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Honda VN launched the 2019 LEAD with standard Smart Key, high-end LED version, priced from 38.29 million

Honda Vietnam has just launched the 2019 upgraded version for LEAD scooters. Notably, the Smart Key smart lock feature has become equipped for all standard, premium and matte black versions. In addition, Japanese carmakers also upgraded the LED headlight system for two high-end and matte black versions, creating a more modern look for the famous scooter with extremely wide trunk.

Besides, the premium version and matte black paint are also upgraded by the new Smart Key lock system with new alarm function similar to the locking system on PCX, SH. A speaker icon on the new remote control key next to the car icon is the distinguishing detail from the current version that applies to the Vision, Air Blade or Vario. Thus when activating this feature, the car will make a loud cry when there is vibration from outside.

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Two premium versions and matte black paint are also equipped with eye-catching two-stage LED headlamps. LEAD 125cc owns an eSP dynamic block which is now widely used on Honda scooters, including the Idling stop engine interrupt feature and the ACG power adapter to help start the car smoothly.

On the high-end version, the stamp has the word Premium Edition under the word LEAD with 6 color versions: white-brown, black-brown, blue-brown, red-brown, ivory white – brown, yellow-brown. The matte black version is based on the 10-year anniversary (2018), which changes the Black Edition text under the LEAD logo.

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However, the price for LEAD 2019 has increased from VND 800,000 to VND 2.7 million. Specifically, the matte black paint version has a price of VND 41.49 million (10-year anniversary version costs VND 39.79 million). Two high-end and standard versions are priced at 49.29 million and 38.29 million (VAT included). The Honda LEAD 2019 is expected to be available at Honda Authorized Dealer and Service Stores (HEAD) throughout the country from July 10, 2019, a 3-year warranty or 30,000 km.

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Version Color New price Old price
Matte black Matte black VND 41,490,000 VND 39,790,000
High class White brown, Black brown, blue brown, red brown, white ivory white, golden brown VND 40,290,000 VND 39,290,000
Standard Black, red black VND 38,290,000 VND 37,490,000

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