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Honda Genio 2019 launched in Indonesia – a very economical mini-scooter, 110cc engine, priced from 28.3 million

Model Honda Genio 2019 small scooter has just been introduced in Indonesia market. The Honda Genio looks like a more masculine version of the Scoopy but is built on the new eSAF platform, for a lighter weight. Combined with the 110cc engine, extremely good fuel consumption is the main highlight of the new Honda Genio. In Indonesia, Honda Genio 110 has two versions, without or with the Idling Stop function, selling prices at about VND 28.3 million (17.2 million rupiah) and VND 29.1 million (17.7 million rupiah). ).

Honda Genio has 11 optional colors in Indonesia

First of all, thanks to the application of eSAF technology in manufacturing with laser welding and pressing, the Honda Genio is very light. Two versions are unavailable and have the Idling Stop weighing only 89 and 90 kg respectively. Meanwhile, the 100cc engine of the vehicle has PGM-FI electronic fuel injection technology and the consumption that Honda Indo announced is 1.69 liters / 100 km, ie about 59.17 km / liter. This engine has a maximum capacity of 8.85 hp at 7,500 rpm along with a maximum torque of 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

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2019 Honda Genio equipped with V-Matic stepless gearbox, electric start-up system and bike pedal required. Both versions have a CBS combined braking system (Comnine Brake System) with front wheels using disc brakes, rear wheels using drum brakes. Other notable features include LED technology lights, a completely electronic, full-face 14-liter trunk with a 12V charging port. Genio 2019 in Indonesia has a 740 mm quiet height and a 4.2 liter fuel tank.

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