The 2020-style CBR1000RR-R / SP, which caused much discussion at the 2019 Milan International Motor Show (EICMA), is a brand new design model that HONDA has long launched. This car not only improves the combat effectiveness on the track, just like we mentioned before, it also adds a variety of rich equipment.

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Original reference: Special visit of HONDA “CBR1000RR-R” R & D staff

As the last part of the special, this time we specially visited the R & D staff of CBR1000RR-R to find out for everyone.

Honda Giken Plant Ishikawa Ran, the production center of the Motorcycle Division, is the head of R & D of the CBR1000RR-R (SC82). He has been the head of R & D of CBR1000RR since SC59 in 2008, and is also the head of SP2 of the previous generation (SC77).

Maximum horsepower surpasses the RC211V of a 5-cylinder engine!

In recent years, there have been many consumers enjoying track riding and challenging amateur competitions in the market of super sports. The stage that FireBlade pursued for “easy handling” shifted from mountain riding to the track, so this time the CBR1000RR-R was launched.

In terms of engine, the cylinder bore and stroke ratio of the CBR1000RR-R are exactly the same as those of the MotoGP factory car RC213V. Because of this design, we can directly use the knowledge and technology obtained by HONDA in MotoGP in the parts directly related to the output horsepower such as the shape of the air intake.

Although the angle of the valve in the early stage of development was quite inclined, it was slowly adjusted to the same angle as the MotoGP factory car. If this is not the case, we cannot say “we did our best”. The material and surface treatment of the piston are also designed in accordance with MotoGP racing, and the valve parts are processed in large quantities using DLC ​​(Diamond-like Carbon Film), which is the same as MotoGP racing.

Through these efforts, we finally succeeded in making the output horsepower of the CBR1000RR-R far exceed the initial target value. The maximum horsepower of the 2020-style CBR1000RR-R is better than the 5-cylinder engine MotoGP factory car RC211V that I was responsible for !!

In addition, although this time there is no variable valve structure that can take into account the output horsepower and exhaust emissions, but this device may become a necessary structure after all, so we have prepared in advance to cope with future changes that may be required .

Parallel 4-cylinder engine on HONDA 2020-style CBR1000RR-R

The fixed wind wing + output horsepower is 0.6 seconds faster!

As for the aero kit, we also co-developed with HRC while speculating on the popularity of MotoGP events. Because the CBR1000RR-R’s horsepower is so amazing, the electronic control device must be able to control the driving force to avoid the problem of the front wheel off the ground when accelerating.

With the fixed wind wing, the front wheel can be suppressed without anti-floating function. According to the test results, under the condition of full acceleration, the acceleration time can be shortened by 0.6 seconds.

HONDA 2020 type CBR1000RR-R aerodynamics

HONDA 2020-style CBR1000RR-R fixed airfoil

The frame and rear rocker arm increase the longitudinal rigidity and torsional rigidity, and then make the lateral rigidity more elastic. The frame can be more flexible is also the advantage of using multi-link rear suspension. The multi-link device that directly receives the power of the rear shock from the rear rocker arm allows the frame to withstand the impact of road conditions, so the lateral rigidity of the frame can be reduced, and the degree of freedom of the riding route when the curve returns to the body is improved. .

On the contrary, the rocker arm that bears the weight becomes very heavy. In order to solve this problem, we adopt a structure that directly allows the engine to withstand the impact from the rear shock (install the rear suspension upper seat on the engine body), because the frame does not need to absorb the impact of the rear suspension, so it can keep the car At the same time as the frame is flexible, the swing arm that does not need to withstand the impact also becomes lighter.

However, if the rear suspension upper seat is not on the frame, then the frame size is not easy to make accurately. Therefore, the CBR1000RR-R is machined at the engine mount and the pivot after welding of the frame, and uses a completely different manufacturing process than the general model. Although this method is often used in racing cars, it is a special case in commercial cars, so I really appreciate the unreasonable request from our factory colleagues.

In order to adjust the rigidity of the frame to the optimal state and achieve weight reduction, the upper seat of the rear shock absorber is designed to be fixed directly on the back of the engine crankcase.

(Left) CBR1000RR-R (right) CBR-1000RR

FireBlade has been sticking to the concept of “Total Control” since its early generation in 1992. Although we did not intend to change this, we shifted the focus of the riding stage to the track. Adding the “RR-R” of the English letter R, this feeling is perfectly expressed in the car name.