HONDA “CB350 H’ness/CB350RS” Difference Comparison Special

After HONDA launched the new CB350 H’ness with a retro style and an air-cooled single-cylinder engine in India in 2020, it captured the media and discussed topics as soon as it was launched.

Following this trend, HONDA launched the CB350 RS this year (2021) to expand the CB350 family. Since the CB350 RS is an improved motorcycle model based on the CB350 H’ness, what are the differences between these two models? This time, I will briefly analyze it for everyone.

1. Appearance design

The main difference between the two cars is of course the appearance. Although the two cars are quite similar in the front part of the car, they have the same LED headlights, handle switches, round rearview mirrors, aluminum alloy wheels… etc., but the CB350 H’ness uses more More chrome-plated details, CB350 RS is a black embellishment with a more low-key texture, while CB350 RS is a black paint exhaust pipe with a chrome-plated anti-scald cover, and CB350 H’ness is equipped with a fully chrome-plated exhaust pipe .

In addition, the rear of the CB350RS and CB350 H’ness are quite different. The CB350RS simplifies the weight of the rear by putting the taillights in the seat cushion, while the CB350 H’ness uses chrome-plated soil to enhance the classic appearance. The common point of the tail is the same use of dual-gun rear shocks.

2. Style

As the styles of the two models are slightly different, the competitors are also different. The appearance of the classic retro CB350 H’ness, the main rivals are the Royal Enfield Classic 350, Meteor 350, YAMAHA SR400 and other cars, while the CB350RS targets KAWASAKI Z400, KTM 390 DUKE, YAMAHA MT-03 and other cars. Product.

3. Painting

In order to add a little appeal to the classic appearance of the CB350 H’ness, HONDA has launched a total of six body paintings for consumers to choose from for the CB350 H’ness. There are three options for DLX and DLX Pro respectively. As for the more dynamic style of the CB350RS, there are only two paintings in black/yellow color and red fuel tank.

4. Equipped

To put it simply, both cars are equipped with a dashboard that supports Bluetooth connectivity, hazard lights and ABS systems, but the CB350RS cancels the smartphone voice control function (HSVC), which means that it belongs to the CB350 H’ness DLX Pro Exclusive equipment for the version.

5. Chassis/Engine

Because of the shared frame and other structures, CB350RS and CB350 H’ness have the same suspension and braking systems. They are both upright front forks with dual-gun rear shocks. The braking system also has a front 310mm disc equipped with ABS. Disc, rear 240mm disc.

There is no difference in the engine. It is also equipped with a 348cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine with a five-speed gearbox, with a maximum horsepower of 20.7ps/5,500rpm and a maximum torque of 30Nm/3,000rpm.

to sum up

In general, the two models are almost identical in terms of frame, engine and other performance. The main difference lies in the styling details and paint color of the exterior; how would you choose if you like the CB350?

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