winner x, winner x 2020, yamaha exciter 155
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Honda launched Winner X 2020 new version, challenging Yamaha Exciter 155

( – Not only is the engine upgraded, Winner X 2020 is expected to have an additional Repsol color.

While Yamaha is constantly talking about the launch of the Exciter 155 but still has no interest, Honda Winner X has moved to introduce Winner X the new racing version. The special thing is that this Winner X will have a very special color scheme, own a more upgraded engine than before.

The latest information from Malaysia's website says Honda is ready to launch the all-new Honda RS150R (Winner's other name in Malaysia) 2020 version.

It is known that Honda Winner X 2020 will retain the modern design language, but improved to make the driver more comfortable. Vehicles with new color versions, including the famous Repsol.

winner x, winner x 2020, yamaha exciter 155

On the engine side, with improvements, the car can bring more power. Currently, Winner X has a 150cc engine, maximum capacity of 15.4 horsepower and maximum torque of 13.5 Nm. And the new version is expected to have a new engine that can reach a maximum capacity of 16 horsepower and maximum torque of 14.2 Nm. This increase is expected to help Winner X compete with the new Exciter 155. This information makes consumers, especially young people very excited.

Expected, Honda Winner X 2020 will be launched in early 2020, simultaneously appearing in Malaysia and Vietnam market.

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