difference. However, users cannot turn off HDR, unless using face lighting effects such as Portrait Lighting or enabling font deletion, the new HDR is disabled.

Selfie off AI (left) and turn on AI (right)

Selfie turn off AI, turn off HDR (left) and selfie turn on font deletion, AI, HDR (right)


In the segment of VND 5 – 6 million, extremely fierce competition with dozens of products from many different phone companies, it seems that each company has found its own direction. If Xiaomi is famous for its high-profile phones, good performance, suitable for battle games, Oppo focuses on products with ultra-virtual selfie cameras, Samsung is back with Galaxy M20 model with "buffalo" battery. Honor seems to be steadfast with its striking, fancy design strategy, camera investment, just enough performance.

With the Honor 10 Lite, this is even more confirmed when the product has a strong design power. Camera with many rich features, aimed at subjects who like tinkering with good quality both before and after. Performance and battery life are good enough to provide a good experience at most familiar tasks.

Of course, those who prefer to design metal and glass, gamers, who focus on performance will be hard to be satisfied with this smartphone. Besides, the camera's low-light shooting capability, fast battery charging and USB Type-C port usage are also the points that Honor needs to improve to convince more people.


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