Giap Tet, 2020 Honda SH cost nearly VND 26 million

Honda SH 2020 creates an unprecedented fever on the occasion of Tet holiday, the price of nearly 26 million VND is still sought

( Less than a week is officially until the New Year of the Rat 2020, but 2020 Honda SH has not shown signs of hot, with a record high price.

Every approaching New Year, scooter models become scarce with very high prices, especially the 2020 Honda SH.

Before that, the time of 2020 Honda SH launched, 2019 Honda SH proved to be very attractive. So far, the new model scooter Honda SH 2020 has become “more flexible”. The car has a revolutionary design, demonstrating the quintessence of the luxury scooter line with advanced and modern equipment and technology.

New generation engine.

Some special changes of the car are the front of the car, the fuel tank cap is moved to the front, the edges are more prominent, sportier style. The car engine is a completely new type – eSP +, which helps the car operate superiorly but it saves fuel better.

Giap Tet, 2020 Honda SH cost nearly VND 26 million

2020 Honda SH version 125i has a maximum output of 12.8 horsepower at 8,250 rpm, maximum torque of about 12 Nm. And the 150i version is more powerful with a capacity of about 16.6 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and maximum torque of 14.8 Nm.

Giap Tet, 2020 Honda SH cost nearly VND 26 million
Car front.

The listed price of the car is announced from 71 million to 279 million, but the market price is from 80.5 million to 279.5 million depending on the version. But according to many dealers, the goods still have to be booked in advance to ensure they have the right color and customer favorite.

Super Cub C125 fascinated with hundreds of millions of toys

( Honda Super Cub C125 is a model for collectors, they do not seem to hesitate in spending a large amount of money to upgrade the appearance of the car according to their own preferences. .


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