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HONDA CBF190R Test Drive: Street Titans | Test Ride Report

HONDA CBF190R details & test report

The CBF190R manufactured by HONDA, a new continent in China, is equipped with a 184cc OHC single-cylinder engine, but the chassis of this car is equipped with an inverted front fork and radial calipers. The price in Japan is only 359,000 yen. (Tax included), what is its performance? The following is a test report for everyone.

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Original Reference:[Test Ride Report]Street Titan HONDA “CBF190R”

1. The shape of Street Fighter

The full length / full width / full height of the CB190R is 2,029mm / 739mm / 1,041mm, the wheelbase is 1356mm, and the body weight is 142kg. It is equipped with diagonally designed headlights and separate handles. The bulge and cushion design also emphasize the sense of weight. The golden parts of the front fork, brake, engine cover and other important parts also show a sporty style.

The CB190R has a total of three versions: the monochrome version, the “STD” version at 349,000 yen in Japan, the “SPORTY” version at 359,000 yen in two-tone Japan, and the “SPORTY HRC” version introduced this time.

2. Although it is a separate grip, the riding position is unexpectedly relaxed

The height of the CB190R cushion is 769mm. For the 172cm tall and 75㎏ weight author, both heels can step on the ground steadily, and the knee will not feel kaka. Although the posture of the upper body leans slightly forward, it doesn’t feel too uncomfortable. It should be very suitable for commuting, commuting, or traveling on a drive.

3. Ride around the radiant layer tires

It is also very happy to use some radial tires to ride some offense!

In the past, even if it was a well-known brand, such a model was a motorcycle produced outside of Japan, and it would only feel like “Uh, not very good!” When riding it, although at that time, I always felt puzzled. , But recently this type of car has improved significantly. In the past, this kind of car was usually just outside of the jade. Most of the cars were not even clear about the direction of manufacture. The question was whether they should be classified as “commercial car models” or “sports car models”. But after actually riding this CBF190R, you will find that it is basically a sports car, which makes people surprised by the progress of production technology.

First, let’s take a look at the most worrying issue of this displacement car model-the riding performance of the highway. Although the gearbox of the general sports car is mostly 6-speed, the gearbox of this car is only 5-speed. “Should the maximum speed limit of this car appear early?” Although the author embraced this idea and began to test ride, no matter whether it is at the highest speed or the stability of the car body, it does not make people feel at all. Where is missing. Although the maximum speed of this car is only 120km / h, it is indeed not very good, and even the acceleration when overtaking is not very strong, but it still allows the rider to freely run on the highway without much problem.

If you give a simple example to illustrate, it is that when riding on the highway, it can achieve the same level of riding performance as the light car (K CAR). In the part of the car body, whether it is overtaking or changing lanes, etc., it does not make people feel uneasy when moving on the highway, so you can safely ride. If there is anything that people would particularly care about when riding on the highway, it is only the air-cooled engine. Although the ride time during this test ride was not very long, but the air-cooled engine with such a small displacement, the common speed range on the highway is easily increased.

Generally speaking, this kind of car is not suitable for riding on the highway for a long time in summer, so it is recommended to stop and take a rest every hour of riding, check the status of the motorcycle by the way, as long as you notice this, then There will not be any problems. Even if you want to take a long-distance trip mainly on the highway, it is not a problem.

Next is the long-awaited mountain bike ride. The standard tires are radiant layer tires with high rigidity and can cope with sports riding. Although the “TR” of the CBF190 series uses a low-price & bias-oriented tire with a sense of riding, the “R” uses It is a radial tire.

Perhaps this distinction is mainly made in order to match their own style? In this case, let’s actually test ride! In particular, I tested the inclination of the turn in the corners of large bends, but I did not expect to ride unexpectedly. Although its displacement is only 184cc and the engine horsepower is not sufficient, the chassis of this car is very good. It can’t feel that this car is only 360,000 yen, and it also performs very well on corners.

Although it does not use the high-level suspension device, the movement of the frame & shock absorbers is very coordinated, and the grip of the radiant layer tires, so the grip from the tires can be clearly felt. In other words, the rider can clearly feel how the tires touch the ground, and the throttle can also be opened wide, and the brakes can be easily controlled in the nervous riding scene. In other words, it is very easy to attack and ride.

Although it is said that the throttle will be slowed when the sound of the turn angle sensor is heard, but in another place, it may be possible to directly rub the knee to turn, and the car is made into a style that can respond quickly. Even if this CBF190R is used for sports riding, it can fully allow riders to enjoy riding pleasure.

4. Details Dashboard & Lighting

▲ The instrument panel can display the speed, speed, remaining fuel, time, total mileage, single mileage, gear and other information is quite sufficient.

CB190R’s headlights, taillights, direction lights, etc. all use long-life LED lamps. The instrument panel not only uses full digits but also displays gears, making it easy for knights to confirm gears.


It is set to 184cc that can ride the highway in Japan. Although the maximum horsepower is 16ps / 8,000rpm, the maximum horsepower is 1.6kg-m / 7,000rpm, and the transmission is only 5 speeds, it is not excellent, but the overall performance is Not long ago, the VanVan 200 launched by SUZUKI was not much different.


Although it is a detachable grip, the position is set quite high, so there is no feeling of twisting when sitting on it, and it feels very stable when riding sports.

Chassis device

▲ Front wheel: 110 / 70R-17, rear wheel: 140 / 70R-17.

The characteristic is the extremely luxurious chassis installation. The front fork is a Φ36mm inverted front fork, the rear wheel uses a mid-mounted single-shot rear shock absorber, and the tire also chooses a radial layer tire that is higher in rigidity than the diagonal layer tire and is more suitable for sports riding.

Brake device

Nissin calipers are used in front and rear with fixed spray discs. At the same time, the front wheels are also equipped with an ASB device, so that the rider can avoid falling due to sudden braking. It is a no matter when commuting, commuting or raining. All devices that can make people feel at ease.


Although the rocker arm uses a square iron tube, in order to make the part of the chain adjuster easy to see, the design has been worked hard, the number of teeth of the rear chainring is 45, and the chain is 428 oil-free chain.

Rear suspension

Although the rear suspension of the CB190R is equipped with a linkless design, the preload can be adjusted, which helps to a certain extent when riding two people or carrying things.

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