In the rumors that the HONDA factory team may withdraw from the JSB1000 event, HONDA’s powerful satellite fleet will be revived! The team coach is Shinichi Ito, who has won the GP500 (1990), Superbike (1998) and JSB1000 (2005-2006) championships in the past. He will take the new CBR1000RR-R to challenge all-Japan events. !!

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Original reference: HONDA “CBR1000RR-R” entered the All-Japan Motorcycle Championship!

※ The titles and honorific titles are omitted below. From left to right are Sakumoto Keisuke, Watanabe Ichima, Ito Shinichi, Kiyo Jackie Chan, and Ohara Ki.

Keihin Honda Dream SI Racing will challenge the JSB1000 level and Suzuka 8 resistance of the All-Japan Motorcycle Championship!

Keihin and Shinichi Ito, who once swept the JSB1000 level of the All-Japan Motorcycle Championship in the past, will join hands again to form a team challenge after 10 years. The team name is Keihin Honda Dream SI Racing, where SI is taken from Shiinichi Ito (that is, Ito Shinichi), with Shinichi Ito as the team coach.

On the racer side, representatives of Kiyoshi Jackie and Watanabe Ima participated in the All-Japan Motorcycle Championship JSB1000 level, and Takasuke Motosuke participated in the newly added ST1000 level, and is also scheduled to participate in the Suzuka 8 resistance race.

Of course, HONDA’s HONDA CBR1000RR-R was chosen for the car. The JSB1000 class will be equipped with BRIDGESTONE tires, the ST1000 class will use DUNLOP tires specified in the race, the suspension will use SHOWA, and the braking system will use NISSIN.

Coach Ito said, “I have been honored to be able to compete with Keihin again for 10 years. We will be honored with the title of the All-Japan Motorcycle Championship and the entry into the Suzuka 8. One thing to do is to get the HONDA team into the first place first!

If it was Jackie Chan and Yima Watanabe, this goal would definitely be achieved. I can’t think of anyone who can do it except for them. And Shomoto Sho, who is about to play in the ST1000 level, will also join me in the Suzuka 8 Nai. He is a driver with a lot of room for growth, so I also look forward to his performance in the future. “

Takayuki Kiyoshi said, “I feel very excited to be able to represent Keihin HONDA Dream SI Racing. Although this is a new challenge, it makes me a little disturbed, but there is such a reliable team here, and we will be with Keihin Challenge, hope to get good results and make the event more exciting and exciting. I will do my best and hope to win from the opening game. “

Watanabe also said with confidence that “I am very happy to be a founding member of a new team. Although it is a new team, it is actually no different from staying in an old nest. The whole environment makes me play very well. I will I will try to communicate with the Jackie Chan player and go all out to challenge the competition, so that we can definitely get closer and closer to the winner. “

The car is naturally HONDA’s CBR1000RR-R. ※ The vehicle is the European standard version.

In the 2019 season, he once again challenged the long-lost World Superbike Championship (SBK) but failed to leave a good result, as well as Watanabe Ichiba, who has been active on the field as the ace of KAWASAKI for three consecutive seasons, two Everyone wants to fight back in a new environment.

Although they both said in unison, “This shooting is the first time to step on the CBR1000RR-R, I haven’t even rode it, so I don’t know anything.” But they can feel their warm anticipation.

Jackie Chan and Watanabe Iki who challenged the JSB1000 level will be under the responsibility of Ohara Racing, while the ST1000-level Takasuke will be the same as last year’s Team Kao Takeshi RSC; Keihin HONDA Dream SI Racing is actually the two teams Ito Shinichi is responsible for the overall planning. Presumably this team is not just the people participating in the All-Japan Motorcycle Championships. The entire racing community should be highly concerned about them.