Honda Vietnam accompanies Repsol Honda Team on the way to conquer the prestigious Triple Crown MotoGP title in the 2019 season

Honda Vietnam accompanies Repsol Honda Team on the way to conquer the prestigious Triple Crown MotoGP title in the 2019 season

Hanoi, December 14, 2019 – Honda Vietnam (HVN) shares its pride with the “Triple Crown” victory that Honda won in the MotoGP 2019 season. Accordingly, Honda has won absolutely at both 3 titles: Marc Marquez # 93 Champion, Repsol Honda Team, and Producer of the Year. At this race, HVN has accompanied and sponsored Repsol Honda Team to compete, organize live reporting activities for the races in Vietnam as well as sponsor the Vietnamese broadcast of all MotoGP races. 2019 on Fox Sport and Fox Sport 2. Honda’s Triple Crown title in this year’s MotoGP season is the motivation for HVN to continue its efforts on the road to conquering the speed passion with the spirit of “One HEART -” Share your passion – conquer challenges ”.

MotoGP has become a name that is no stranger to speed enthusiasts around the world from the first years of the tournament. The top performance of the riders, the fierce competition on each race, the professionalism in the organization stage has brought a strong attraction to MotoGP. In 2019, the race took place with 19 races at prestigious races around the world, starting from March 10, 2019 to the end of November 17, 2019. HVN proudly continues to accompany and sponsoring Repsol Honda Team, as well as bringing MotoGP and motorsport closer to the national audience in the 2019 season.

With the brand slogan “The Power of Dreams” – “The power of dreams” and the spirit of acceptance, HVN always tries its best to create new values ​​to bring the highest satisfaction to customers. . Accordingly, HVN not only focuses on developing a variety of products but also strives to develop a culture of motorsport in Vietnam. In line with that goal, HVN has been implementing many sponsoring, companioning and promoting activities for the MotoGP season during the past 4 years, greatly contributing to arousing the passion for speed in the hearts of the believers. Vietnamese map.

Proud to be a sponsor of Repsol Honda Team since 2016, HVN is constantly striving to organize many activities to bring MotoGP in particular as well as motorsport in general to the audience. domestic. Accordingly, HVN has cooperated with Honda Authorized Vehicle Sales and Service Stores (HEAD) nationwide to broadcast live all 19 MotoGP 2019 races in many provinces and cities nationwide. In addition, HVN continues to sponsor the broadcast of MotoGP 2019 in Vietnamese on Fox Sport and Fox Sport channels. Comment in Vietnamese, instead of just some typical stages like previous years.

With the efforts of accompanying and sponsoring Repsol Honda Team in particular as well as with Honda at the 2019 MotoGP tournament, HVN is extremely proud when Honda has won the noble Triple Crown title. The 3 most noble titles for: Champion, Champion Team and Champion Manufacturer all belong to Honda. This is the third consecutive year since 2017, Honda received this Triple Crown title, bringing the total number of times Honda won this title to number 9. By the end of the 2019 MotoGP season, Honda is currently the only Manufacturer. Most of the 4 major car manufacturers (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Ducati) won the Triple Crown title with consecutive convincing victories:

– Stage 15 (took place on October 6, 2019 at Chang International Circuit, Thailand) – Won the title of Champion of MotoGP 2019: Marc Marquez # 93 of Repsol Honda Team became the champion driver. Early 2019 MotoGP season with 325 points after only 15 stages. This is Marquez’s fourth consecutive title and the sixth driver to win the MotoGP title in his competitive career. Marc Marquez currently holds the record for being the youngest MotoGP champion in the world. Moreover, with 420 points earned this season, MM93 became the first driver in MotoGP history to score more than 400 points in a single season. By the end of the MotoGP 2019 season, Marc Marquez holds a record 95 times on the podium podium with 95 victories (this record is recorded as the 2nd highest Honda team racer in history, and the 4th highest rider in MotoGP history).

– Stage 16 (taking place on October 20, 2019 at Twin Ring Motegi, Japan) – Achieving the title of Champion of MotoGP 2019: Honda manufacturers participate in the MotoGP tournament through Repsol Honda Team and satellite racing teams (LCR Honda Idemitsu and LCR Honda Castrol). With 426 points achieved, the Honda manufacturer achieved the title of Champion Manufacturer, followed by Ducati Manufacturer (318 points), Yamaha Manufacturer (321 points) and Suzuki Manufacturer (234 points). Honda currently holds 25 championship titles at MotoGP.

– Stage 19 (took place on November 17, 2019 at Ricardo Tormo racetrack, Valencia) – Won the title of Champion Team MotoGP 2019: with 458 points won after 19 stages, only 13 points away from the team The second is Ducati Team, Repsol Honda Team has officially crowned the MotoGP 2019 championship, thereby confirming the Triple Crown title for Honda in the season.

The MotoGP 2019 season closes with Honda’s complete victory in all three categories of Drivers, Teams, and Producers. The 2019 season also becomes especially meaningful when the famous rider has won the world championship five times – Jorge Lorenzo officially closed his professional career in the Repsol Honda Team, wearing the number 99.

Entering the MotoGP 2020 season, driver Marc Marquez – the younger brother of Marc Marquez, currently playing in the Moto2 category will officially join the Repsol Honda Team with a one-year contract. This change of personnel promises to bring a lot of interesting things in the 2020 season. HVN hopes to continue to receive your companionship and love in the sports racing activities ahead.


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