Home remedies for babies cough
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Home remedies for babies cough

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THE cough it is a defense mechanism of the organism used to release the airways. Coughing can also be one of the symptoms of an infection in these same pathways.

  • Cough can be good

  • Home remedies for coughing in babies

  • Cough in 6-month-old babies

  • Cough in 1 year old babies

  • Other possible actions

Cough can be good

The cough is uncomfortable and we usually try to make it go away. Such an attitude can be wrong because when a child suffers a common cold, the cough helps to expel bacteria, mucus and release the airways. There are some home remedies useful to calm the baby’s cough when it prevents the child from relaxing. Besides that, it is always convenient to see a pediatrician so that he can identify the cause of the cough and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Home remedies for coughing in babies

To eliminate mild coughing in babies there is an old recipe that consists of cutting a piece of onion and put it next to the pillow of child. The vapors of allyl acid released are an effective cough reliever. It is also possible to make a onion syrup, which should be boiled in 1 liter of water. After cooling a little, wipe the product on the child’s chest with the help of a cloth, which should be kept in place until it has cooled completely. The syrup dilates the bronchi and eliminates accumulated secretions, forcing the cough.

Another effective remedy is to give a hot bath with lots of steam in the child. To do this, let the hot water run for a few minutes before filling the bath tub. In older children, it is possible to leave it playing for a while during the bath. If there is any impediment to the bath, it is possible to let the water run for a while until the steam forms and spend about 10 minutes with the child in the bathroom.

Cough in 6-month-old babies

One of the most widely used cough remedies for babies is drops of saline, as they help to clear mucus and clean the nose of babies too small to blow their own nose. The droplets help babies who cannot breastfeed or bottle because they are congested. The saline solution is available at any pharmacy, but it can also be prepared at home. It is only necessary 1 teaspoon salt dissolved in 250 milliliters of water. Store the solution in a covered glass jar and renew the solution every 24 hours to prevent bacterial growth.

Do not vacuum your child’s nose many times a day as this can irritate your nasal membranes. Nor should saline be used for more than four consecutive days, at risk of drying out the nasal cavities and worsening congestion. Decongestant sprays should not be used on children of any age. The cough of babies older than 6 months also calms down drinking plenty of water because it reduces dehydration. For children under 6 months, it is recommended to give only breast milk. Among them, water is not necessary and can even do harm.

Eucalyptus-based breast ointments are popular, but should not be used on babies under three months. In addition, studies have already shown that these products are not effective, but they just give you the feeling that you are breathing better because of the cold. There are also special ointments for babies, which do not have menthol or camphor.

Cough in 1 year old babies

O honey it is a perfect remedy to soothe throat irritation and soothe cough. For babies, dilute the product in hot water with a little lemon. Honey has therapeutic and nourishing properties. The nectar relieves the irritation caused by the cough. The product should only be used on babies 1 year or older.

At this age, it is also possible to give chicken soup and other hot liquid foods for the child. These broths have a calming effect and can help relieve congestion. Studies have already proven that soup relieves cold symptoms such as muscle pain, fatigue, congestion and fever. You can also give soup, apple juice, water and other liquids that the child likes. Also, keep your child’s head high while resting to help him or her breathe.

Other possible actions

In addition to the home remedies and advice previously given, some habits should be strengthened when the baby suffers from a cough and a cold. First of all, don’t smoke inside the house and even at the window, as a little smoke always enters the house and can disturb the child, in addition to being harmful to health at any time. It is also important, in the case of older children, to offer rich in vegetables and citrus foods (orange, lemon, among others) during the recovery period, as vitamin C strengthens the child’s immune defenses. Lastly, humidify the room well of the baby because dry air is bad for mucous membranes while moisture protects them.

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