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HONDA CB350 H’ness Café Racer/Scrambler will be released soon? 2/16 new modeling debut!


At the end of last year, India HONDA launched the CB350 H’ness. Its classic retro styling design and ultra-high C/P value attracted the attention of many car fans. Then there was news about the development of the Café Racer/Scrambler twin car. Information that everyone is looking forward to.

The news of the development of the Café Racer/Scrambler twin car is out!

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A few days ago, HONDA INDIA released a teaser image showing the appearance of part of the upcoming new car. From the picture, the only information reveals the changes in the taillight shape, fenders, shock absorbers, cushion shape and exhaust pipes, replaced by more modern components.

The rear shape is completely different from the current CB350 H’ness, and the modern style is more intense.

The general version of the CB350 takes the route of an exquisite retro car.

Exhaust pipes, rear shock springs and fenders use more matte black elements to replace the previous large-area chrome-plated shape, bringing a more youthful appearance to the overall shape. In addition, the new car is also equipped with more aggressive tires. Although not as rough as the purebred off-road tires, the deeper tread will bring a different element to the style setting than the regular version.

Tires and exhaust pipes will also have substantial changes.

When the first CB350 H’ness was launched, it caused considerable discussion. With the addition of more Neo Café styles to the new car this time, I believe many people are looking forward to the first appearance of the CB350 H’ness after the transformation! If you want to track the latest change information of HONDA CB350 H’ness, please continue to lock in Moto7!

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