Honda's new scooter model has a selling price that makes Honda SH, Air Blade and Vision `` scared ''

Honda’s new scooter model has a selling price that makes Honda SH, Air Blade and Vision “ scared ”

Honda warms up the market with a new scooter model, the price makes Honda SH, Air Blade and Vision “ scared ”

After many days of waiting, Honda has finally released the Honda X-ADV 2021 all-terrain scooter in the Philippines market. Although recently introduced, the Honda X-ADV 2021 has created a big explosion in this market thanks to its aggressive design, engine power and price, which makes the Honda SH, Vision or Air Blade “junior” to be afraid shy.

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Kia Seltos and Hyundai Kona ‘panicked’ because the glass was designed like a super car, launched on February 18

Honda is launching a campaign to offer the new Honda HR-V model. Although on February 18, this SUV model was just released, but the images that Honda sent to register for its “pet” were leaked and revealed the vehicle’s exterior design.

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The Toyota Innova is only 260 million dong, making the Mitsubishi Xpander speechless, the opportunity to buy a super cheap car

On page has just appeared a post to sell cars at extremely shocking prices, causing people and family to “hunt”.

According to the article, this is the official silver color Toyota Innova MVP car, registered in 2008 with an ODO of about 110,000 km.

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Honda SH 150i super product with the same package as the price of the wheel of the Kia Seltos

In the Vietnamese market, Honda SH is one of the most popular scooter models today. The latest generation of this model has been launched from November 2019 with many improvements in equipment as well as changes in design. However, there are still many car players who love the old SH version.

The Honda SH 150i degree version has a tremendous value that has just been released by a car player in Hanoi, which has attracted great attention. This car has been completely transformed by the owner, unlike other trim versions that do not have a strong impact on the design.

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Detail of Honda’s new scooter ‘monster’: The design is stunning, the power makes Honda SH ‘bow’

The Honda Forza 250 2021 model has recently been launched in the Indonesian market with many more reasonable, sporty and healthier changes than before.

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