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HONDA “CBR250RR” horsepower upgrade debut! Take the ZX-25R war post

The HONDA “CBR250RR”, which was originally scheduled to be exhibited at the motorcycle exhibition, has finally revealed its specifications. In addition to the engine horsepower increased by 3ps to 41ps over the current model, it is also equipped with an auxiliary slip clutch. The electronic quick row is listed as an optional equipment, and the price remains unchanged. The sales time is scheduled for September 18 this year (2020).

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Original reference: Take the ZX-25R war post! HONDA “CBR250RR” horsepower upgrade debut

Not only the use of brand-new pistons and piston rods, but also a redesign of the engine to increase horsepower by 3ps

As we reported before, HONDA CBR250RR is determined to undergo a minor revision. The focus of this revision is to increase the maximum horsepower by 3ps and the maximum torque by 0.2kg-m. It also adopts an auxiliary sliding clutch, and the electronic quick arrangement that can respond to up/down gears is optional.

Since KAWASAKI’s “Ninja ZX-25R” is sure to increase the maximum horsepower to 45ps/15,500rpm, the revision of the new CBR250RR is actually to counter the strategy implemented by the Ninja ZX-25R.

Since the horsepower is also more than 40ps (Japanese standard), the difference in horsepower output between the two cars is not large, so HONDA chose to face the Ninja ZX-25R with a lightweight body and sharp handling performance. In fact, the power-to-weight ratio (PWR) of the new CBR250RR is “4.097”, and the Ninja ZX-25R is “4.066 (STD version)/4.088 (SE version)”, and the figures are quite close.

The picture shows the three-color version and the white version of the CBR250RR. The golden wheels look quite fresh. Depending on the color of the car body, the color of the frame is also different.

In order to increase the output horsepower, the CBR250RR engine uses a completely new shape of the piston and improves the compression ratio. In addition to tin electroplating processing in the piston ring groove, HONDA also uses carbon-impregnated piston rods that have been carbon-impregnated to increase their strength.

In addition, in order to minimize the friction loss, the diameter of the balance shaft was shortened, the weight of the valve spring was reduced, and the cut under the cylinder was increased to reduce the pumping loss inside the engine. The change to increase the speed of CBR250RR. In addition, HONDA also changed the ignition time, adjusted the intake system to the best state, and changed the internal structure of the exhaust pipe, so it successfully increased the maximum horsepower and maximum torque of the CBR250RR.

In order to reduce the operating force of the clutch lever and prevent the rear wheel from bouncing, an auxiliary slip clutch is adopted. Riding mode has three types of output horsepower characteristics for adjustment, and the setting value of each parameter has been changed to the most suitable number. In terms of the chassis, the inverted front fork was used to reduce friction and adjust damping, which successfully made riding and maneuvering in urban streets easier, and improved road tracking during sports riding. In addition, HONDA has also introduced an original accessory that can be sold separately—a two-way electronic quick-shift system for up/down gear (25,300 yen).

The basic design of the steel tube braided frame that takes into account both rigidity and flexibility, the left-right asymmetrical aluminum alloy robotic arm, and the Pro-Link suspension device remain unchanged. The previous models without ABS system version are no longer on sale. The ABS system is now listed as standard equipment, and the car name is also changed to CBR250RR (the current model is CBR250RR ABS).

In terms of paint and assembly colors, a three-color version and four versions, including black, white and red, are launched. All models with painted colors use golden wheels. The price is 821,700 yen / 854,700 yen, and the launch date is scheduled for September 18 this year (2020).

HONDA CBR250RR [2020 model]

Main specifications

  • Full length: 2,065mm
  • Full width: 725mm
  • Height: 1,095mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,390mm
  • Minimum ground clearance: 145mm
  • Cushion height: 790mm
  • Equipment weight: 168kg
  • Engine: 249c.c. water-cooled four-stroke DOHC 4-valve parallel twin cylinder, six-stage transmission
  • Bore×Stroke: 62.0×41.3mm
  • Compression ratio: 12.1:1
  • Maximum horsepower: 41ps/13000rpm
  • Maximum torque: 2.5kg-m/11000rpm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 14L
  • Forward angle 24.5 degrees / traction distance 92mm
  • Brake: F = φ310mm single disc + 2 piston brake calipers, R = φ240mm single disc + single piston brake calipers
  • Tire size: F=110/70R17, R=140/70R17
  • Price & Color in Japan: Champion Red (Stripes = commonly known as three-color version) 854,700 yen / Matte Iron Grey, Bright Pearl White, Champion Red 821,700 yen
  • Listing Date: September 18, 2020

HONDA CBR250RR[2020 model]Champion Red (stripes).

HONDA CBR250RR[2020 model]Quenching iron ash.

HONDA CBR250RR[2020 model]The pearl is bright and white.

HONDA CBR250RR[2020 model]Champion Red.

The bright pearl white version is decorated with red, and the red lines under the headlights look like Japanese Kabuki. The front and rear tires use Dunlop DUNLOP’s radial tire GPR300.

Successfully increased 3ps, the maximum horsepower became 41ps engine. The crankcase is improved, and new pistons and carbon-impregnated piston rods are used. The compression ratio is changed from 11.5 to 12.1.

In the exhaust pipe part, the internal structure has been changed to improve horsepower and torque.

HONDA also introduced an electronic quick-shift system that can handle up/down gears, priced at 25,300 yen.

The inverted front fork of φ37mm made by SHOWA reduces friction and changes the damping characteristics.

The golden wheels look quite eye-catching. The advantage of CBR250RR over ZX-25R is the use of aluminum alloy rear swingarm.

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